Bitten by the Sewing Bug: Skirt and Project Bag

As I said I might do in my last post, Cheating on Knitting: Down the Rabbit Hole, I did in fact skip knit group on Thursday.  I started off doing some needlepoint and then I broke out the borrowed sewing machine to try to finish up my skirt.  I had been working on a simple A-line skirt using a pattern from Simplicity as my very first sewing project.  All I had left when I started work on the skirt that night was to sew down the waistband, do the hem, and sew on the hook and eye closure.  All of that ended up taking me three hours, which seems like way longer than it should have, but I chalk that up to my inexperience.  I mean, I sewed the waistband down twice because the first time didn’t catch enough on the inside, plus I basically sewed one and a half closures since I did the wrong half first the first time. 😛

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Cheating on Knitting: Down the Rabbit Hole

I need a break from Israel posts and have been wanting to write about my current crafting life, so yes. Let me start by saying that I knit.  A lot.  I knit on the bus commuting to and from work, I knit during breaks at work, when I am reading documentation, when I need to think about how to solve a coding problem, while I eat my meals, while watching TV, and of course at weekly knit night.  I’m knitting right now as I think about what to write.  I especially love to knit socks.  I just finished up a pairContinue reading

Israel: Shabbat!

In Judaism, Saturday is Shabbat, or the day of rest, so Saturday July 19th was our day off from most scheduled activities.  If you’re following along with my Israel posts, you’ll know I had a migraine that Friday night and had to turn in early, missing a gift exchange.  On Saturday morning, I woke up after about ten hours of sleep with a lingering headache.  However, I went down to breakfast and a cup of coffee plus some food cleared it right up. You may also know that I love to run.  For what I assume were liability reasons, TaglitContinue reading

Israel: Arbel, Tiberias, New Friends, Jerusalem

Maybe I think if I take forever to write my posts about Israel, that the trip won’t feel like it’s over.  That, or I’m lazy.  I’m feeling uninspired to write Israel posts, but I think I will appreciate having them in the future, so here I go with July 17th, which our guide titled “The Gift.”  I’ll just give a quick rundown of our itinerary and then post the photos from the day.

We started the morning on Mount Arbel, looking out over the Golan Heights.  We did a hike that went down a cliff at Arbel and then visited the site of an old Jewish settlement.  There was evidence of an ancient mikvah there.  Our guide said the settlement was most likely destroyed by an earthquake.

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