If I Were a Rock Star

It turns out my brother was saying “last”, not “blast”, although he did say “bollocks” today before asking me what it meant, so all hope and amusement is not lost. “What a dumb pussy of bollocks,” he said. Then he found out what bollocks actually means (testicles, yo) and thought it was beyond hilarious. Oh, Josh. :’)

I’ve been reading Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica by Mick Wall, and last night I read the chapter called “Wild Chicks, Fast Cars and Lots of Drugs”. It talked a lot about the guys in Metallica starting to live “in excess”, like “true rock stars”. It discussed how they’d go off with groupies, catch taxis for miles-long drives… the works.

It’s no secret that I want to start a band. I just want to make a living at it, but what if I became rich from it, too? Last night’s chapter got me thinking about whether I would live in excess. I pretty quickly shrugged off the idea of drugs, alcohol, and groupies galore. It seems like those things are expected of every “rock star”, but there are plenty of clean (drug-free), successful artists out there.

No, I just wonder what I would do if I were RICH. So, if I were a rock star…

  1. I would buy a little house in the mountains. A few years in a row, my mom, brother, and I drove ten hours to Lake Placid, New York, a cute little touristy town in the Adirondack Mountains where the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics were held (“Miracle on Ice”, anyone?) and where they hold a prestigious ice dance competition in which my brother used to compete. Driving there, we always passed all these adorable houses tucked away into the mountainsides. They were literally built into the mountains (or at least that’s what my mom told me). I want one of those. In the Adirondacks if I can, please.

You know, actually, that’s all really. I would visit foreign countries quite often, of course, for as long as possible when not on tour. I might buy a lot of clothes and I would probably set up a home studio, but generally I don’t think I would spend too much. I spend a lot of what I make now, but nothing I want is extravagant, and if I suddenly came into a million dollars tomorrow, I would not know what to do with it save keep it for forthcoming everyday expenses.

I suck, really. Let’s hope I never get rich–it would be such a waste on me. Or maybe that makes me all the more deserving. 😉

7 thoughts on “If I Were a Rock Star

  1. Your fortune for today is that you will suddenly inherit a million dollars tomorrow. I’d like to see you suffer after buying that little house. 😛

    Not all rockstars are rich, and not all of them engage in those activities that people usually expect of rock stars. Some rock stars are so well-behaved. 😛 I get the feeling I’d be one of those well-behaved ones if I were ever a rock star. If I had a lot of money though, I’d try to be wise about it. But since neither of us have owned so much money before, I think we’ll be inclined to splurge at least some of that money at some point.

    Of course after pondering the fact that there’s so much money and wondering endlessly what to do with it, that blasting a bit of it couldn’t possibly be harmful. That said, though, I’m glad I’m not rich, because I appreciate what I have a lot right now and I think that life just doesn’t have value if you have so much money you can afford anything and everything. You’d be pretty damn miserable.

  2. Firstly, love the new look. The design is lovely in its simplicity and elegance. I would love to buy a house in the mountainssssss…actually was thinking about it two years back…and then the thought just vanished. =/ I think if i was a rockstar I would be all out crazy lol like I am now. 😉 Wanna wish a Happy New Year also!

  3. If you ever read the LA Express, you will find that it is full of raunchy stuff. During my one accidental encounter with it, I actually read about a pussy full of bollocks… anyways…

    After hearing about Tiger Woods’s comments about his many scandals a few years ago, he started his high life when he began to think that he was a “god” and that he was unstoppable. Perhaps the members of Metallica felt the same. I think that many of us never would imagine that we’d ever think of ourselves as gods, but we aren’t in a position in which people worship us – and I wouldn’t have been surprised if there were a lot of people worshiping Metallica and Tiger Woods.

    If you ever get rich, though, I hope that you will be kind enough to tell us all about your wonderful house in the mountains!

  4. Oh wow that phrase is shockingly hilarious! This is why I don’t try slang that I don’t know! Though I looked back on your linked post, and I think I’ve said piss off before. I didn’t even know it was British.

    I think stars in the American entertainment industry are automatically assumed to do drugs. I don’t know if it’s a stereotype or not anymore because there are so many that do! I don’t follow American music anymore but I do hope that there are drug-free artists who can set an example that people don’t have to do drugs if they were rich.

    If I were to get rich I’d move to Korea and donate everything else to charity. I used to really want a little house in the middle of nowhere until I realized I live in one right now. XD

    5 weeks is nothing, haha. I didn’t see Mingyun from June – September because he went home.

  5. Metallica. I LOVE Metallica. If I got rich, I’d move to America. Outer Chicago. I have already planned this if I were to get rich 😉 Fat chance though. Your brother is too funny … In Australia or in my family as dad is Scottish he just says, ‘bollocks ..’ and no other word is said … I find it amusing.

  6. Even if you become rich from the rockstar life and be able to buy a home in the mountains, you’d still be spending half your year or maybe most of it traveling around the world for tours since you’re now famous! 😀

  7. I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like as a rock star. xD If I were into playing music, I’d probably start a rad all-girl band and play in little places or something. Haha. I have no clue.

    But I do have a clue on what I’d do if I were rich! I’d probably give my siblings and parents a fair share of my money and take everyone on vacations and cruises (because we all need one, seriously). I’d also by a tiny house (yay for tiny/little homes!) on wheels and take it with me on a road trip across America. I’d also purchase land in Cambodia and build an awesome house there so that when my family visits time and time again, they’ll have a place to stay instead of sleeping in a hotel or in the village. Well – the list goes on, but these are the main points. Clothes and all that can come later. 😛

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