Okay, I admit it, my legs are perpetually sore. Such is the life of a runner. My calf muscles especially. It’s always at least one calf.

Not that I’m complaining. I take it as a personal badge of honor. I adore muscle soreness because it means I am getting stronger, so I must be doing something right. People complain about DOMS–delayed-onset muscle soreness–but I seriously love it. I love the feeling of waking up sore in the morning after a hard workout the day before. There’s nothing like that little confirmation that what I’m doing is paying off.

Muscle soreness? Good. Blisters and crap like that? Go fuck yourself. Seriously.

I tried taekwondo Friday night for the first time. You do taekwondo barefoot and slide around on the floor a lot, which, I’ll admit, is painful to not-yet-callused feet. The wooden floor surface, dance studio style, was especially grueling.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t had to run eight miles the next day. I don’t know. But I had to run eight miles the next day. So I did. Holy hell. When I got home, the bottoms of my feet hurt so bad that I could barely walk for an hour or more. I run on the balls of my feet. I also killed the balls of my feet Friday night. Much of the run was spent NOT on the balls of my feet. Inefficient running, slower and more tired than usual, blisters blisters blisters, and one not-happy Rachel.

When I got home I swore I would never do taekwondo again.

I’ve thought more since then. One of my blisters popped, making it a lot less painful. I will see how running goes Monday. Taekwondo on Friday was a lot of fun and everyone I met was far nicer than I had expected. I do want to go back, but running is my number one priority, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll find the patience to wait for calluses to form.

Anyway, I learned some stances and worked on roundhouse kicks. I struggled, but felt like a badass. I’ve never done a martial art before. Wouldn’t it be fun to get at least a yellow belt?

2 thoughts on “Taekwondon’t

  1. Nooo0o0o0oooo your poor feet! I also think that pain is a good sign you are doing well. I don’t know why people let it get to them so much… it’s not that much of a bother to be honest!

    I would be mega proud of you if you got a yellow belt 🙂 I’m sure you will get used to the floor in no time. Heck, you’re a runner. Your feet go places. In time, they will adjust to being treated a little more harshly. 😉

    Huz huz. Nice title.

  2. As a martial artist, I will tell you that if your legs feel painful at the beginning, then you are doing something correctly! Martial arts forces you to use in muscles in ways that you don’t normally do, like standing in stances for a while (closest thing to this is some of the lunges track runners do, but that’s more dynamic than martial arts). I hope that your feet stop getting blisters soon if you choose to stick with it for a bit!

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