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So I got an iPhone. An iPhone 5 to be exact, and she’s a beaut. Actually, I think she’s probably male, but I love her like a car or a ship, so she it is.

I’ve had the phone for a week now and I still can’t believe that 1) she’s mine and 2) she can actually do all the shit she can do. Like, I grab my phone and listen to music, take decent-quality pictures, browse the Internet… and every so often it will strike me that I am doing these things with a PHONE. Last night: “I can’t believe this is a phone and that it’s mine.” Obviously she’s my first smartphone. Barring any unfortunate accidents, I’ll have her for quite a bit longer. A matter of several years, I hope.

I used to hate Instagram. Look how quickly I’ve become a convert. You can find me at rachmleg. I need to follow more people so hit me uppp. 😉 Shameless food-poster and filter-user right here.

My friend texted me the other day asking whether I would like to watch him “struggle through a morning run.” It sounds cheesy, but I was honored that he asked me to accompany him. Running is a journey as is coming to love it, and I’m so happy I got to be there for what will hopefully become the beginning of his. He led the way and we ran almost two miles before he decided it was time to stop.

I was and still am very proud of him. I’m proud of anyone who decides to run. It makes me so happy to see people running and doing good things for their health. I also get proud of my running friends’ accomplishments. No lie, I will brag about them. I distinctly remember telling my mom about a friend’s new 5K PR just because I was so happy for him since I knew he had been working hard at it all year.

I’ve been taking better care of myself lately, too. This past summer I was eating healthy and running a lot, but once school started I fell back into some old eating habits and gained about five pounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but I could feel it in my running and see it ’round my middle. Anyway, since moving out of the dorms for good I have been MUCH better about how I eat and I haven’t even WANTED to eat anything unhealthy. Cookies don’t even tempt me anymore. 😉

I feel so much better, healthier, and stronger (I’ve been doing more weight training, too). The extra weight has already come off again (I was not overweight by any means, but you know what I mean…) which has dramatically improved how I see myself.

Being healthy is seriously worth it on so many levels. You should try it. I’m here for support! And I post a lot in the #healthyeating tag on Instagram. 😉

I’m not kidding about the support, either. If you want or need it, I’ve got your back. Twitter, email, whatever. :love:

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  1. Congratulations on you new phone! I played with one that my friend had when it first came out, but I found it a little too think and light for my liking. I felt like I’d forget I’m even holding it and drop it or fling it! But I’m prone to doing silly things like that, so it is actually a valid concern (I’d put my phone on my lap on the car and then forget I did and stand up to drop it on the road, or get up with my bag on the train thinking I’m holding it, except not).

    I’m thinking of ways to be healthier and motivate myself to exercise a bit more, and have been seriously contemplating Fitbit One ( As a runner, have you heard anything about it? It’s a tad expensive for something that can’t support Androids (and my iPad is iPad 2, so I don’t think it’s supported either), but I have a sleep disorder, so this sleep-tracking thing seems useful.
    I’m a real sucker for points and numbers and stuff like that, so I feel like (as long as I don’t chronically forget it at home and get discouraged) it’ll be useful in motivating me… But at the same time, I don’t really know anyone who’s used it, so I can’t make a usability decision based on advertisements. XD

    Best of luck to you and running, and happy new year!

    1. If you’re into points and such, you should check out It’s basically a fitness social network. You log your workouts and get points for the things you do. I personally find it very motivational and the community over there is amazing. In terms of Fitbit, I have not heard much about it, but I have seen some people mention in on Fitocracy and I remember getting kind of a negative impression of it. Personally I think the price is steep for something you can do on your own (calorie monitoring, anyway).

  2. It looks like smartphones generally last 2-3 years, so I hope that you get plenty of life out of your iPhone!

    Having support when getting healthy is so much more important than people think! I never understood until I tried to get healthy myself. Being healthy (and thin) is just such a different feeling than being unhealthy and overweight. I wonder if that’s something that people realize.

  3. I am so proud and happy for you for being so motivated and kicking those bad habits away almost as soon as they come! 😀 I think in a way you’re also motivated when you see other people being motivated and taking care of themselves, but of course feeling so happy for them too. I feel the same way about other people. Also Daniel said it sounded weird to say, but he said that he really liked that I take care of myself by exercising when I can and eating well 🙂

    Give your iPhone a name some time!

  4. That’s awesome that you got an iPhone 5! I was pretty amazed when I got my iPhone 4 too. It’s my current phone and also my first smartphone. I just had to make sure I didn’t become someone who was always on it, even when people are trying to talk to me, haha.

    Congrats on getting back to your healthy habits and losing the extra weight! I’ve been trying to do the same as well. I gained weight during the holiday season, and I’d like to shed those extra pounds. That’s great that you were there to support your friend when he went running too. Things are usually easier when someone is there to support you!

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