My Second 5K Race

I decided on a whim last week to register for the 5K race that was happening this weekend as part of a marathon in my town. It was a fundraiser for the local public school system, plus I just love to run and I hadn’t run in a race since last October. For those who don’t know, a 5K is a 5km race, or 3.1 miles for you American folk.

The race started at 7:30am, so I decided to set my alarm for 5:45 to allow plenty of time to eat, get ready, and walk down to the start of the race, which happened to be about 20 minutes away. Perfect warm-up, I’d say. 🙂

I woke up in the morning with a headache and a massive desire just to go back to sleep, even though I had been looking forward to the race ever since I signed up. Well, obviously I went, considering I paid for it and all.

Let’s just say I’m really glad I did it. 🙂 When I registered, I decided my own personal goal would be to finish the race in 27 minutes or less. I ended up clocking in a time of 25 minutes and 53 seconds, averaging 8 minutes 21 seconds per mile. Now, that isn’t a very fast time, but I was definitely proud of it as a personal achievement. I really want to work on my speed; training for distance is easy, but I need to look into ways to train for speed and find something that works for me. I also need to work out how to drink the water from the aid stations without stopping. Most runners don’t stop for the water. I tried and ended up pouring it in my eye!

Anyway, surprise surprise, I suppose the field wasn’t too deep because I ended up placing third in my age group (females aged 15-19). The top five finishers in each group received a medal and of course I was ecstatic. Here I am post-race!

The girl who was first in my age group was only 15 and had a time of 21 minutes 33.6 seconds. That’s an average of only 6 minutes 57 seconds per mile! I’m jealous and want to be like her.

Maybe one day if I work hard enough. 🙂 You know what, not “maybe”. I WILL become a faster runner.

Here’s to small successes and moving forward with new goals!

7 thoughts on “My Second 5K Race

  1. Congrats on getting 3rd – well not just getting 3rd but moving forward with the plans of running even though you woke up not feeling to well. I would have went back to bed – but I haven’t been able to sleep anyways, so any time I can get some sleep that’s what I’m doing.

  2. Ah I am not very good with running but maybe oneday I can do one of those races. I hope you had a fun race ^__^

    Kinda early for me personally but probably good timing for a race hehe. I think I would’ve had the same effect as you really 😉

    That is actually pretty good time going by my standards xD. Yay congrats on winning a medal! Nice pic 🙂

    Good luck with your training…I am sure with your will and determination you can do it!


    Regarding Avengers…I can see your point but maybe try catching it on DVD or something xD. Hehe isn’t skyrim just awesome? Talking of which I should go back to it soon…been playing a lot of borderlands recently! Take care…enjoy yourself as well 😀

  3. Congrats on placing 3rd and for beating your goal! That’s awesome 😀 I have a hard time training for speed too. Once I got into the hang of running, it wasn’t hard to run longer distances, but I’m not very fast. I’m jealous of that 15 year old too. I wish I could finish a mile that fast!

  4. YAY for you 🙂 Congratulations, that is so awesome 🙂 🙂
    I did the 8 mile run in Connecticut when I was there … Had an absolute ball. I do a lot of walks and runs around my area. I love it.

  5. Congrats on finishing third! That is a great achievement – you definitely kept up a good pace for quite a while to do that!

    The 15-year old who won is probably on a track team or a cross country team in a high school. They all finish a mile under 7 minutes pretty regularly. I’m not sure exactly how they train for speed, but my first guess would be to do the same distance, and not increase the distance while you’re training.

    1. Yeah, my brother is a sprinter on the track team at his high school, and he says to get faster, intervals or just plain running faster are the best/only methods. He also suggested I focus more of my strength training on my legs. Also, he and I went running on a local high school’s track over the weekend, and he told me his coach sets a time limit for their miles. It was something like 7:00 or 7:30.

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