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It’s finally spring break here at my university. Apparently it’s technically winter break, which makes sense because this is “winter semester” and the break is 25 February through 4 March, but we don’t get another break this semester as it’s already halfway over, and I think most people think of our break over the holidays as “winter break”, so this just has to be spring break.

You know the clichΓ©s about going somewhere tropical and partying? That really does happen. To be honest, I’m jealous. I’ll be staying in town and working full time this week. I’m glad to do it because I need the money, but it would be nice not only not to need the money but also to have enough extra to go to Mexico with all my friends (who are not going to Mexico either, truth be told). I at least get to go home this weekend–my mom is picking me up in about an hour, I’d better pack–but it’s primarily to do taxes and my financial aid application. Super fun. xD I talked to my brother last night though and he said if I bring home an Xbox controller (he only has one that works), we can play multi-player games together. πŸ™‚

For my class on addiction in American culture, I have to go on a tour of a pharmacology lab. I had signed up for the Wednesday evening tour, but I was absolutely exhausted from having slept only five hours two nights in a row, so I moved it to Saturday (today) at noon. Woke up at 11:20, so that’s out… Now some poor guy has to go on it all by himself. πŸ˜› The last available time is Monday evening the day I come back from break, so that’ll be fun…

In all fairness, it actually might be pretty interesting. I’m just not keen on taking time out of my day to do something for class outside of class when it takes more effort than sitting in my room. Plus I keep having to rearrange my work schedule to make it work (the Saturday date was not originally available). The response paper for this tour is worth 10% of my grade, and grr.

Last night, I finally finished the first skein of yarn for my scarf! Only three more to go, and this one only took me two months… Pfft, I got this. It’ll be done by next winter, anyway. πŸ˜› Betcha I can get a whole bunch done this break. Working full-time is great because it’s eight hours of your day, every day, but when you come home you don’t have to do homework. Granted, I have some Italian and Japanese homework due after break and I have to study both languages, but that can be done next weekend.

I love knitting and life is good. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Hours of the Day

  1. Hey, sometimes going home is way better than going away!
    So, kids that side go on crazy Springbreaks to tropical places like in the movies? I wish I could go somewhere remotely tropical and fun πŸ™

    LOL, have a Good Sunday πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve never done the tropical trip for spring break, but yeah, it definitely happens. Going home isn’t so bad. It’s nice to get some time off of the regular schedule of classes, right? At least I think so. Your spring break seems pretty early, at least in comparison to my school and others that my friends attend. My break is March 10-18, and it’s the first time I’ll actually be traveling for it, so I’m excited. Nowhere tropical though–grad school visits in Madison, WI, and Boulder, CO.

    I really think the pharmacology lab tour would be really interesting. It sucks that your first two scheduled times didn’t work out for you. Did you oversleep Sunday and sleep through an alarm, or forget to set the alarm in the first place? (Or something else, I suppose.) I hope that you don’t miss the last one, haha! No, seriously. You have a paper to write. πŸ™‚

    Um, I replaced my first pair of running shoes (that I got for the sole purpose of road running long distances, of course I’ve had athletic shoes before) after about 375 miles. I probably should have done it sooner, honestly (maybe by like 25-50 miles), but like you, I had no idea how to tell that they were worn out. But now I know! I could FEEL it in my runs, like my entire lower leg felt like it was going to crumble under my weight with every step. I literally could not even run a mile in them at that point, and even just walking in them hurt. I definitely should have replaced them before it got to that point… but I was in Austria at the time and waited until I got home. I thought I had just overtrained or something and actually injured myself, but nope! I just needed new shoes!

    Anyway, I’m on about 250 on my current pair, so I got a second pair to put on a rotation, so they’ll be “broken in,” so to speak (they don’t really require breaking in, but running longer distances in a brand new pair isn’t supposed to be good), by the time the older ones have reached their limit. Since it sounds like you’ve done mostly treadmill running, your shoes will probably go a lot farther. I spend like 95% of my time running on pavement, which is definitely harder on shoes than say, the treadmill, track, or trails.

    1. I set an alarm, but I guess I must have turned it off and gone back to sleep before realizing it. Sometimes that happens when I’m really tired–I’ll get up, turn off my alarm, then get back in bed and fall asleep before I even have time to think about how I should probably not get back into bed. πŸ˜› Apparently the same thing happened this morning because last night I set my alarm for 5:30 so I could go to the gym before work (working at 9am this week), but I woke up at 7:40 with no recollection of my alarm going off. I even went to bed at 9:30 last night, so I don’t know how I overslept, but hey, guess I needed it.

      Last summer I did most of my running outside on pavement after I got these shoes. I’m planning to go back to running outside once it hits like 50ΒΊF (treadmills are WAY too boring, it’s killer to get through a run on them), so I guess I’ll just pay attention to how my legs feel during and after a run, and if anything changes, I’ll see if it’s the shoes’ fault.

      Also, I should start keeping track of how many miles I’ve been running total. It’s so cool that you know that.

  3. I hope that you had a good weekend at home, even if a chunk of it was spent filling out tax and financial aid forms. (Those were always a bitch to fill out…)

    My school offers “Alternative Spring Break” trips that consist of mostly outdoorsy-things – like backpacking and week-long camping trips. I always wondered how the stereotypical parties worked… perhaps I’m happier never seeing one.

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