Where Have My Earplugs Gone?

As you may know, my summer living situation involves sharing a studio apartment with a very nice girl I know from high school. An apartment with a studio layout has no bedrooms, instead having the living area double as a bedroom. I guess it’s kind of like a dorm room in that regard.

Because of this, I started off the summer having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Although the two of us had to wake up at roughly the same time each morning, I would usually go to bed before her and any little noise she made would wake me.

I’m usually a pretty heavy sleeper, but I am easy to wake before I’ve gotten into deep-sleep mode. I have written before about getting woken up by people in the hall in the dorms, but usually noises outside the room where I am sleeping don’t bother me, even if I am still sleeping lightly. As I told my mom, if my roommate was making the exact same noises outside the door, it probably wouldn’t bother me at all.

It’s when there’s yelling outside my door that we start to have a problem.

Or outside my window, in this case, as there are several popular bars across the street.

One of my coworkers told me he sleeps in earplugs and that they have solved all his problems. I thought it was worth a try, so I picked up a pair off Amazon. At first they were uncomfortable to lie in, but I’ve gotten used to them.

And yes, I can still hear my alarm in the morning.

Two nights ago, I woke up at 4am in dire need of a bathroom break. Upon exiting the bathroom, I realized that one of my earplugs was in my mouth.

It was in my mouth! And I was chewing it…

Confused, I took it out, rinsed and dried it off, and stuck it back in my ear. I couldn’t find the other earplug at all, so I just made sure my non-muffled ear was the one on the pillow.

Well, in the morning, I found my other earplug on the floor next to the trash can outside the bathroom door. The bathroom is all the way across the rather large room, for the record.

I just really don’t know. At least I didn’t eat the other one.

Last night when I put my retainer in my mouth, it tasted like earwax. 🙁

16 thoughts on “Where Have My Earplugs Gone?

  1. That is the strangest story I have heard about things moving around while someone is sleeping. You must be a very skilled earplug remover, because if I’m right, earplugs need to be removed very carefully from the ear canal.

    I guess that you should get more of them just in case you do eat one?

  2. Hahahahahahahaha. I had a big giggle from this. I use earplugs because I live on a main street. I find them ok but once I sleep … I sleep like the dead 🙂

  3. I am so confused!

    It’s alright, I’ve found my retainer on the floor numerous times upon waking up. I haven’t worn mine in a while, haha. I get worried that I’ll swallow my retainer at times. I have no idea how the earplug ended up in your mouth. For some reason I’m guessing that you did a little bit of sleepwalking or ~something~.

    Crazy things happen at night.

  4. It’s a 50/50 shot if some kind of sound wakes me up. The other night the dogs were barking because there’s a raccoon that’s been hanging around at night – I didn’t hear the dogs barking at all! Last night though I woke up at the sound of one of the dogs eating leftover cat food (I feel my cat in my room so the dogs are not trying to eat her food while she’s eating). Yet the drunks who live down the hill have been setting fireworks off all weekend early in the morning and that only woke me up once. Ha ha.

    I’m always afraid to sleep with anything, especially my phone…I kind of sleep text. Well I only did it once and my friend thought I had a few drinks in me. Now my phone lays on my desk.

    At least you don’t sleep walk, my younger brother does and when he was younger he walked into the kitchen, opened a box of cereal and peed in it. Then he put it back where it goes and went back to sleep.

  5. haha, weird! I’m glad you didn’t end up eating your ear plugs. It’s kind of scary what we’re able to do while asleep. I know someone who sleep eats, which is a big problem since she sleep walks to the kitchen to prepare food, and well… there’s lots of dangerous things in the kitchen.

    I’m similar when it comes to sleeping though. It’s hard to wake me up in deep sleep, but I wake easy in a light sleep. Oh, by the way, I thought of your previous entry when I saw this image 🙂

  6. LOL!!! I really thought you were going to write some weird story about your roommate, but it turned out you were just chewing your earplug like bubble gum. Hahaha. That’s a good story to tell. I really should have discovered earplugs earlier when I was a freshman in college and I dormed. I am a terribly light sleeper and I can’t study well with noise either. Earplugs would have helped with my problems. I guess back then I didn’t realize there were earplugs out there that are actually really comfortable. I used to think they were all kinda hard and uncomfortable. Then a few years later I discovered “Hearos” which is a brand that gave me a free sample (you can get one from their site). It’s suuuuper soft and doesn’t hurt my ears at all. Now I love earplugs if I never need to block out sound.

    Haha, but yeah we do odd things when we sleep sometimes. When I don’t wear my retainers for a while, and they hurt my teeth, sometimes in the middle of the night I would unknowingly take them out, put them on a tissue, and the next morning I would be like “Wait, where’s one of my retainers?” and not even remember that I took them out in the first place lol.

  7. That is veerrrry strange… Maybe since you weren’t used to having any objects in your ears, you took them out while you were sleeping? Getting used to them may be the trick! I’m going to move into a dorm in August, and I’m also a verrry light sleeper, so… who knows how that’s going to go D:

    I really hope that if you try your earplugs again, they remain safely in your ears, ahahaha. But if they don’t work out, I hope you’re able to come up with SOMETHING else :squint: There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep.

  8. That’s actually so funny! I wonder how that happened 😛 I mean, I know of people doing CRAZY things when they’re asleep, so it doesn’t seem too weird, but that’s just a really funny story haha. I can’t imagine why you were chewing on it 😛

  9. OMG, mega LOLage! xD I actually have to wear earplugs every night, as well, due to my house being extremely fucking noisy 24/7. My Dad’s constantly throwing drunken parties that go from about 12 AM to 5 or 6 AM, so … Yeah. Kinda necessary. :sus:

    ANYWAY THOUGH, the reason I’m mentioning this is that I, too, have woken up with my earplugs in weird places, but never in my mouth, LMFAO! Usually just under my bed or pillow or occasionally on my low-set DVD shelf. Your story: Way more hilarious. xD

  10. I’m a heavy sleeper, too, but I can easily be woken up if I’m a few hours away from naturally waking up.

    This post is really amusing. I guess you toss and turn a lot in your sleep. 😉

    I’ve never known what earwax tastes like…

  11. I never got to chew earplugs before, just my pillow.

    Yeah, I know it’s hard sleeping with noises annoying you at the middle of the night. Luckily, as I sleep, it gets heavier until they don’t bother me anymore. Each night, I plug my ears with my pillow, and yes as mentioned, I chew them up–one time I got its feathers all other the bed one time, haha!

    In my case, I’m totally, TOTALLY used to noises since my dad is such a noisy sleepy. His snore is almost heard around the house. The bad thing is, we sleep in the same room. Fortunately, it doesn’t bother me mostly nor annoy me. But still, I need to have some companion to protect me from being annoyed since I am easily distracted by noises especially when I sleep.

    Good thing you didn’t get your earplugs on your throat. Or else you wouldn’t want the doctor to slit your throat just to get them out.

    Oh, and I already know what earwax tastes like. That time I first tasted it, I find it yummy? Haha! it’s weirder than chewing your earplugs!

  12. Sleepwalking, maybe? That’s how it ended up by the trash can, maybe?

    Strange times indeed. I remember when my mum found me sleeping in the bath, this one time. With my pillow and everything.

    Oh ew, that’s nasty about your retainer. xP Earwax is all bitter like. Yeah, I tasted it by accident. I wish for it to never happen again. *erases memory from mind*

    I’m pretty much a heavy sleeper except for when my sister feels the need to trample around our room at 6 in the morning getting ready for school. Then I am cranky.

  13. That is really strange! I’m imagining sleepwalking.

    When I was living in a dorm I just used a blindfold. My roommate was an architecture major so she was never home at night anyway. When I really need earplugs, it’s when I have to share a hotel room with my parents. -/_\- I can’t imagine how they would NOT fall out.

    I think your best solution is to get used to the noise. I’ve gotten used to all the noise in the suburbs so now I can sleep in the mornings much better than I could last summer.

  14. Wow, that would have freaked me out because I would have been worried that I would have eaten it in my sleep, and we all know there’s only one way for things to pass through the body after you eat it. I have weird phobias. I’m glad you didn’t end up eating the thing, and hope that you’ll get some better sleep in the future. I’m the same way, I need quiet to sleep well.

  15. I’m quite a heavy sleeper and noises don’t usually affect me. Not even the thunder. Once there was a very very bad thunderstorm and apparently i slept through it. I do hear my alarm though, and it wakes me up very quickly. I think it’s because I’m always worried about being late and all that so I will hear my alarm no matter what.

    And when I was reading your blog post I was thinking of one thing: Curious Case of the Missing Ear Plugs in the Middle of the Night. Maybe your hands touched your ears or something and they came off, or they ended in your mouth when they came off by themselves.

    Sometimes I wear facial masks to sleep and they always disappear somewhere and it takes me a while to find them.

  16. I would consider myself a heavy sleeper too and I find myself waking up to people shouting or other loud noises as well despite being a heavy sleeper. Two times, I woke up to rowdy teenagers yelling at one another early in the morning. Both times seemed to last forever. -__- Then another time, it was like I woke up on instinct because the minute I woke up, there was this loud BOOM outside in the streets! It sounded like an explosions and car alarms began to ring everywhere. It was weird how no one stepped out of their house and it felt like my family were the only ones who heard it. :\

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