Some things I didn’t get to

There are a few things I didn’t get to this weekend that I absolutely need to do tomorrow (Monday 21 November), plus some other things that were always meant for tomorrow. This is what they are:

  • Begin study abroad application process – do this Tuesday!! …or Wednesday. I just found out I don’t have uni Wednesday. xD
  • Study for Comm 102 exam – exam was sooo easy, omg.
  • Finish Japanese rough draft – Tuesday morning when I wake up an hour early, ew
  • Do the writing part of my Japanese reading/writing homework! Due by 5pm, try to have it done by class at 11.
  • Go to the gym
  • Practice “The Way I Am” for my recital
  • Study Japanese lesson 18 vocabulary – turns out I don’t need to have done this till Monday (28 Nov.) morning! 😀

Oh man…

(As always, bold = complete.)

10 thoughts on “Some things I didn’t get to

  1. How awesome that you’re studying Japanese. I’m studying French myself, but I couldn’t imagine memorizing all of those words and characters. Kudos to you! Are you planning to study abroad there as well?

    1. I studied French for four years in high school, but I feel like I know nothing after all that. 😛 Of course, it’s been almost two years since I’ve even spoken it, which doesn’t help.

      Nope, I’m actually planning to study abroad in Sydney, Australia! I think I only have less than two months to get my application in now… AND I need a letter of rec. Crap. xD

  2. Sweet! Japanese! I’m currently taking Spanish because I figured it’d be more useful than any of the other languages offered at my school since I live on the west coast, which is greatly populated by Spanish-speakers. My school offers Japanese buuuut…I don’t know a single thing about Japanese. xD

    Good luck getting everything done! It sounds like a lot but I’m sure you’ll be able to tackle it all. 🙂

  3. You can do it! At least you did some of it. Sometimes with goals, we can only be happy that we even made a plan… never forget what Mark Tredinnick said – “make a plan – don’t stick to it”. 😉

  4. Ah, good luck with getting those goals done and out of the way. I set myself monthly goals and I even struggle to complete those so I don’t know how you’d manage to do them in a day or two. 😛 At least you’ve got you’ve got a few of them completed, though!

    Japanese looks like an interesting language to learn, but I don’t think I’d be able to – it looks complicated. 😛 I learned German at school, but it was that or French, I wish they had more options like Spanish or Italian. DX

    You’re going to study abroad? That’s amazing, good luck with that process. 🙂

    1. Oh trust me, I wouldn’t do these in a day or two if I didn’t have to! Fuck uni. xD

      My high school had French, Spanish, and German, so I studied French. Four years only placed me into second-year French at uni. 😛

      Thank you! I want to study in Sydney, but I can’t if I don’t apply… I still haven’t freaking started. -_-

  5. Hey Rachel,

    Thank you so much for your support. I do want to tell my mum, I’ll admit. I guess I’m just afraid of where it’ll lead. Honestly, I’m not willing to give up the name of whose doing this. I just can’t. I know that I’m the only one the person is doing this to. So its like… I dunno. Maybe one day, I will give the person’s name. But right now, that’s just not even a consideration on my part. And I know that my mum will ask and she’ll push and push and push. I just hate that. She’s not very understanding. You know?

    I know that she just wants whats best for me. But sometimes, she just takes things too far. She just isn’t very understanding of me or my feelings or what I’m going through. And it just becomes a stress and so tiring, trying to get her to understand because sometimes, I don’t even think she tries to understand.

    I will tell her at some point. Like you said, tell her when I’m ready. So I will tell her. Its just not going to be right now.

    I really, really appreciate your understanding and support and advice. Cause I really needed it. I’m just really conflicted right now, with everything going on in my life and going through so many changes. So the understanding, support, and advice might seem small, but for me, its so big. So thank you. 🙂

    Good luck with your to-do list. It sounds like you really have a lot to do! Yikes! But you can do it! 😀 Keep your head up! You’ll get it all done! 😀

  6. Aw, this is quite a to-do list! 🙁 but it seems as if you’ve gotten half of it done! So that’s good!

    That’s so cool that you’re learning Japanese! I think it’d be really awesome to learn, although very hard D:

    Good luck finishing everything! A good to-do list always puts things in perspective :3

  7. It’s cool that you’re going to study abroad! Do you know where you’re going to study yet?

    Japanese seems like a really interesting language to learn, but it seems difficult because you’d have to learn all of the symbols, along with the language. :/ I studied French for two years, and now I’m on my first year of Latin.

    Good luck finishing your to-do list! 🙂

    1. Yep, I want to study in Sydney. I’m going to apply to UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) and UNSW (University of New South Wales). 🙂 I still need to start! I think I have to apply by 15 January… I’ll start this weekend. ._.

      Learning Kanji (the Chinese characters Japanese uses) can be really difficult, but the rest isn’t too hard. I just have trouble remembering vocab sometimes. Good luck with Latin! Do you like it?

      Thank you! :love:

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