To do or not to do…

I find it funny that I’m writing an actual blog post right now. I imagine it will be short, and yet it’s so against what I had planned to do. I just, you know, thought you might like some warning.

“Warning”… such an ominous word. It can really make me tense up with fear. Tornado warnings, warnings in elementary school–thankfully I never got one of those, although I did get sent to the vice-principal’s office once for elbowing a boy named Chris in the face.

Basically, in this case, there’s no need to be scared. Keep calm and carry on, yeah? The long and short of it is, since I don’t post here much anyway, and I’ve been longing for a place to post to-do lists (I used to post them at back about a year ago, until the domain expired), I’m going to post them here. I’m also planning to start some kind of optimism project in the vein of Georgina’s “Road to Optimism”.

Really, I’m just going to blog freely. I’m sick of letting this site rot just because I don’t have the time or don’t feel like typing up a fully-fledged blog post, and besides, what the hell defines that anyway, right? 😛 So that means lists, quick musings, photos… whatever I feel like gracing this keyboard with (hey, lots of post categories can happen!). This, or another, considering I’m currently using a keyboard on a work computer. Semantics really are the downfall of poeticism (and I say that like it’s really a saying).

So, after all that, we’re doing a to-do list today! 😀 I’m getting stressed about the weekend because I think I have a lot I need to get done and it’s all swirling around in my head like some kind of swirly stuff. What follows is my attempt to unswirl it all. Unswirliness is good. <3

(Bold = complete)

  • Begin the study abroad application process for next fall
  • Catch up on readings by Sunday night for Tuesday’s Comm 102 test
  • Go to the gym at least once
  • Learn the Japanese chapter 18 vocab!!! (by the time I go to sleep on Sunday)
  • Do my Japanese listening homework (due Monday)
  • Write the rough draft of my Japanese essay (due Tuesday) (started it)
    • Work on this with Maddy
  • Finish my TFL trouble check
  • Practice “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson for my recital on 25 November
  • Play guitar?
  • Go to church Friday night? (guest speaker, 7pm) – decided not to go
  • Go to church Saturday morning? (guest speaker, 9am)
  • Go to church Sunday morning! – oops, totally did not go.
  • Write chords to the first verse of my song about Rose and The Doctor

3 thoughts on “To do or not to do…

  1. I look forward to your more relaxed and free posts! This is all very exciting. And I think you’ll probably end up liking how you’re doing things too. Blogging shouldn’t be some planned thing really. Write write write!

    To do. Good luck with your list. 🙂

    I also find that there isn’t much to say, but I enjoyed reading this post because of the evidence of thought. I enjoyed reading about you elbowing Chris in the face, and I agree with “Semantics really are the downfall of poeticism”… I’m believe that some great light has come out of this. It seems like a more lively post because you’re just writing what comes out of your head, not a slightly pre-planned mini-essay. I LIKE.

  2. There’s nothing out there that says how a blog should be written. I’m sure that we’ll enjoy your free posts all the same! Georgina’s “Road to Optimism” is certainly something worth pursuing – we are fortunate people, and there is much to appreciate in our lives.

    That is certainly a long list of things to do! Good luck on your applications and exams!

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