Review: Saucony Guide 6

Last night I was given the opportunity to wear-test a pair of the Saucony Guide 6, the newest edition of one of Saucony’s stability shoes.

From the website:

The latest edition of our flagship shoe arrives with a fit and ride even more attuned to the needs of runners seeking stability in an everyday training shoe. A new sole unit features triangular IBR+ pads integrated with deeper grooves in the forefoot for better flexibility and responsiveness. Three independently responsive pods in the SRC crashpad provide a smooth, efficient transition onto the midfoot, while a midfoot saddle promotes a snug, secure fit in the upper. Weight: 8.9oz.

First Impressions

My first impression when I laced up the shoe was that it had less support than what I’m in currently, the Nike Zoom Structure 15. My arch did not feel like it was being held up as high. However, this also meant that I didn’t feel like my foot was being kept to the outside as much, which I liked because that has been a point of contention for me with my current shoe.

I also noticed that the toe box is a bit narrower than my current shoe. This makes me wonder whether high mileage in the shoes would lead to black toenails like the issue I had with my previous shoes.

On the Road

I took the shoes out for a 4.1-mile run, which dispelled all my concerns. I did not notice any issues with lack of support and my toes felt perfectly comfortable. I also noticed that the shoes felt much lighter on my feet than my current pair, which was definitely a plus. As it turns out, the Guide 6 is approximately two ounces (57 grams) lighter than my current Structures. Stability shoes can feel bulky, but these did not.

After the Run and Final Thoughts

After running, I noticed the heel cushioning. It seemed like the structure of the heel support caused me to feel like my foot was rolling in a bit when I was standing flat. Because I am a mid-to-forefoot striker, the heel did not bother me while I was running, but I think a heel striker who also over-pronates might find the support lacking.

Overall, I was impressed with the shoe. It was light and streamlined for a stability shoe without sacrificing the support I needed. However, I would be curious to see how my feet and body would fare after, say, a 25-mile week in the shoes because four miles can only scratch the surface.

When it comes time to replace my shoes (and I am very eagerly awaiting that time because I do not like my current pair), I will definitely consider the Saucony Guide 6.

One thought on “Review: Saucony Guide 6

  1. Before I read your review, I was already thinking, “that’s a nice looking shoe”, haha. I guess I really like the strong orange colors on it. I would be wary of shoes that seemed narrow in the toe area too, but that’s good to know that it actually felt fine when you ran with it. Sounds like a good one to look into!

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