Whenever I get something new, I’m always really enthusiastic to use it… right away. New book? Can I read it now, please? New shirt? Let’s put it on. I do hate those “wash before wearing” instructions. The shirt my mom got me for my birthday finally came in the mail on Sunday, and since it was grey instead of some dark, heavily dyed color like red or black, I figured it would be okay to wear it without washing it first, especially since it didn’t say I had to. The point of washing a new piece of clothing before wearing it is just to prevent transfer of the dye onto my other clothes, so whatever. Well, the shirt smelled strongly of the ink they used for the screen-printing, but I wore it anyway. In class, Jan was like “what is that smell? I smell something sour.” I definitely changed shirts as soon as I got home.

I bought a new watch over the weekend because I wanted something low-profile that I could wear every day. For the longest time–basically my entire life–I hated wearing watches, but in the last week or two I had become really sick of pulling out my phone every few minutes to check the time, especially when I was running late for class, so I decided I finally needed a new watch. I have others, but I don’t like any of them enough to wear every day, and most of them need new batteries, anyway. For a few months I have been toying with the idea of getting a small, bracelet-style gold-colored watch to wear some of the time, but since I wanted something I could wear all the time, I bought this lovely guy (or girl, considering the whole women’s watch thing):

I think it looks nicer in real life, but I don’t have my camera on me to take a picture of it right now (thanks Amazon for the picture above), and, depending on your resolution, it’s probably a bit smaller than the picture shows. It’s basically just really nice and I’m glad my grandma gave me $50 for Chanukah because otherwise I wouldn’t have had the extra money to spend right now.

I went and picked it up from the mail room yesterday as soon as was possible, and of course I opened it right away and started setting the correct time and date. My dad used to have a watch that showed the date, and you had to wind through 24 hours to get the date to change, so that’s what I thought I had to do with this watch. The date was set to the fifth when I took it out of the box, so I sat there for nearly half an hour trying to wind to the 31st. I got to the 19th before Georgina suggested that there might be a way to change the date independently of the time. Just then, I accidentally pushed the crown partway in while turning it, and when I next looked, the date had gone back to the 13th! Lo and behold, I could have taken about thirty seconds to wind the date correctly. It’s at the first now and I am very happy. πŸ˜›

I went to bed like a half hour after putting the watch on, so I slept in it because I didn’t want to take it off. New things are for wearing immediately and for as long as possible! I wore it while running at the gym, too, which I don’t know if I will do again because the band is leather and the inside got sweaty from my wrist. I might buy a replacement battery for my old digital watch, but gosh I hate digital watches. Perhaps I’ll just stick to checking my phone while I run. It’s not like I’m running outside right now anyway, it being the winter and all. Treadmills are my friends.

Do you wear a watch? I can’t believe I used to hate them. They’re useful little buggers and I think I’m in love. I would also really like to know what you think of the running with a watch situation.

Ciao! (Did I mention I’m taking Italian now, on top of Japanese?)

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  1. I’m the same way with new things. I always have to use them right after I’ve gotten them. I think it’s just the excitement of having something NEW, you know? I don’t do the same for clothes, though. I always wash them first. Not because of the whole dye thing, but because I want to wash away any extra residue and whatnot before it touches my skin. Hahaha.

    I used to wear the same watch for YEARS. It was an automatic/kinetic watch that my parents bought me. No need for a battery, just movement. But, as I got older, I realized that I couldn’t wear it everywhere I wanted, so I’ve bought different watches so I’ll always have a watch with whatever I wear.

  2. I wore a watch very similar to that one (same brand too!) for two years. Then, the straps broke, and it feel into a toilet. =P But it was a wonderful fine watch for its price.

    Men’s watches are so ugly on me, in my opinion. I’m glad that women’s watches exist.

  3. I definitely hear you on the whole “wash clothes before you wear them” thing… I never want to do it either. Although I am not quite as eager about every new thing that I get, I am unquestionably like that with new running gear. Recently, I ran out in ~8ΒΊ weather for about an hour, and even though I felt pretty good out there, once I stopped and actually looked at my skin after I got inside, I decided that perhaps my body was warning me that I need to protect myself better or risk getting frostbite. (My face was totally numb and my legs did not completely return to their usual not-red-and-splotchy state for nearly 24 hours…) Anyway, cutting to the chase–when I got my neck gaiter in the mail, I put it on immediately and just sat around the apartment wearing it. I looked like either a bandit or someone from Mortal Kombat, but I just had to wear it.

    I had to be amused about your inefficient method of setting the date on your watch; I probably would have done the same thing! I am so clueless about watches, honestly. For the longest time, I also did not wear a watch. My mom got me one this past Christmas, and it really is so convenient to have one! Pulling out the phone gets annoying, and in class, professors don’t really like it when you take out your phone, even for the time. (Many of our classrooms lack clocks.) Unfortunately, mine is also not one that can be worn while exercising, but I have toyed with the idea of getting one. For now, I use my iPod.

    On another note, I highly suggest that you brave a winter run at some point! Personally, I feel so badass when I come back in from a run when the weather is unfavorable (but not dangerous–I do not run in thunderstorms or when there is ice everywhere, for example).

  4. Haha I am just like you…I love using new stuff right away! Haha yeah some shirts can smell peculiar…I am glad you changed shirts when you came home lol.

    I used to love wearing watches but here in the US not a lot of people wear them so I have stopped wearing them now. It looks like a really nice watch! Nice grandma XD.

    LOL yeah I hate it when you have to alter the day with the time but most modern watches let you do it independently now…kudos to Georgina!

    Yeah phones work best for treadmills and other workout stuff. I am like you…I was very excited to wear my new boots and wore them in bad rainy weather πŸ™

    Running with a watch should be fine if you have a metallic band but leather would probably not like the sweat lol.

    Oh wow good luck with learning Italian…I would love to learn it someday! I am working on Korean now πŸ˜€

  5. I’m always excited whenever I receive new things. New games, new computer, new TV, new movies, new book, new chicken stuff, heck, even new pens…I always want to put them to use the moment I get them.

    I’ve never worn a watch because I hate wearing things around my wrists, which is why I also never wear bracelets or gloves.

  6. I got a watch as an anniversary present last winter, and I wear it all day every day – I just love that thing! I never used to wear watches before I got this one, but now I really can’t imagine not wearing it. I even go back for it when I forgot to put it on before leaving the house XP

  7. Everyone should be enthusiastic when they get new things. I always thought you have to wash clothes before wearing because you don’t know where it has been. Like dirty hands handling the clothes or something. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of free shirts and sweatshirts and I just wear it once before washing it. I’m going to sweat anyways since it’s for band performances -__-!

    The watch you bought looks spiffy! I don’t blame you for not liking watches. It’s probably not a girl’s thing entirely, but it works :D. I love the simplicity of this watch :O! It’s straight to the point unlike the watches I see my friends having; some big thing with multi-functions o__o. At least now, you know there’s an easier way to fix the dates. XD.

    I don’t wear a watch. I ususally don’t care for the time unless it’s for something super important, which my phone comes handy in. It’s not a big deal checking for time, like checking for new texts :P.

    If you’re a super cool web designer, then it’s legit to say you have awesome yearbook pages. You backed it up! My only other legit excuse is that my yearbook coordinator puts me in charge of pages.

    My interview will probably be on youtube or something.

    Good luck with rededicating yourself into playing the guitar for like at least 15 minutes. It doesn’t hurt, it helps ;D.

    Take care πŸ˜€

  8. I am the same exact way! Well, for the most part. Whenever I buy something new, I want to use it RIGHT away. Or if I can’t really use it right away, I just like to show it off to my mom or siblings. They probably think that’s annoying, but I get so excited after shopping. πŸ˜› However, I usually like to wash my clothes before wearing them. I think it’s the idea of someone trying on the same article of clothing that I’m buying and I don’t know how they are…hygienically. Kind of grosses me out, so I like to wash things first!

    I’ve got a watch that looks a bit similar to that. I hardly ever wear though. I’m not really much of a watch person. I’m just content with looking at my phone, clock on the wall, etc. to check the time. I did get used to wearing mine though when I went to Europe last summer because I couldn’t use my phone overseas. It took me forever because I wasn’t used to analog. xD

    I probably wouldn’t wear it while you run. You wouldn’t want to ruin it. I would just set it on the treadmill, or in the little cup holders they have and check it every now and then. I always set my phone in the cup holder and check the time that way. I’ve been so blessed so far the past month because the weather has been absolutely beautiful for running outside. It’s going to be such a pain when it starts getting cold again to have to run on the treadmill. πŸ™

  9. The reason I wash shirts is because they’re stored in a factory and it’s just best to wash them free. Sometimes traces of formaldehyde can be on completely new clothes so I like to wash them beforehand. I try them on but I don’t wear it for the day. My mum got a really bad skin allergy from that once because she didn’t wash a blouse first.

    Like you though, I like to use/wear things right away. The worst to deal with is clothes because as I just mentioned, I have to wash them straight away. Oh and yeah, can’t forget that the smell is often ewwy. But I cannot wait when it comes to things like these.

    I’m so glad you got that watch after our little misunderstanding! I totally forgot about the clockwork one but this one is classy, simple, and it’s a versatile number too. :3

    I can’t remember the last time I had a leather watch that I wore regularly. One of my first ones was a gold one which I wore from grade five through to grade eight when it discoloured, it was one of those metal alloy wristband types. Then I had that watch that broke because I slammed it on the table (told you about this), which lasted no more than a few weeks. -_- After that I could my cool button cuff one with the watch as a dangling bit. I had that one for the longest time and I loved it so much! My wrist got all sweaty because from all the wear/tear, the band had changed colour and gone gross. I had that until the end of high school before I got my current watch, actually a gift from my aunt. :3

    Can’t live without a watch now! (:

  10. Ciao!! OH ITALY! Have you seen Cinema Paradiso? LOVELY FILM! hehehe πŸ™‚

    OH WATCHES! I love watches! Well wearing them but I do forget sometimes. It was in high school when I can’t afford not to have a watch. I always stare at it… That’s a lovely watch you’ve got! Practical watch and for everyday πŸ™‚ I have a white watch instead and also a blue one!

    I also like to wear new things immediately… but then new things grow old and you want more new things again. OH THE CYCLE OF LIFE πŸ™‚

  11. I use to wear a watch everyday for school but when I started college I just used my phone to check the time. I have to check it really sneakily during lessons though so I’m not caught!

    Your new watch is really nice. πŸ™‚ I also don’t like digital watches so I try to avoid them. Over the years I have had loads of lovely watches but the battery always goes and I find it easier to buy a new one rather than get a replacement battery,

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