My Favorite Perfume: YSL Parisienne

Before I begin, I should clarify this is NOT a sponsored post. I mean, if YSL wanted me to blog for them, I’d be down, but I’m not that cool or nearly girly enough.

This summer, I’m trying my very best to spend as little money as possible. I pay rent, some utilities, food and other bills, but I’m saving the rest to use when I move far away after I finish university. There are many things I want to buy: clothes, video games, a new purse and wallet, and I’ll be honest here, I’ll probably buy some of those games. Luckily, most of what I want games-wise is coming out after the summer. I think one comes out in August. I digress.

There’s this perfume that I’ve been eyeing for ages now. Like, two years. Over two years. Am I so cheap that I can’t buy a bottle of perfume when I’ve bought so many other things–important things like $25 lipsticks? I guess so. I always seem to have perfume samples lying around, so it’s never been a priority.

When I picked up my dress for prom back in April 2010, the lovely people there gave me a sample of perfume. It was one of those nice little spray tubes, not a lame paper rub-on thing. It was Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent, and I think I fell in love.

I don’t have any on hand to smell right now because I used up the tube a few months ago (I don’t wear perfume every day), but as I recall, the scent was one of flowers and berries. I’m really partial to the berry smells. Its scent according to YSL’s website:

A voluptuous floral accord of violet, damask rose and tart blackberry seems to tell the whole story. But then comes the fullness of sandalwood, deepened by musk and brightened by peonies, tying the endnotes to the ones beginning.

Flowers and berries, yes! :love:

I remember I wore it the night of prom and my date commented that I smelled good as soon as I got in his car. Not that I’m really in the business of male seduction right now, but I’d say that’s a good thing.

The one thing I don’t like about this perfume is the bottle design. It’s disappointingly un-pretty for such a pricey perfume, although it is designer and the scent definitely makes up for it.

And yes, I definitely feel like the girl in that promotional shot when I wear it. 😉 We’ll call it Badass Chic.

I have never bought a bottle of perfume, but one of these days I will get my hands on my very own Parisienne. It goes without saying that I totally recommend it.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Perfume: YSL Parisienne

  1. LOL Badass Chic. I love how it’s such a girly scent and yet it’s promoted in a very “cool” way. I really like the bottle for Elle, I don’t know why this couldn’t have been more like that. Even the new Saharienne looks better. Anyway, I think this could have at least done with a more stylish lid.

    I wish I could send you some samples or something, gah! Anyway, you know when you come here my mum will give you loads of samples. :love: :love:

    Oh, while I’m speaking of bottles, I hate the bottle of Marc Jacobs’ Lola, but apparently it’s such a great perfume.

    I remember I was lusting over Beyond Paradise since I was 13, didn’t get a bottle until 2009 or so, ahhh. You’ll get yours one day. 😀

  2. Ooh! 😀 I’m going to sample this and give it a whiff next time I’m in a cosmetic store. XD If it’s good enough for Kate Moss.. 😉 (The girl in the picture, famous British model ^^)

    My current favourites are Diesel’s “Fuel For Life” and “The Female Boss” by Tulisa. 🙂 I love perfume samples, I’m so cheap, I can make them last for ages! XD

  3. I don’t have a favorite perfume that I’ve tried. I really like the scent of Calvin Klein Euphoria – and the model they use in the advertisements is absolutely beautiful. I guess that I need to go shopping for perfume. 🙂

  4. Haha, badass chic is a great description of Kate Moss (the girl in the ad). I LOVE perfumes not only because they make me smell good, but the bottles are perfect decor items for my room! For the summer I’m loving my DKNY Be Delicious (Fresh Blossoms), Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, and Forever 21 Love & Beauty. I’ve been eyeing the D&G Light Blue for years now…but since I have so many perfumes, I’m going to wait until I finish a bottle first.
    I’ve never smelled the YSL Parisienne before, but it sounds very femme fatale, haha. I actually like the bottle design, it looks very classy. I’ll have to get a whiff of this the next time I’m in the department store!

  5. I’ve never bought myself perfume, but my Mum likes to buy me lots of bottles for my birthday(since my birthday’s in February she buys them in the sales right after Christmas), so I always have absolutely tons of it. My favourite just now is CKIN2U Her; I’ve been using it just about every day since my birthday and my supply’s running a bit low, but I can’t bring myself to buy more when I must have at least 6 bottles of other perfumes(plus a few body sprays and things) just sitting there. Oh well, maybe some day xD

  6. My nose can’t handle perfume, so I never will understand its relations to seduction. Whenever I smell one of those perfume samples in magazine I just gag. But maybe perfume that are not FREE might be different?

    I agree with you that the bottle design looks kind of cheap especially if you say it’s expensive. Is it just me or does YSL have a similar logo to Louis Vuitton?

  7. The bottle wins for me. I want the bottle. I will buy perfumes sometimes if the bottle looks nice. I am a Gucci girl with perfumes or a Jean Paul Gautier … I am going to go and see if I can find this perfume and smell it and tell you what I think 😀

    As for my date, let’s just say it never happened. I’ll be blogging about it …

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