Review: NuGO Organic Bar: Double Dark Chocolate

I’m a big fan of nutrition bars, so it’s awesome that there’s a convenience store with a huge selection right in the building where I work. The other day I needed a snack to tide me over until dinner, but I, gasp, wanted something other than a Clif bar for once in my life.

I’ve been curious about these bars for a while, so I picked up a NuGO Organic Bar in Double Dark Chocolate.

The basics: vegan, organic, 10g of protein, contains antioxidants

The wrapper suggests that other protein bars taste too sweet and that this bar’s “real” dark chocolate is superior. I love sweets and have never had an issue with a bar tasting too sweet, nor have I had a dark chocolate nutrition/protein bar before. I didn’t think this bar tasted any less sweet than I’m used to and on top of that, it tasted sweeter than I like dark chocolate to taste. When I buy plain dark chocolate, I go for at least 72% cacao, but obviously I can’t choose when it’s part of a bar like this.

Tasting sweet is so not a problem though with my sweet tooth. Overall the bar tasted very chocolatey and delicious.

One thing that surprised me was the texture of the bar. I expected it to be more chewy than it was. Most bars with interiors made of rice crisps tend to be relatively bendy and/or chewy, but this one, while not crunchy, was firmer than I had expected. Not a bad thing, just different.

The wrapper implies that it’s a protein bar by saying “other” protein bars are too sweet, but its 10g of protein are fairly modest and I wouldn’t call it a protein bar based on that amount. Not that 10g isn’t a fair amount, but I wouldn’t go post-workout on this bar.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it so much and I might pick up one of these again sometime.

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