Learning to Spin on a Drop Spindle

Like sewing, spinning is one of those things I never thought I would ever want to try.  I was content to just look at (and pet) all the pretty fibers and watch friends spin at knit night.  I’m not sure what changed, but I guess maybe enough people finally told me enough times that they thought I would enjoy it, so I signed up for a drop spindle class at the Ann Arbor Fall Fiber Expo this past weekend. The class was very fun and helpful.  I took it with my friend Jennifer from knit night.  She had had aContinue reading

Sew Much Sewing

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am obsessed with my sewing machine.  I sewed three projects this weekend and, as I sit here typing this with an almost-complete knit sock in front of me, I am wondering whether I could squeeze in another project tonight.  Maybe finish a skirt, maybe start (and finish because who am I kidding?) another project bag.  Yet, the sock has only 21 rows left so I will maybe not sew.

I started off Saturday afternoon sewing a zipper project bag from three of the fabrics in a bundle of five quarters I bought at Joann a few weeks ago.  I used a pattern from Simplicity that I bought for one dollar.  I figured that was a pretty good way to learn how to insert a zipper in a boxed-bottom bag.  However, the bag in the pattern was not lined and I wanted to line my bag, so I did a little bit of guesswork on how to line it.  I didn’t end up lining it correctly and there are raw edges visible inside the bag, but it still looks adorable from the outside.

I did successfully figure out how to add a handle where there wasn’t one in the pattern, so I felt like that was a win, anyway. Continue reading

WIP Wednesday: SSKAL15 Sweater and Socks Galore!

I doubt this will be a weekly series as I get bored of writing (and reading) the same things week in and week out, but I did want to write up a WIP Wednesday this week.  I have more projects going on than usual because I had gotten bored of my sweater project and caught a case of startitis. My main focus right now is my Portage cardigan.  My start to the project happened to coincide with the start of the Summer Sweater KAL, so I am entering it in that.  The KAL ends September 9th and, while the rules of the KALContinue reading

Commuting by Foot

Today marked one week of walking to and from work every day.  My old apartment was two miles from my work, so I walked one way occasionally, but my normal commute was by bus.  I moved last Monday to a new apartment only one mile from my work, so my commute is now 100% on foot (unless I choose to bike some days, which I haven’t yet as my bike is still at my old place).  It would be a five-minute drive to work, but I don’t fancy paying $80 per month for a parking permit when a 20-minute walk is perfectly reasonable.  “What will you do in the winter?” you might ask.  Well, I would much rather trudge through the snow than drive through it! Continue reading