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I’m at my mom’s place for Memorial Day weekend and today she and I decided to go to the zoo. They have a baby camel! Here are some of the pictures I took while there. Many are of prairie dogs, for which I apologize, but they’re just so damn cute. The prairie dog exhibit was always my favorite when we visited the zoo when I was younger, second only to the elephants. They don’t have elephants anymore. πŸ™

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  1. Oh my god the prairie dogs are so cute. So so so so so cute. I don’t think we even have them here. They are so TINY! Image 40 is … omg. I can’t believe how many good ones you got. Like the one where one is flat and looks like a blob. Just a blob.

    And the one with the little guy climbing out of his hole! Ahhhh! :love: :love:

    Also the first one with the giraffe is really really amazing. <3 <3 And I love the zebras! ^___^

    I wish we had polar bears… πŸ™

    Sad that you don't have elephants anymore though. πŸ™

  2. D’aww!! That’s simply adorable!!! I like prairie dogs too! I really want one as a pet :3

    YOUR ZOO HAS POLAR BEARS!? :O I am so awestruck… I wish our zoo had polar bears! Polar bears are sooo adorable, although Coca-Cola has ruined their image for me forever. Now, I can’t even look at a polar bear without imagining a bottle of Coke in its hand XD

    I think this picture of you with the statue is my favorite:

    What animal is the statue of, by the way? I can’t quite tell…

  3. Aww, I loved the pictures! They are so cute!
    I’ve not been to a zoo for many years now… I remember I had gone to a zoo in Aurangabad (a city in Maharashtra, India) (Mumbai is the capital of Maharshtra if u know Mumbai) and there we had seen a baby elephant, along with his parents… he was so cute. I remember my dad had given him an hisbiscus to eat and he had eaten it! I remembered it thanks to your baby camel.

  4. What an open zoo! I don’t see any cages anywhere! Or maybe I just haven’t been to enough zoos and all zoos are that open.

    I love the prairie dog that’s just lying there like a blob. I guess that that one’s realized that the zookeepers will bring it all that it needs! πŸ˜›

  5. They’re so cute! Oh, and there are polar bears there! I can’t stop squealing on their cuteness! ^D^ What happened to the elephants, by the way? So sad to know that they extincted in that zoo. It just remind me of the elephant that I visited years ago in the local zoo. My mom told me that that elephant had been there for almost forty years. She even visited him as a little girl. The elephant had his mom with him those days and when we visited him years after, he was alone and seemed to be pampered not so well. His place even smelled like poop and pee. It’s unlike the other zoos that my parents visited in their younger years where animals were taken care of and too cute to handle. Just sad. πŸ™

    1. The elephants our zoo used to have got too old to withstand the winters, so they sent them to an elephant reserve somewhere to live out the rest of their days. Then they didn’t buy any new elephants, which I think is because our zoo is real into rescuing animals (there are signs throughout the park saying who was rescued and from what conditions) and I think buying a non-rescue animal to keep on display probably went too far against that mission. I’m pretty sure the old elephants had been rescued.

  6. Is that a baboon? All the animals are so adorable! It’s been years since I step into the zoo… or practically I can’t be bothered to stand in the hot sun looking at animals. I live in Singapore and the heat is purely madness, I tell you. xD

    Why isn’t there elephants any more?

  7. The prairie dogs are absolutely cute! All the animals are. πŸ™‚
    I’ve never been to a zoo in my life… quite ironic seeing as many people think of ‘animals’ when I say I’m from South Africa. I need to change that, but there are sadly no zoos in the province I live in. Sigh

  8. The last time I went to a zoo was a long time ago. I remember being obsessed with the chipmunks because they kept standing up to look at me curiously. Too cute!

    And lovely photos! I love animals so much. :’-)

  9. Oh wow the zoo looks amazing. I hope the zoo closes where I live, the spaces are too small and I don’t think foreign animals do well with the climate here. I think its being renovated though, I hope the animals have better living conditions now. I love giraffes, I’ve always wanted to be near one, the pictures looks great. ^D^

    This is probably the second time I’ve seen pictures of prairie dogs, they are so adorable. Just looking at them makes me smile. Your zoo has a lot of animals I would love to see in real life, thanks for sharing the great photos. :love:

  10. Lucky you! I’m 15 & haven’t been to a zoo yet. Most kids get to go to one in Elementary school, but since I moved a lot around, I ended up missing out on the field trip and never got the chance to visit one! πŸ˜›

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