What I Love about my New Place

Or: Everything I hated about my old place.

I moved into a new apartment on Monday.  I’m still getting settled and I have most, but not everything, unpacked.  Here are all the things I love about it.

  • Queen bed (okay I bought that separate)
  • Central air
  • With a thermostat that actually works
  • Brand new carpet laid the day I moved in
  • Water that actually heats up
  • Cold water that is actually cold
  • Actual water pressure in the shower
  • Dishwasher
  • Quiet neighbors
  • Neighbors who don’t smoke
  • A kitchen that doesn’t smell like smoke because the neighbors are smoking
  • An oven that doesn’t set the fire alarm off whenever I use it
  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • I have a linen closet!
  • And a balcony
  • A carport and it’s free!
  • All the outlets work
  • The parking spots are actually wide enough to fit actual cars
  • The blinds aren’t broken and have all their slats
  • And I can see out the windows
  • Because they are sealed properly
  • So there is no condensation clouding them at all times
  • Work orders exist
  • And the management speaks English

All-in-all, living there has been a pretty good time.  I have to go back to my old place on Saturday to clean and then I will officially be able to wash my hands of it.

Such excitement.  Much luxury.  Wow.

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