Let’s do that Single thing, babe

So I broke up with my boyfriend… twice. He’ll probably get mad at me for posting this (if he still reads my blog), but it’s my blog and it’s my life and besides, it’s the truth. The first time was over the phone, but then we had dinner together in the cafeteria a couple days later and he was all sad and convincing and kind of begging… I caved. Hah, bad decision. Tonight he came by to grab something he left at my dorm because he’s moving back to his parents’ house for the summer, and after he left I chased him down the hall, led him back to my room, and broke up with him again. Good riddance, my gosh.

Important disclaimer for those of you named Jan who are reading this: it’s not because of you, for the last time.

Okay, moving on.

Not that I need to move on in the relationship sense. That ship has sailed, baby.

I guess I just kind of wanted to get that out there. I don’t have much more to say and I need to get to sleep if I want to go running before work tomorrow, which I do. I do I do I do. I’m going to have to keep telling myself that come 6am.

See you on the flip side, yo. And tell me about your boys, eh?

7 thoughts on “Let’s do that Single thing, babe

  1. *hug hug* I’m sorry that it didn’t work out well. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost three years, and we’re still together and love each other very much.

    And because I’m an engineer, I am surrounded by boys most of the time. I think that even with no romantic involvement with most of them, I like it better that way.

  2. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. 🙁 But I’m really proud of your attitude. 🙂 Lots of love and respect!

    I broke up with my long-term boyfriend about 5 months ago, and even though I’ve had pursuers of guys wanting to get my number or meet for a date, I’ve politely declined all of them and just kept it friendly. Honestly, I’m just not interested at the moment and am not looking for anything or anyone. I’ve got too much stuff going on with my family and myself, and it’s been nice to focus on myself alone! I feel like I’ve grown taller in more ways. ^^

  3. Sorry to read about your relationship coming to a halt… twice, for that matter, even though it is a good riddance type of thing, that still sucks! :\ I wish you the best of luck with the next one someday though, you sound like you deserve so much better than silly kid stuff, you know? 🙂 But like Kate says, you do have a good adittude about it! So keep your head up and stay up, girl! ^_^

    Much love!

  4. I’m glad that you did what you felt like you had to do, and was done with it!

    There isn’t much i can say about my boy without going into a full-fledged novel about it. But all i can say is, i’m not (and never was) the relationship type, but I’m with him because it’s him and i can’t not be with him! Ahh. Very contrasting stories we have, huh :p

  5. You go girl! I can’t really tell you about my boys 😀 Not dating anyone at the moment. Although yeah “dating” and “in a relationship” are two completely different things. But, yeah. Nothing to go public with. I could write a good poem, song or a book about the current situation though.. 😛

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