Obligatory Black Friday post

I pulled my left hamstring at the gym on Tuesday night. I was sitting in the splits and suddenly I heard a *pop!* Of all the lame ways to pull a muscle…

It hurt really bad this morning, and although it hurt walking to and from my voice lesson (about a ten-minute walk each way), I think the activity helped a bit. I’m home for Thanksgiving now through Sunday evening, so I won’t get to go to the gym until probably Monday of next week, but I’ll try to go for a couple walks just to stay active and keep my leg from getting stiff. I’ll do some light stretching, too. No splits!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but I’m not really one for the holiday. I’m just looking forward to shopping the Black Friday sales the day after. 😛 So far though, I haven’t seen anything worthwhile on sale. I think the economy is still hurting the stores. I remember last year some news outlet released some statistics about how Black Friday revenues have gone down considerably in recent years.

The first time I went to a Black Friday sale, I was about ten, maybe eleven. Neither my brother (three years younger) or I had ever owned a video game system, and Walmart had Gameboy Advances on sale for $39 each. That was less than half price! I went with my dad at around 6:30am and I picked up one for myself and one for my brother with some of our Chanukah money. The store was so packed that we could barely move! Now, I would compare it to the general admission pit of a rock concert. Just maybe less violent, although there have been horror stories. 😛

This year, I’m on the lookout for a handheld HD camcorder for under $99. If it only shoots 720p instead of full 1080p HD, it had better be more like $60 or less. I saw some last year that would have fit those requirements, but I didn’t care last year, so that doesn’t help me now. xD I didn’t see anything in the Target, Walmart, or Best Buy ads, though, so I’m not too hopeful.

Last year, I ended up spending around $150 on Black Friday. I did get a lot of really good deals though. For some reason, what stands out to me the most is the fleece pajama pants I bought. It’s probably because I still wear them all the time. I remember I also got some cool boots for $30–those came with a free OBNOXIOUS gold-sequined scarf that I still don’t know what to do with. 😛

I’ll just keep an eye out for that phantom camcorder, or perhaps some cheap DVDs, but first I have to get through Pie Day. It’s not Turkey Day–I hate Thanksgiving turkey. Only the sliced lunch meat stuff for me. 😛

2 thoughts on “Obligatory Black Friday post

  1. I’ve never pulled a muscle or a hamstring, but ooooouch. The splits though – I’ll be honest, I’m not that surprised.

    I have heard about people getting trampled on Black Friday sales or other various sales, or even just with any huge crowds. Though you know shoppers go insane with all the amazing deals. :/ Every time I’m in a huge crowd I always compare it to A7X and how that was hell at the beginning of it all. xD

    The scarf! I still remember that. I’m so amused. I don’t know many things you could do with a circle scarf. I still laugh at the times we tried to figure out what the hell to do with it.

    My brother owns a Gameboy Advance, but it’s a hand-me-down. 0:)

  2. Whenever I think about Black Friday, I get afraid of getting trampled by the crowds, and I usually hide in my room on Black Friday. But perhaps if I ever have enough time to browse through deals, I’ll take a look at it. I hope that you get what you want!

    Enjoy your pie! Mmmm…. pie = tastier than turkey. It’s very hard to cook turkey just right. Christmas ham is much easier to make.

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