My Healthy (I Swear!) Internet Addiction

I have gotten addicted to this site called Fitocracy. Basically it’s a fitness social network. Calls itself THE fitness social network, I believe. Anyway, it’s pretty sweet.

I mean, you probably know by now based on how I won’t freaking shut up about running that I’m really into, well, running, plus working out and just overall being active. Also, I like the Internet. A lot. So I freaking love this website. I get points for tracking workouts and level up at certain point thresholds. I get achievements and can complete quests. In the middle of typing this, I literally lay down and did 100 crunches because I was SO CLOSE to leveling earlier today and doing 100 crunches was the last element of a quest that, if I finished it, would get me to the next level.

Level 14, score!!

I promise I’m not trying to like, sell you the website or whatever, but seriously it rocks.

My profile is rleg if you want to geek out over my workouts or whatever it is that you wanna do with that.

I’ve seriously never been so motivated to work out and get stronger. It’s also helping me find new exercises that I want to try and to get back into things I haven’t done in years. And the community is kickass and okay I’ve said enough.

I love fitness. Don’t hate me.

9 thoughts on “My Healthy (I Swear!) Internet Addiction

  1. I love when things I like get associated with the Internet. The Internet is readily accessible, and on your mobile devices too, and there’s also a social aspect. So it’s great when you can feel rewarded in many ways. 8D

    I do like your username rleg. gluh really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  2. I’m on Fitocracy too! I’ve been really bad and haven’t logged in months though. I was really addicted to it at first too. I loved finding quests to complete and getting to the next level. I’ll add you! Mine is puyoda.

  3. Loving fitness is awesome. And as Georgie mentioned in her year review, your behavior this past year was awesome!

    Also, does Fitocracy have any counters that I could use for martial arts? I’d love the idea of having a badget that makes me look like a warrior. 😛

    1. Yes, you can log martial arts! I just checked, under cardio they have a “martial arts” tag and many different forms are listed. You mentioned that one of your goals for this year is to practice karate more often, right? Maybe Fito could be a good motivator!

  4. That is too cool. I saw you did some postings about it on Twitter and was wondering what you were up to. That is really cool you found it. I might try it out — I am not for sure yet. I will consider it. It looks like a lot of fun.

    I have a friend who is really big into stuff like this. I will have to tell her about it. c:

  5. Ooh, this seems like an awesome site! It seems like it works like #tweeria does, which tracks your progress in the game as you tweet, and you level up by tweeting.

    Good luck on leveling up to level fifteen! It looks and sounds like it makes fitness into a game and motivates people to get fit! 🙂

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