My Weekend in Mostly Pictures (Running, Food, Volunteering)

Really just a few pictures.  With some more words.  I should have taken more pictures.

This was my ninth week back running in the aftermath of whatever the last tendon thing I had was (flexor hallucis longus says the PT).  My long runs are starting to get up there again.  This week I did an 8-mile long run on Saturday–yes that’s long for me right now hush–which also put me at 20 miles for the week.  First time I’ve had a 20-mile week since November.  Just goes to show how long I’ve been battling the latest string of injuries.  I’m optimistic that this will be the time I stay injury free for longer than a couple months.

I thought I was doing 10:20s so that was a pleasant surprisee
I thought I was doing 10:20s so that was a pleasant surprise

I ran in my Kinvaras, but then when I was done I put on the Ravennas I bought for walking and quickly dubbed them my Pillow Shoes.  Because wow.  PILLOWS.  Pillows for my feet.

New Ravenna 5
In the dining hall. French toast. And pillows.

Later, Matt picked me up and cooked us dinner.  He’s so good to me.

We are a meat and potatoes kind of couple
We are a meat and potatoes kind of couple

Course marshaling Sunday morning… DUN DUN DUN EARLY

Early morning wakeup
My face at being up before 5am to volunteer at a race

I slept all day today.  I took two naps.  It was very productive.  But I also got the 75-lb bench press I’ve been trying to get for several weeks now so THAT’S EXCITING.  Yes.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  It was also Hash Bash this weekend, but I didn’t go.  I specifically avoided the Arb on my run too because last year I ran through there during the Bash and there were countless people smoking and it was just not fun.

Do you also have shoes you wear specifically when you want to be comfy?  I heart my pillow shoes.

Did you do any races this weekend?  I might have considered doing the 5k this morning if I hadn’t been volunteering at it.  The roads were pretty packed if you weren’t at the front though…

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  1. It looks like you had a really enjoyable weekend. I’m glad you are able to start running more.

    I like the Brooks glyercin a lot. They are a super comfortable shoe for me. The Brooks diad is supposed to be the most comfortable shoe ever.

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