Wish it were Sunday, whoa-oh

I used to hate Sundays. I used to hate Sundays a lot. I also used to hate waking up early and I used to hate doing homework. I mean, I still hate doing homework, but I like the feeling of accomplishment and productivity when I get something done.

Yesterday (Sunday, surprise surprise) I had such a long list of things to do. Suuuch a long list! I didn’t get through the whole thing–I didn’t get to practice the song I have to bring to my voice lesson on Tuesday, nor did I wash the dishes or get ahead on homework like I had planned, but I did get through a lot as well and I felt very proud.

I used to hate Sundays because I had school the next day and because Sunday is my weekend homework day, but I guess now I like them. I like that it’s my homework day because I feel so damn productive when I get a lot done. These last couple weeks I have made it my chores day, too, and again, I feel so productive and accomplished and amazing. Saturday, which used to be my favorite day, is turning into quite the bum, disappointing day. I should try to let some of my productivity trickle down!

My biological clock has been pretty wonky the last few days. I would say it’s because of Daylight Savings Time (we sprang ahead Saturday night), but wouldn’t that mean I was inclined to wake up later? I went to bed around 10:45 last night and woke up this morning at 4:45… my alarm was set for 6:15, but yeah. I mean, I’m not complaining… mostly. It’s nice waking up early and having extra time in the morning, but at the same time, I’ll probably be much more tired a lot earlier tonight, now. 🙁

I’ll deal with it. Maybe that just means I’ll have to have a really productive night and get a lot done quickly so I can sleep early. Yeah. 😀

Lately I have really felt like playing video games. I finished playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t bought the next game, Revelations, yet because I’m reluctant to spend the money. I only usually play on the weekends anyway because I don’t have time during the week, but I’m still feeling the absence of something to play. 😛 I’ve felt like playing some kind of whimsical kid game lately, so I ordered LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga yesterday and I am SO PSYCHED for it to come this Wednesday. I had Silent Hill: HD Collection on pre-order as it’s due out the 20th March, but I cancelled that because I want to get through the LEGO game first. I barely have time for one game… can you imagine me wanting to play TWO all the time? I wish I had all the time in the world and didn’t have to exercise any discipline whatsoever, man.

Jan has borrowed my DS so he can play Pokemon White. He keeps complaining that it’s pink. 😛

6 thoughts on “Wish it were Sunday, whoa-oh

  1. What did you think of AC: Brotherhood?

    I personally loved it after AC2, though I feel you about Sundays, but as you know like everything else in the world, we’re backwards. Apparently in most parts of the world, Sunday is the beginning of the week and I’m guessing Friday is the weekend for sure.

    The US is pretty odd about a lot things including that.

    Though getting most things done is better than not getting anything done , you know? I swear 24 hours isn’t enough time to do everything…lol maybe if they could extend it for those that need the extra hours. Lol

    Time just flies. Lol

    1. I really liked Brotherhood, although I think I liked ACII a little better. It’s hard for me to compare though because I played ACII on my laptop but Brotherhood on my XBox, so the gameplay was really different.

  2. I enjoy Sundays myself. 🙂 My work week actually ends on Saturday, so Sunday is technically the start of my weekend. I usually do nothing except catch up on everything on the DVR and hang out in my bath robe. ^_^

    I’m not much of a gamer myself, but my husband is and he just recently joined GameFly because there are so many games he wants to play and not enough cash to buy them, lol. You should look into it if you’re having trouble deciding!

  3. I love my Sundays! It’s my relaxing day.

    I also like Fridays which I’ve dubbed my chores day.

    I used to hate doing my chores, i.e. washing dishes, doing laundry but now I don’t seem to mind. I actually find it pretty therapeutic 🙂 Since I’ve pretty much finished my semester of university, though, I’m sitting around my house doing absolutely nothing so I’m cleaning more than usual… Ha, I have no life 😛

    I love playing video games! Especially Kingdom Hearts and I will always have a soft spot for Pokémon. I always go through a faze in a season where all I will do is play Pokémon on my DS for days and then I’ll find something else to entertain me. Haha.

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