Israel: Arbel, Tiberias, New Friends, Jerusalem

Maybe I think if I take forever to write my posts about Israel, that the trip won’t feel like it’s over.  That, or I’m lazy.  I’m feeling uninspired to write Israel posts, but I think I will appreciate having them in the future, so here I go with July 17th, which our guide titled “The Gift.”  I’ll just give a quick rundown of our itinerary and then post the photos from the day.

We started the morning on Mount Arbel, looking out over the Golan Heights.  We did a hike that went down a cliff at Arbel and then visited the site of an old Jewish settlement.  There was evidence of an ancient mikvah there.  Our guide said the settlement was most likely destroyed by an earthquake.

We then rode our bus to Tiberias, where we had gone out the night before.  We had a bit of free time in Tiberias for lunch and to go shopping for “secret Maccabee” gifts.  Evie and I had both drawn the names of Israelis whom we hadn’t met yet (they were to join us just a bit later), so we didn’t know anything about them to get relevant gifts.  We ended up finding a party favor store and we bought fake bugs and flower pens for them. 😛  The idea was we would throw the bugs on them and then give them the “flowers” as a peace offering.

After our free time, we headed back to the bus and waited while our guide met our Israeli peers at a nearby bus station.  He introduced them all to us and we started the longish drive to our next hotel in Jerusalem while bonding with our new Israeli friends who would be with us for four days.

At the hotel, we did a basic Shabbat ceremony (just lighting the candles) and headed to the hotel dining area for dinner.  We were supposed to do the gift exchange after dinner as the oneg Shabbat, but I had to go up to my room because I got a migraine during dinner. 🙁  My best guess is that it was due to the beef kabobs I had in my pita at lunch.

Despite the migraine, it was a good day.  Photo time!

golan heights lookout
Lookout onto the Golan Heights


ancient mikvah
Ancient mikvah
before descent
Just before our Arbel descent.
descending mount arbel
Climbing down Mount Arbel (I am not in this picture as I am the one taking it!)
beduin village
A Beduin village
beef kabobs
Beef kabobs! So good, so not worth the migraine.

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