Quick-Fire Week

I made a really good choice this afternoon when I decided to buy a coffee at work.  I was falling asleep, but now I’m not, and I’m also feeling very optimistic.  I may also be a little hyper, which is making me want to blog, but not put too much effort into writing a well-articulated post. So, a quick-fire approach to recapping my recent life: I went to a yoga class on Thursday with my friend Katie.  It was a lot of fun and felt really good.  It was my first time ever doing yoga in a studio.  I want toContinue reading

The World’s Best Birthday Present

Or, “The Best Present I Ever Received But Was Ungrateful for As an 11-Year-Old Shithead.” Turning 11 was a traumatic experience for me.  I cried because I thought it was the “last” year of being “young”.  Because 12 is almost a teenager and by that point you aren’t even a kid anymore.  I really actually cried. So for some reason that birthday was especially memorable and I remember a couple of the gifts I got that year.  One was a pink and purple layering shirt set that my mom got me from Old Navy: The other was… a yellow yogaContinue reading