The Most Fun Chore

You know, I don’t know what it is, but I actually love washing dishes. Well, I suppose “love” is a bit of a strong word, but I really do not mind the task. I don’t mind washing others’ dishes as well as my own; I don’t even mind it when there’s a huge pile and it takes me twenty minutes.

I always put off washing dishes as long as possible, unless I’m at my mom’s place because she gets mad if dishes aren’t washed almost immediately after use, and yet when there are heaps of dishes to wash and we’re all out of plates, I don’t mind washing them in the slightest.

Maybe it’s the hot water running over my hands, or how I can stand there and let my mind wander while I wash. I just spent probably about ten minutes washing dishes, and in that time I thought about ideas for future blog posts, what I would do at the gym tomorrow morning, when I would have to wake up for said workout, and what I might like to pack for lunch tomorrow. I considered the possibility of washing dishes as I used them and thought about why I think it is I wash dishes more often than my roommate (I decided it’s because I go to bed earlier than her and she would probably want to wash them before bed).

Basically, I got a lot of thinking done. I also seem to have gotten “Mickey” (a song possibly better known as “Hey Mickey”) stuck in my head, although I’m pretty sure I was humming Mario music while washing. I spent the last couple hours beforehand playing New Super Mario Bros. on my Nintendo DS, you see.

I just wanted to put that out there. It’s important for the world to know that I like washing dishes. I mean, a dishwasher would be nice, but look at me appreciating the good in something! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Most Fun Chore

  1. Ha ha, I thought that I was the only one who felt the same way about washing dishes. I really like the time to think and ponder. Oh, and the water is quite calming too. 🙂

  2. I am the dishwasher in my house too, and I think I told you that I find the activity rather relaxing. 🙂 I don’t really know what it is either, but James and I were talking about those little things you do in between other things, those trivial little things that are really sort of enjoyable. Like sitting in a car while someone else drives. Like washing, like ironing… Maybe they are things we leave until the last minute but deep down we don’t mind them.

    I just like to think of what’s next on the agenda. 🙂

    I remember you telling me once that it was Mickey and Hey Mickey. Such is the case with so many other songs that are better known by their lyrics as opposed to the song name!

  3. That’s really interesting! I understand why you’d enjoy doing the dishes so much. Hot water + thinking time = equivalent to shower! At my house no one washes the dishes because of the dishwasher. Besides, it’s probably not something we’d have time for on a daily basis.

    As for me, I enjoy cleaning the floor. I like seeing the hair get sucked up by the Sweeper then other stuff disappearing as I run the WetJet over them. This is a once-a-week chore though so I don’t mind doing it, except when my dad stands on the carpet at the door (which is used to wipe outdoor shoes). Then I go crazy. Basically I just hate cleaning for people who don’t appreciate it, namely my dad, ex roommate and suitemates.

    1. That reminds me, I love vacuuming because I find it really satisfying when I can hear things being picked up. I really ought to get on a once-a-week schedule for other chores, primarily cleaning the bathroom, because my roommate doesn’t clean at all and things get disgusting really quickly.

  4. I think it’s relaxing when you don’t have to focus on what you’re doing and just let your mind wander 🙂 It’s the reason I like running. We typically put everything in the dish washer, but we still wash pots/pans and knives by hand. I think I’m just neutral on it. I don’t really like or dislike it. I try my best to wash things as soon as I can so it doesn’t hog up space, but… it definitely piles up sometimes!

  5. I won’t lie, I really don’t washing dishes and would rather have a dishwasher do it for me. I guess it stems from the fact that at my last job, I used to wash dishes all the time and my hands would turn red from the soap. I didn’t like that part so much and also it was such a boring task, I really disliked it.

    But it’s nice that you find enjoyment in it. We all have different things we enjoy ;D

  6. I don’t mind washing the dishes sometimes. I also sort of enjoy laundry sometimes a lot more than I usually do. I did the laundry today and came up with a few blogging topics (minus my current one which is just pointless and therefore very sucky because I pressured myself into blogging because I “felt like it” yet lacked a topic and so on, heh).

    I think it’s awesome that you like washing dishes. 😛 …and I am probably going to have that “Hey Mickey!” song stuck in my head now. Although I’ll admit it really is a step up from “Call Me Maybe” and “It’s On” (from camp Rock 2).

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