Israel: Days One and Two

I am on a bus riding back to the hotel at the end of our third day at 1am. We don’t get a lot of free time because our days here in Israel are packed full of as much as possible. I’ll just do a quick overview of the first two days of the trip.

We spent a very long time traveling to our destination from NYC to a kibbutz hotel in the north of Israel. When we finally arrived, we went to Caesarea before going to our hotel. We did an opening ceremony there.

Caesarea Aqueduct
selfie at the Mediterranean
Look mom, I made it!

That’s about it for day one. Day two was much more packed after we all finally got some sleep. The theme of day two was “borders”.

We started with a technical but short hike in the Golan Heights:

We visited a lookout to the old Syrian border and went inside an old Syrian base.

After lunch, we visited a lookout to the current Syrian border.  We went inside an Israeli bunker, which is open to tourists in times of peace.  There were also some pretty crazy sculptures.

After, we went rafting in the Jordan River, then had dinner and had a very strange “laughing yoga” session. All in all, it was a very fun, educational day. We learned a lot about the history of the northern borders of Israel.

I also finished a pair of socks on the bus. 🙂

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