My New Blue Skirt and Bag Plans

Last night, I finished a longer, bluer, but equally flowery version of the very first skirt I sewed.  It sat for a week needing a waistband and hem.  I finally decided I would just do the waistband that night, then I got inspired and finished the whole thing just in time for bed. 🙂

close up of wearing the skirt
It’s a skirt!

I went over to Matt’s place after work today and he helped me out with a phone camera photo shoot.  I need to make some photographer friends and also learn to pose.  I could take some lessons from Georgie’s Fashion Friday posts.

smiling at the camera with hands on hips
Straight cheesin’

I love the way the skirt turned out.  It is a great length and comfortable to wear.  This fabric drapes a lot better than the pink cotton I used for the first skirt.  If only I remembered what it was made from.  Probably cotton, but it’s a different construction.

Holding my skirt to the side jokingly
I don’t know what to do in these types of situations.

I think I am done making versions of this skirt, though.  I’m ready to move on to other garments.  I have a few dress patterns, including the faux wrap dress I have in mind as my next clothing sewing project.

lifting my skirt to show a knee
Knees, scandalous.
Blurry, candid photo of me laughing
I like this one, even though it’s blurry and things.

The next thing I want to sew, besides wanting to sew all the project bags all the time, is a utilitarian tote with lots of pockets and a high daily use value.  I’ve had my eye on the 241 Tote ever since I read about it in this post by someone who made it recently.  I also like the Super Tote by the same designer, Anna of Noodlehead.  I may make both at some point, but I expect I’ll choose just one to start and go shopping for the materials over the weekend.

I have still been knitting a lot!  I’m within 25 rows of finishing the second sleeve of the Portage I am knitting for the Summer Sweater KAL.  After that, I have the collar and pockets left to do.  I hope to finish it by the September 9th end date of the KAL.  I also started a new pair of plain socks, big surprise there.  My White Walkers socks are on hold until I finish Portage.  I am already planning my next sweater project.  All this and more in a knitting post to come this weekend.

Happy hobbying!


4 thoughts on “My New Blue Skirt and Bag Plans

  1. As I said, I love the colour of the skirt! I was tempted to buy a similar styled skirt in a similar colour from Tobi but decided not to. Maybe I should get you to make one for me! I like the way it flares out a little bit, very nice.

    When we meet I should help you out with some shots if you want! 😀 Also, if you go back and look and my old Fashion Fridays, some were taken with my pretty crummy camera and may have been a bit blurry too. xD We all start somewhere! And I didn’t know how to pose then, either. :-3

  2. Cute skirt! I like the color and pattern you chose on your fabric 🙂 I have a few dress patterns I’ve been meaning to get to too. I need to stop procrastinating so much.

    I also like the look of the two totes you’re thinking of making! They look very useful too. If you end up making them, I’d be interested in seeing how they turn out!

  3. Beautiful skirt. <3 I love the vibrant blue color and just how it pops. Just how it pops is delightful. I'm getting a particular colored sash made for me and I can't wait to have it, honestly. I'll probably share it with everyone later.

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