Poem: Down Under the Mountain Bridge

I mentioned earlier this week that I have been getting back into writing poetry. Today I thought I would share a poem I wrote that same day. It is called “Down Under the Mountain Bridge”, and I hope you like it. 🙂 Critique is more than welcome!

Down under the mountain bridge,
Where new birds call and old tales begin again,
I close my eyes and rest.
My mind begins to wander,
And I don’t think I’m sane anymore,
And I can’t feel my heart in my chest,
And the pencil flows and the rhythm disturbs my bones.
I break and hear the ocean tide
As the sound of sunset creeps into my ears.
Beneath the grass and in my head the worms are gliding,
And I feel the wind on my back
And the light from the mountain wakes me,
And I rest.

Rest awhile under the mountain sun.
The rocks will be your pillow guides.
The earth your rolling stone,
And you will die another day,
For here nothing can touch you.
Alone with the worms and the mountain and the shore.
You can go insane for a while.
Phase out your eyes, your ears, your nose
‘Cause no one knows
Except the birds
And the mountain.

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