The Murky Bottom of a Coffee Cup

Hey, bro. I’m nearing the end of my coffee, which is really a let-down. The worst coffee-related let-down, though, is when there are grounds at the bottom of my cup, so I can’t even enjoy the last sips. That really shouldn’t happen with coffee from coffee places. I made my own today. Saved two bucks, woo!

Life has been good. I’m finishing up this summer’s first full week of just work and no classes or exams. I say full week, but the building was actually closed Monday for some repairs, so I guess it doesn’t count. I will still have worked 32 hours, anyway.

I worked full-time all last summer and I’m doing it again this summer at the same job. You probably hear “full time” and think “oh wow no time for anything”, but I actually have abundant amounts of free time because I don’t have to worry about studying or doing assignments when I get home. As I said to my mom–and she agrees–working is so much better than school. I know people say that once I graduate I’ll want to go to grad school because I’ll get a taste of working and hate it, but it is seriously so much less work than being in school, maybe because while in school I also work as much as I can.

I put on more jewelry than I normally wear today because I was feeling really down this morning and for some reason it made me feel better. I guess it makes me feel like I look better, or something, which makes me feel better about myself. I put on some extra rings and bracelets, but now the rings are really starting to annoy me. Georgina is like totally addicted to rings, but I don’t understand it. I think they look nice, but my fingers are like, “Get these damn things off me!” I guess I’m just not used to them. Imagine if I get married–I’ll have to wear two rings all the time. The horror. xD

I’ll cut this short. The topics on my brain include school, grades, school… boring stuff, really. I’ll spare you.

I think my coworker just left for the weekend without so much as a “goodbye.” Ah, social skills.

14 thoughts on “The Murky Bottom of a Coffee Cup

  1. Wahha, you don’t have to wear two rings. Sure you have an engagement ring but some people lose the engagement ring when they get married. I think that’s why some people spend less money on engagement rings so they can blow all for the big one.

    I don’t like having coffee grounds at the bottom either. You should hear Cal stir his tea. He does it so violently and noisily. I am sure he never gets coffee grounds… actually no, I’m wrong. I remember washing the dishes once and seeing a whole shitload at the bottom. Maybe he doesn’t actually stir it well. πŸ˜›

    I would much rather just work. Experiencing study and work at the moment is alright, but sometimes I wish I only had work so I wouldn’t have to worry about assignments. I still DO have time as well, even during periods when I don’t have class.

    I love rings! They are annoying when it comes to washing hands, but I seem to like finger jewellery. Something tells me I’ll get over it in a few years. Rings are just so pretty though. *_*

    1. My mom always wore her wedding band on her left hand and her engagement ring on her right, so that’s always been what I’ve wanted to do, too. You know, it’s silly, but I’m afraid whoever I marry won’t give me an engagement ring I like. xD Maybe we can pick it out together. I hate most engagement rings I have seen; they’re all the same and very gaudy. My mom’s was excellent, though. My dad supposedly had it custom-designed.

  2. I am so bad with wearing rings, I always end up losing them! I think it’s cause my fingers are so small and skinny. T__T I’m more of a bracelet kinda girl, I like to shake rattle and roll my wrists. ;D Whenever people leave without saying goodbye, I find it gets their goat when I call out after them: “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! ;o”

    P.S. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to your Kamlon – Prologue and Chapter 1 video in the background. So cute! XD

  3. My impression with rings was that engagement rings were big and fancy and the wedding band was small and simple. I see lots of people wearing wedding bands, but only the engaged wearing engagement rings. My boyfriend says that the stereotype is for couples to look at rings together to see what they like and for the guy to secretly buy one of the rings to propose with afterwards. But such events are a long way away in my life, so looking at rings sounds terrifying to me.

    Working full-time is much better than being a student, assuming that you are a student who takes schoolwork very seriously. Working full-time means that you get your work done, and have evenings and weekends off! The summer I had a non-research internship, I loved all the free time I had! It was wonderful! However, I found that the people at my job were kind of dumb and annoying, and that bothered me quite a bit… πŸ™

  4. Woo, yay for saving money! Although coffee… ew πŸ˜›

    My exams are just about to start, so life is very suckish right now. I’ve always said I’ll enjoy college and work more than high school and I still believe I will. I like independence πŸ™‚

    I don’t really wear jewellery, I have two wrist bands, a locket and a ring, all of which my boyfriend bought me. I’ll wear my Pandora bracelet if I’m going out somewhere nice/posh, but I’ve never been a very big fan of ‘bling’.

    Your co-worker seems polite… πŸ˜›

  5. Coffee, I wish I could drink, but alas I am allergic.
    Jewelry, gold looks trashy on me but silver shines.
    Work: seriously agree with you, say she whose doing her masters … I tend to shoot myself in the foot …

  6. Dude, I can’t stand wearing rings, either. Makes me hands feel all weighted down and constricted and even slightly dirty at times. o_O; It’s a shame, because I have so many awesome rings — Bats, stars, studs, barbed wire — But the actual wearing of them is rare!

    Good thing I never plan to get married! XD; ((Like ring wearing would be the major problem, bwahaha.))

  7. I can’t say that I can relate to the bumm-ed out coffee-related feelings you had, because I don’t like coffee! I seriously can’t figure out why people consider it so godly. o.O

    I am glad to hear that the beginning of your summer is off to a good start! I have to agree with you – I think that I would much prefer to be working than being in school. Being at work, most of the time, doesn’t have you bringing your work home with you, unlike school. I can definitely see how you’d have more free time by working.

    I am glad that you were able to do something to make yourself feel better! I tend to work more on my appearance when I don’t feel so good about myself, usually by taking more time to pick out an outfit or by doing my hair in a different way

    Have a great day!

  8. When I wear jewelry (ya know… guys necklaces and what not) I tend to feel better too. I dunno if the amount has anything to do with it, though. I feel like if I put a lot on, I’d just feel heavy. haha

    I don’t like coffee… so I can’t sympathize :/

  9. I love wearing rings, but I’m so picky with them it’s ridiculous. I have been known to stand at the stall at a local craft market that sells silver rings for about an hour trying on about a hundred of them before I find one I’ll buy. My boyfriend’s just starting to save for an engagement ring, I sincerely hope he knows my tastes well enough by the time he buys one :’)

  10. Oh rings! I don’t like wearing rings too because whenever I try to wash my hands…. *removes* *forgets* go “HOLY CRAP WHERE THEM RINGS??* Haha! XD And it doesn’t feel natural to me. But I don’t deny that wearing rings can make you look good! πŸ˜€

    I actually like working more than studying since we’re learning all the time. I just need to find that awesome job though and hopefully am nearing it! πŸ˜€

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