NYC: Day Two

As I sit in an airport in Vienna waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv, I thought I would write a little about my day in New York yesterday. I won’t write much because I want to socialize with the people in my Birthright group and I need to figure out if I can acquire coffee without euros. Keep in mind I only slept two hours on the plane and it is 2am in Michigan, so sorry for any and all really bad writing. 

We woke up still tired after our long Day One and hustled to catch a 9am ferry out to Ellis Island. That was our first time on the subway and it was pretty alright. 🙂 I bought a half hour session to look up family to see if they came through Ellis Island, which we thought they did based on my mom’s research, but we didn’t find them. We then walked around the immigration museum for a while. It was interesting. 


Ellis Island
Ellis Island
We then grabbed lunch (after getting back to Manhattan) and walked over to the 9/11 Memorial. It was powerful and we were surprised at the people who took photos of themselves posing happily in front of it. 

9-11 memorial
One of the pools at the site of one of the towers

We then rode the subway down to Brooklyn and explored for a bit. We both liked Brooklyn better than Manhattan, despite spending far less time in the former. Brooklyn just felt more green, friendly, less crowded (at least on that Sunday), and a little like a big Ann Arbor. I would love to spend more time there if I ever go back to New York, which I would also love to do.

After exploring around Brooklyn a little, we took our exhausted selves on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a fun walk and I’m glad we did it on a couple people’s recommendations. By the end, we were ready to fall asleep, so we thought we would take a quick subway ride back to midtown and crash in our room. With service changes, we ended up having to ride all the way back to Brooklyn and changing trains to get back uptown. It all worked out and we finally made it back for a well-deserved rest!


brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn Bridge!
matt and me on brooklyn bridge
The two of us on the Brooklyn Bridge
me on brooklyn bridge
Me on the Brooklyn Bridge
matt on brooklyn bridge
Matt on the Brooklyn Bridge

We topped off the night with dinner at Scallywags’s Irish Pub a few blocks from our hotel and then relaxed in our room until going to bed for the night. 

We ended the trip with breakfast at Kavas Cafe on Monday morning and we went on our separate ways–Matt home and me to Israel. I’m so happy we got to spend a weekend in NYC. We packed so many things into two days and I’m already thinking about when we can go back again. 


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