The Golden Age of Blogging

I’m sitting here in the Language Resource Center at my uni making free time where there is none. I’ve been busy all day and I have heaps to do for tomorrow and the next day, but I need some time to relax, okay? I think we all do sometimes. 🙂

For my degree, I have to take this class called “Managing the Information Environment”. It’s only worth one credit (the minimum) and I’m taking it pass/fail (as is required), but the work still gets on my nerves sometimes. We’ve “learned” things like how to “use” Photoshop. I’ve ended up teaching the teacher so many things. Well, several things, at least. I feel kind of bad for her because she doesn’t really know how to use the programs she’s supposed to be teaching and it’s not her fault they’re making her teach this class, but I still really dislike her. 😛 Maybe in another context we could be friends, or, you know, the teacher-student kind of buddies, but this subject, man. This subject. It irks me so.

That said, I rather enjoyed the assignment I had to do for today. Since the class is all about the whole new-fangled “information environment” what with its lessons on InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc., this week they decided to teach us about The Blogosphere. Caps, that’s right.

Anyway, we had to make a blog using Blogger a few weeks back, but they never had us do anything with it besides give it a title and choose a default template. This week, though, we got to upload a banner we made in a previous assignment, mix the colors around, and best of all, BLOG. Put anything in blog form and I’m like “okay, no problem!” Sometimes when I have to write an essay with a specific word minimum, I like to think about roughly how many blog posts it is. Put it in those terms and it doesn’t sound bad.

For this assignment, we had to write two blog posts, one introducing the purpose of the website (group research fun-time) and one going more in-depth about the research we have done. Each post was supposed to be a minimum of 100 words and I’m pretty sure that’s all she’s expecting, but I definitely took it a bit far. :X I mean, I wrote relatively short posts by my standards, but I totally took the assignment far more seriously than it needed to be taken. If you want to see what I did, you can go here, but basically I spent an hour on the second post because I wanted to go totally in depth and find a quote to elaborate my point. I’m just the coolest. 😛

I’m also taking this class called “Hooked: Addiction in American Culture”. My professor and some of her colleagues run a blog related to the topic, so for one of our assignments we either have to write a response paper about one of the posts on the blog, or write something to be posted on the blog ourselves. Naturally, I’ve already chosen the latter. I swear everything is just so much better in blog form! And considering the essay-like nature of some of my posts in the past on my own personal website, I’m sure posting to the addiction blog will be a piece of cake. Just gotta make sure I follow the tone and format of the pre-existing posts. 🙂

Each of us in that class also has to write a comment to be posted on any post we choose, but we have to print it out and bring it into class before posting because our teacher wants to go over “comment etiquette” with us. She says she’s had some “real zingers” on her posts in the past. I mean, not everyone who’s going to comment is going to be a scholarly user of the Internets, lady. That said, there are definitely plenty of people who could use a lesson in how to post a constructive comment. There’s no place for YouTube-style trolls on an academic blog, bro.

Do you remember the days when those “How to Comment Properly” and “What Not to Do When Commenting” articles were all over the place on everyone’s personal websites? The days when people got 30+, 50+, even 100+ comments on a single post… those were the days. The Golden Age of Blogging. Although there are arguably far fewer idiots around now, so maybe not.

I saw someone say once that they wouldn’t want now to be the golden age of anything because that means things can only get worse. I like that train of thought.

9 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Blogging

  1. This reminds me of my senior year of high school when I took a graphic/web designing course. I was like, “I already know this!” xD But, concerning the web design class, it was a good refresher for basic coding since I forgot most of them. For our final project, we had to form a group and create a website for a client. It was cool, but I hated the stupid freshmans sitting around me. >_>

  2. I personally dislike such classes that you’re required to take and already know everything about. Moreover, it looks like you’ve taught yourself most the content in the class too!

    I think that there might be fewer idiots blogging nowadays – they have Facebook and other social media to be idiots on, but there definitely seem to be more idiots on the Internet than in 2004. But we’ll never know whether an age was truly a golden age until many years later, right? Blogging is a young enough for me to think that we shouldn’t judge its quality until later. There are things about it that I like better now than before, and there are things about it that I wish hadn’t changed. But it looks like my blogging circle is going to remain a circle that will focus on well-written personal posts that are mostly words (as opposed to pictures and videos), and that’s all I care about at the moment.

  3. I do enjoy reading about how many classes that are given now which have greatly conformed to the changing of the world – blogging becoming a major part of peoples lives…well some peoples lives. When I first started blogging around 2000 it was all still so new, keeping online “diaries” wasn’t that cool it made you kind of weird. Just to think it’s been 12 years and so much has changed, kind of scary to think 12 years from this point, where will it all be?

  4. Your classes sound amazing, I never got the chance to do anything more than the standard Maths, Science, English etc. I remember the golden age of blogging and I really miss all the commenting and so on. I don’t know if social media is entirely responsible for that disappearing, but I think it’s a big factor.

    Anyway, I just stopped by your blog to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award:


  5. Things have gotten worse, fucking help! There’s a girl who’s writing about some Golden Age and saying shit about commenting etiquette when I can write what I want to freaking write, it’s the Internet, dude.

    Just joking, haha. I laughed so much at your attitude in the third last paragraph. “I mean, not everyone who’s going to comment is going to be a scholarly user of the Internets, lady”. Extremely true and correct. I don’t think she needs to have a detailed lecture on it or anything, though. Just a discussion about how you should keep comments to topic and if you’re commenting on a personal blog, you know you are probably addressing an individual and they may be the only one who reads your comment.

    I think there wasn’t really a Golden Age of blogging. I think communities and circles just shuffled, and the people in them changed or switched or moved around, and I think we’re now in this actual “blogosphere” (that word, it wounds me) where everyone is a blogger and knows what to do and what not to do.

  6. Eck, i’ve always hated classes where it feels like you know more about the subject (or at least parts of it) than the teacher does. It’s a shame she isn’t better informed on photoshop though, you’d think that she might’ve had some courses on it herself if she’s meant to teach it!

    As for the Golden Age thing – i think that’s interesting, and also coincidental cos i’d just watched Midnight in Paris the other night, and it was all about nostalgia and the idea of the “Golden Age”. As Stephanie said above, you wouldn’t know if something was the golden age until much later – and I don’t think I would ever want to find out when the golden age of blogging is, in that sense.

  7. Howdy, Rachel? It’s been awhile 🙂

    I’m just amused at how your university has a Language Resource Center; we have a Learning Resource Center here. I’d bet yours also abbreviates as “LRC.” 😀

    Gotta hate ’em pass/fail subjects, haven’t we? 🙂 I feel the same about PE. As much as I love running, I just couldn’t stand all the other things we were made to do — a full report on maintaining one’s health and a FINAL EXAM, among many other things! I thought it would be easy to clinch a perfect mark (grades in PE are superficial, I know, but who wouldn’t want their report card to be adorned with straight A’s?) by simply acing all the exercise sections so I went all complacent on the written work and I ended up with a barely passing score. That taught me quite a lesson! In the end, I simply contented myself with having passed at all.

    And ugh, teachers who claim they know everything! Sometimes we just have to play along in their little games and let them hog the limelight for them to appreciate us as students. After all, it all boils down to us being the inexperienced students whereas they are the teachers with all the knowledge in the world.

    I had a teacher like that in an introductory Computer Science class. I guess it’s always that way when they’re trying to introduce the concept of blogging to beginners who may find doing things properly difficult.

  8. How are you, Rachel?
    After reading your blogpost I can just wish I’ll have some similar stuff for my graduation final year…As I’m planning to major in Computer Science, We have two papers of applied component which in my case is gonna be Web designing with all the XML, and all in it! I hope it’s as easy as yours seems to be…

  9. Ooh, I would hate that. I’ve heard of students who have taught teacher’s things and I find it annoying when it comes to the point where you basically teach the class. I mean, we can always learn something new, but if everything is new to the teacher, the teacher shouldn’t be teaching the class. They wouldn’t be qualified.

    It sounds like you had fun with your project! It turned out nicely. I didn’t know you were a student at UM! I have been on their campus many times. I wonder if we have ever passed each other without realizing it. D: But there is nothing wrong with doing more than required. It shows you care about your work and you want to do the job well. Maybe you will over pass the class, haha.

    Commenting articles. I had one of them. People did not (and still don’t) know how to properly comment. I guess there isn’t really a certain way to comment. I just wish people would be considerate. I also agree about the golden age. I totally completely agree.

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