One Last Goodbye to 2012

I probably should have done this before the start of 2013, but I thought it would be fun to try to list at least one significant event in my life for each month of 2012. Georgie did something similar last year, so all credit to her for the idea!


  • I turned 19 and ate a lot of food for my birthday. Jan gave me a stuffed toy called a Worrible and I named it George.
  • My hall in my dorm was flooded when someone hit a sprinkler head with a ball. It became a legendary event whose story spread around the building. 😛


  • I bought a watch. Big deal for me, honestly. Not that I hadn’t bought and worn watches before, but this is when I started actually wearing a watch every day or almost every day. I couldn’t stand taking out my phone to look at the time any longer!


  • I started running outside consistently, thus I call March the month when I started running. And I’m so glad I did. :love: Reading old blog posts from that month in which I mentioned running makes me so happy. I’m a goon.



  • The door fell off the shower in my apartment and ripped off the nail on the big toe on my right foot. Painful!!
  • I got a library card at the library in Ann Arbor.
  • I discovered bed bugs in my apartment and had to stay with my dad for a week while the exterminators did their thing.


  • I ran my second 5K race and my first since actually considering myself a runner. I placed 3rd in my age group with the shoddy time of 25:53, an 8:21 minutes per mile pace.


  • I went to Warped Tour for the second time. I tagged along with one of my friends and the three other people he was going with. I had a great time at the festival and I was very glad to meet the other people in our group. They impacted the rest of my summer quite a bit.


  • I participated in Run Thru Hell, a ten-mile race on the hilly dirt roads of Hell Creek Ranch. My time was 1:29:26, an 8:57 pace.
  • My apartment got bed bugs again. This time I got a temporary apartment two floors up while they did the extermination.
  • I finally got to move out of my crappy apartment with the falling shower door and pest problem!! I lived with my mom for like ten days before moving into the dorms again in September.


  • I started my third year of university, making me officially more than halfway to graduation!
  • I finally declared Communication Studies as my concentration/major.
  • I joined MRun, which is my uni’s running club, and met many new people.
  • I raced the Run Wild 5K and set a new personal record for the distance at 24:49, a 7:59 pace.



  • I went to and ran at NIRCA Cross Country Nationals with MRun in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Another great experience!
  • I started learning to swim thanks to a friend’s fantastic instruction.


  • I finished another semester of university!
  • I got back to running after taking a month off to heal my ankle and have been running better than ever.
  • I moved out of the dorms for good this time and am moving into my new apartment on January 5th. 🙂

I hope everyone had a spectacular New Year’s Eve and is having a great start to 2013. What were some of your highlights from this past year?

3 thoughts on “One Last Goodbye to 2012

  1. Wow, it sounds like you had quite a busy year! 😮

    I suppose for me my highlights would be:

    February/March – diagnosed with MDD & PTSD
    March – turned 21
    April – quit my job
    May – moved in with my other grandparents
    August – baby brother was born. :3
    November/December – hung out with Bri, my cousin, a bunch. xD

  2. You did a lot in 2012! Congrats on declaring your major and on all of your running achievements! I’m glad you were able to move out of that apartment with the bed bugs. Ugh, I would have hated that. My highlights of last year were probably the trips I took and conventions I went to.

    Happy New Year!

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