Israel: Shabbat!

In Judaism, Saturday is Shabbat, or the day of rest, so Saturday July 19th was our day off from most scheduled activities.  If you’re following along with my Israel posts, you’ll know I had a migraine that Friday night and had to turn in early, missing a gift exchange.  On Saturday morning, I woke up after about ten hours of sleep with a lingering headache.  However, I went down to breakfast and a cup of coffee plus some food cleared it right up.

You may also know that I love to run.  For what I assume were liability reasons, Taglit couldn’t allow us to go running outside during the trip.  I hadn’t run in a week and was really itching for it.  Luckily, our hotel in Jerusalem had a gym.  We were told it cost $10 to use, but I went down there right when they opened at 10am anyway because I decided a run was worth $10 to me that day.  However, they didn’t ask me for any money and I was able to hop on a treadmill and knock out five invigorating miles.  I hate running on the treadmill, as a rule.  If the options are run in the rain/snow/cold or run on a treadmill, I will run in the rain/snow/cold.  But, I guess if the options are run on a treadmill or don’t run at all, I will choose the treadmill!  I learn something new every day.

At 11, we had a mandatory group activity, which I of course forgot about, so I joined the group in my sweaty running clothes and revealing split shorts.  Oh well.  The activity was supposed to be a light-hearted Q&A about Judaism and turned into a pretty draining debate.  At least there were snacks!  That afternoon, there was an optional walking tour and museum visit, but I stayed at the hotel to relax by the pool and FaceTime with my mom. 🙂

We closed out Shabbat with a Havdallah ceremony and a group activity led by our Israeli peers.  We played a Jeopardy-style trivia game and I impressed with my knack for remembering dates. 😛  Most of us then hung out at the hotel bar the rest of the night.  I went in on some pizza that arrived at something like 2am.  It was a long, fun day and worth the four hours of sleep I got that night, which of course would not be the shortest night of sleep I would get during the trip.  Preview: Masada. 😉

I didn’t take any pictures that day; not much to see when you don’t leave the hotel!

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