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Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am obsessed with my sewing machine.  I sewed three projects this weekend and, as I sit here typing this with an almost-complete knit sock in front of me, I am wondering whether I could squeeze in another project tonight.  Maybe finish a skirt, maybe start (and finish because who am I kidding?) another project bag.  Yet, the sock has only 21 rows left so I will maybe not sew.

I started off Saturday afternoon sewing a zipper project bag from three of the fabrics in a bundle of five quarters I bought at Joann a few weeks ago.  I used a pattern from Simplicity that I bought for one dollar.  I figured that was a pretty good way to learn how to insert a zipper in a boxed-bottom bag.  However, the bag in the pattern was not lined and I wanted to line my bag, so I did a little bit of guesswork on how to line it.  I didn’t end up lining it correctly and there are raw edges visible inside the bag, but it still looks adorable from the outside.

I did successfully figure out how to add a handle where there wasn’t one in the pattern, so I felt like that was a win, anyway.

fox project bag
Sorry for stray thread on the handle in this picture.
inside of bag with raw edges visible
Raw edges. 🙁 But look at those cute pawprints!

After finishing that bag, I found a tutorial that showed how to line a zippered pouch.  Don’t ask me why I didn’t look for it before–I don’t know why.  So, I decided to sew a miniature pouch so I could make sure I understood what the tutorial was saying.  And, you know, I wanted a bit of redemption.  I got some, but very little. 😛

I decided to use the same fabric for the exterior and the lining of my pouch for simplicity’s sake and because I didn’t have any scraps I liked with the fabric I wanted to use for the outside.  I got the bag lined all nicely, no seams on the inside, everything was looking good… until I turned the bag right side out and realized I had left the opening for turning in the outside of the bag instead of the lining.  Because, you know, same fabric for both sides and all.  So much for simplicity.  My practice pouch now has a little seam on the bottom outside where I closed it up.  At least I got the rest of the lining tutorial down.

I did figure out during all this that the pattern I used for my fox bag actually wasn’t conducive to lining because it didn’t have a seam anywhere that I could pull a lining through–the bottom was one piece, not seamed.  I most likely will use the pattern pieces again, but I’ll have to cut the bottom piece for the lining into two parts and seam it up.

My mini pouch is awkwardly tall and I shouldn’t have boxed the bottom as it doesn’t do anything with it being so small, but it works well enough as a lipstick holder for in my purse. 🙂

both bags
The fruits of Saturday’s labors, side by side. The fox bag is the perfect size for a sock project.  I put my White Walkers socks in it.
small bag as lipstick pouch
Lipstick pouch!

One other thing I had trouble with was getting my fusible interfacing to fuse onto the fabric.  I ended up giving up and just sewing it in.  I read a thread about other people having this problem and what they have tried, but if you have any suggestions, please share!  I am very annoyed with my interfacing at the moment.

On Sunday, I sewed up a set of two placemats (I live alone and have only two kitchen chairs) out of the same fabric from my mini pouch.  I didn’t have any placemats, really needed some, and didn’t want to by any.  So, I sewed!  I just did a very basic rectangle, same fabric on both sides, with top stitching around the edges.  I love top stitching.  I think it makes things look so neat and finished, even when the line itself isn’t always the tidiest.  I used the mats immediately after finishing them when I had some ice cream.  They are so cute and it is fun to use something I made.  My cat thinks so too.  That’s why he likes to play with my knitting projects while I’m making them.

placemats on my table
New placemats on my table! Featuring a small collection of elephants. Maybe I need some elephant mats.
top stitching
I just love top stitching.

I’ve decided I won’t squeeze in any more sewing tonight, but another bag and a skirt hem are high on my priority list.  After, like, buying food.  Now for a relaxing night of knitting while putting off buying food.  The list goes knitting, food, sewing.  Hey, at least I cleaned the bathroom today!

4 thoughts on “Sew Much Sewing

  1. Love all the fabric you have! The bags and placemats you made are so cute and colorful. I have a bunch of Hello Kitty fabric that I keep meaning to make into some bags too.

    I usually have issues with fusible interfacing. I can get it onto the fabric, but after a wash or two, it starts coming off again. Now I just fuse it on close to the edge, so that it gets sewn over anyway.

    I wish I was as motivated as you when it comes to sewing! I always procrastinate on my sewing projects, and they keep piling up!

  2. You have a real talent for sewing! I wish I could sew 🙁 I tried learning and I failed miserably. One day, I plan on taking it up again and getting through it.

    Cute fabrics! You made such cool things! That’s why I try to buy homemade goods from people, because I find it more authentic and full of love and care.

    1. Thank you! I am definitely still learning; I just started in June. For the longest time I was afraid to try sewing because I was afraid of messing up. I have not sewn many things yet and have made lots of mistakes, but each one is a learning experience and everything has still been usable. 🙂

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