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I’ve been so productive this weekend it’s not even funny. I think I might even be able to cross everything off my list by the end of today, which is something I have not been able to do in a long time. School and laziness are always getting in the way. Mostly laziness, I guess. I mean, there’s really no reason not to get through everything on a WEEKEND list besides laziness, right? Especially when I usually include schoolwork in my list… Yeah, I just suck. But not today!

Georgina and I are doing this thing we’re calling The Seventy-One. Basically, we’re trying to get rid of 71 things, or groups of things (e.g. a stack of magazines counts as one item), by the 17th April since we both own way too much stuff. Especially for someone like me who moves twice a year, I definitely own too many things. I’m at 28 items on my list so far, and I’m trying to go through one area of my room every weekend. Yesterday I did my dresser drawers and the shelves above them, and next week I want to do either my desk drawer and shelf or the big black trunk of doom under my bed. I have to move again in about six weeks and I really hope I will have a much more manageable amount of stuff by then.

It’s possible I’m too excited about throwing things away, you know?

It was really nice outside all last week, so on Wednesday after class I decided to walk the two miles to work instead of taking the bus. Funnily enough, I got there in 25-30 minutes, which is about how long it would have taken had I ridden the bus, seeing as I would have had to walk to the stop, wait for the bus, etc. It was still nice out after work, too, so I decided to walk back home as well. My legs were SO TIRED by the time I got home since I had already done cardio at the gym that morning. I didn’t know in the morning that I was going to want to walk four miles in the afternoon. 😛

Anyway, while I was walking, I thought that it might be really nice to run that same route sometime, so I opted to have a go at it on Saturday morning before it got hot outside. It’s 2.3 miles from my dorm to my work and of course the same distance back, so that makes 4.6 miles if you’re good at math like me ( 😉 ), which is the farthest distance I’ve ever run. I ended up running to work, stopping in for a drink and the bathroom, and then running home. I kept telling myself, “Just make it to the medical campus, just make it to that weird naked statue…” but I ended up running all the way back home. I was so proud! 😀 It was hilly and everything.

I feel like it’s a bit pathetic that 4.6 miles is the farthest I’ve run, but I realize that’s pretty far from the perspective of someone who doesn’t run at all, so I suppose it’s alright. 🙂

I like running outside so much better than running on the treadmill. So much better. It’s a lot easier to push myself to go farther when I have a destination in mind or when stopping means it will take me longer to get home because I will have to walk. On the treadmill I have trouble pushing myself even to three miles because it’s just so BORING. I’m so glad it’s spring now and I won’t have to go back to treadmill running for about five months, maybe six if I’m lucky.

I might sign up to run another 5K race (5km; 3.1 miles) on 1 April, and there’s a 10K (10km; 6.2 miles) coming up in June in conjunction with the Ann Arbor half marathon that I’ve been thinking about trying for as well. I wonder if one day I’ll actually be able to run a marathon. I think my cousin ran one once and got her time tattooed on her ankle. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Run Free

  1. I was productive during the week but became so lazy during the weekend. Opps. I have a deadline for something this week too, which leads me to rush a bit to finish it. Opps.

    I know I need to do the same thing – go through things & get rid of stuff. I just get a bit overwhelmed when I do try to do it because there’s just so much. But I think it looks like a lot because I don’t have a closet so all my clothes are in weird containers, making it look like I have containers of junk. Having cats in the house doesn’t help either because going through things mean they want to help too. ugh.

    The weather has been great! So excited to see my older bro & his girlfriend was working on the pool over the weekend, though during the summer I’ll be out of state for most of it so I’ll be missing the pool.

    Running is something I don’t ever do, I admire those who take part in any length run. I have a few problems with my right knee so running is kind of a hard thing for me to do though I do enjoy walking great distances.

  2. As a fellow university student who’s going to move out of the dorms soon, I’m totally with you on throwing things out. I wonder how I’m going to move all my stuff to an apartment that could exist anywhere in this country a few months from now. Having less stuff means that moving is easier and that you forget about less things.

    I envy your running skills! (The move I’ve ever ran at once is 2 miles, and the most I’ve ever ran in a day is 3 miles.) If you ever run a marathon, do tell us all about it!

  3. To get your time tattooed on your ankle would be really cool. It sounds like a cool idea but not something that I’d personally do. I really want to do the City to Surf thing here in Sydney. This year, or next year… I know the guys at work were talking about it. I kinda hate running with friends because we can’t talk and run but they’re nonetheless a good motivator… but maybe we can go together, hahaha.

    Hopefully you can get to the naked statue quicker next time. LOL. But I also like running outside much better. Having a destination is great. For me, running in the backyard gets dull, I just try and stop once an album on my iPod is done. I like running around the block or to work or something. Destinations are cool.

  4. I’m doing something like this, it’s always Georgina that inspires me to get rid of things in my room. hahaha.

    I plan on starting this tonight/tomorrow (since I will be gone this weekend and next weekend) so that I can have a clean room when I get home. 🙂

    Dang. I can’t even run half a mile without stopping because I am so tired. I guess I have got to get on that treadmill more when I get home after our trip to Ohio this coming week. 🙂 I really want to be able to run 5-6 miles without having to push myself much. If I can do that, I will feel so good about myself. I run at about a 4.5/5mph pace, which is amazing. Lol. It’s already too hot outside to be running outside for me.
    I just have to work on my ankles more because eventually I’m going to have to start icing them again after a run because otherwise I will not be able to deal with the pain. I have weak ankles and it sucks!

    Good luck on those future races! 🙂

  5. I have been so lazy over the weekends lately. During the week I keep telling myself, “Okay, I’m going to get all of this stuff done over the weekend!” and then the weekend comes and laziness kicks in and I get pretty much nothing done. So good for you that you’ve been so productive! I guess this should be encouragement for me. 😛

    It’s been sooo nice here as well. I absolutely love this weather, which is perfect for running, but lately I just haven’t been doing it. I didn’t really start running until January of this year (and I call my running more sporadic than anything) so I think that 4.6 miles is pretty good! I think that my farthest is only two miles, so in this weather I should be running more. I’m not sure why I’m not since I do like running.

    I want to eventually sign up for a race – distance doesn’t really matter too much. I’d like to start small and then build my way up, but I need to really be dedicated to training before I sign up, which at the moment I am not, haha. That’s a really unique tattoo and I really like the idea. I don’t think it’s something that I would do, but I like it. 🙂

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