I Love/Hate Public Transit

It’s two weeks since I’ve felt like blogging, so I haven’t, but hey, I’m here now!

I’m currently enjoying a slice of bread with apple butter. I hate waking up late because breakfast ends up at lunchtime (it’s nearing 11am) and then things get all messed up. :/

There are two bus systems in my town: the city buses and the university buses. Being a student, I get to ride both for free. I ride a university bus to and from work each day, but I hate the city buses. Riding them really stresses me out.

It has nothing to do with the people on the bus and everything to do with how unreliable their timing is. Oh and how they take forever to get anywhere. Yesterday I rode the bus to go shopping five miles away and the ride was 30 minutes long.

However, yesterday I found the bus rides to the store and back quite relaxing. I guess sometimes it’s nice just to sit around and enjoy some music while riding in a vehicle. It’s no secret that riding in cars often makes me sleepy. I guess this is no different.

When I visited Los Angeles last summer, I took the bus to get everywhere. One day I spent the afternoon in Venice Beach and then decided to head over to Hollywood for an evening comedy show. The total commute time ended up being over two hours, but somehow I didn’t even mind the time. There were some shady characters on one of the buses and I felt extremely out of place waiting to change buses at one particular stop, but the time itself didn’t really matter to me at all.

Maybe I’m used to it because I lived 30 minutes away from my high school. That’s nothing compared to Georgina’s commute, but it was one of the longest at my school. Most of the students lived much closer, although several of my favorite teachers lived near me. 🙂

I recently met some people who attend the university in the town adjacent to mine and I found out how friggin cheap their rent is. Let’s just say my college town is far more expensive. There is good bus service between the two cities, and I’m wondering if it would be practical to live out there my final year (I’ll be entering my third and second-to-last year in the fall and going back to the dorms). I could save so much money and it’s not like I’m not used to the commute. 😉

We’ll see. I’d probably be hard pressed to find someone willing to live out there with me.

21 thoughts on “I Love/Hate Public Transit

  1. I ****ing hate the buses in New York. They are always crowded, full of the poorest of the poor, and not even the bus driver respects you. The only empty bus I’ve taken is the one to the airport, as ironic as that sounds. Plus, university students here don’t count as students, so nothing is free.

    30 minutes is not bad. Right now I commute 30 minutes to work and it’s been really precious. From memory Georgina has an hour-long commute, which is also not bad compared to my 1.5 hours to school. Since I did hour-long in high school, I can handle it. However, I’ve always taken the train, or the subway (ew). If you ask me to spend 30 minutes on a bus I’d be complaining day and night, aha.

    If the rent is cheap in the other town and the commute is under an hour, you should definitely go for living out there. Saving money is amazing and not living so close to school makes people less lazy! The life cycle of a university student is really messed up in my opinion. I just wish I saved more money for not dorming, but the train ticket is mad expensive.

  2. The buses in LA are in a word, terrible. Around LA, the only people who really make good use of public transportation are those who cannot afford their own transportation and cannot afford to live near downtown – which is very much unlike New York City. I can definitely name several wealthy people who live in New York and still take the subways. The two hours you rode on the buses there is quite typical.

    I find that unlike Liv, living far away from classes makes me lazier because it gives me an excuse not to go to class. But that’s something that depends on the individual. I personally prefer living close to campus. It all depends on what type of person you are and how much time you can spare for travel. It could be fun if you find someone else to live with you. Otherwise, I think that it’d just make your life quite a bit harder.

    1. Before my sister bought (or actually, parents bought her) a car I had to bus around LA when I visited her. And because her campus is in Malibu and there’s only basically one bus that goes up the PCH it took us FOREVER to get back and forth from everywhere. The worst was when I had ALL my luggage with me, commuting from like past Hollywood to Santa Monica. Had to change buses twice. And the whole time I was scared that I was going to get mugged or something whilst walking down streets with so much stuff :(.

      If i were to bus to university from my house it would take an hour in normal traffic, or up to like two hours in peak traffic! So I take the ferry instead… which is only 25-35 minutes, and except for when it’s foggy, it’s faaaar more on time than buses and never just “disappears” off the timetable board haha.

  3. Public transport does not bother me … At all.
    I haven’t blogged for a few weeks either. And now wordpress is playing about so I am over it even more.

  4. Haven’t looked at your layout in so long and I’m crying because it looks so pretty, the poo is practically the same colour as the orange flower navigation.

    Really late sort of response, but I am glad you found your commute relaxing! I find mine relaxing most of the time, but if I don’t get a seat, then I just get really pissed off. (Which is most of the time.) It’s nice when I feel relaxed because then I can read a book without anyone annoying me or just stand and stare outside and have nice thoughts (which in itself is relaxing).

    A two hour commute would really bother me. When I went volunteering it took me that long. I hate public transport in general but I like travelling, so moving about doesn’t bother me too much. Usually I get annoyed about “wasting time” or not getting a seat… but well, first world problems.

    I need to find this apple butter you speak of. B)

  5. Gosh, I can’t wait to transfer to a bigger college in a bigger city where taking buses to places is an option. Northeast Missouri is the most rural, barren, uneventful, culturally undeveloped area you will ever see. I’m transferring from community college in at the end of the next semester so hopefully I’ll get to experience city life!

    I sort of understand what you mean about city buses taking forever, my school bus way back when was like that. I lived 10 minutes from school but the bus ride took 45. It was horrendous. && I’m like you in the way that riding in a vehicle makes me sleepy. When I was a baby I guess that’s how my parents got me to sleep when I wouldn’t stop crying. So relaxing.

  6. Wow, you’re so lucky you get to ride buses for free! Here no one gets to ride buses for free at all; there is a student fare but it doesn’t differ much from regular fare, just cut a few cents to one peso.

    I really hate being on public transport as well — I used to enjoy those short bus trips from my city internship and headed back home to the suburb where I live but that was back when commuting on my own was a novelty to me. 😛 Right now I’m just plain sick of it and would take an hour of jogging over the stressful two-hour train ride to my university pressed up against other sweaty passengers. It’s a good thing I only have to do that once a week these days.

    I like moving. The idea of living in a new place just fascinates me. Maybe you should try living out there, too, the standard of living being easier on the pocket and all. 🙂

  7. Extremely jealous that you get to ride all the buses for free. Here, the public transport prices are ridiculously expensive. Even with a “student discount” you’re paying like 200 bucks for an annual bus pass. Pssshfttt.

    The time spent on public transit is definitely one of the biggest downfalls. Ever since I got my drivers license, I barely every use public transit anymore. Ofc, in high-school, I took the bus and it took me 30 mins as well. For my first year at uni, I stayed on res, so there was no commuting at all. But this upcoming year, I’ll be commuting 45 mins both ways. This is an appropriate time to insert crap. ^D^

    I suppose it can be relaxing. I personally would get super antsy sitting on a bus for 2 hours, but with the right music, it could be quite enjoyable.

    Living out of town definitely seems practical cause of the financial benefit. The whole reason I’m not staying on res again is because of the cockamamie price. Also, the area outside my uni doesn’t have the best reputation, so my parents aren’t comfortable with me staying there either. D:

  8. I often skip breakfast even when I wake up early enough, which according to magazines and doctors and such is a bad thing to do. Ah well. At least if you’re eating breakfast late you won’t have to wait around feeling hungry for your lunch haha.

    Your bus journeys don’t sound too bad. I’m usually more bothered about the people than the waiting; though services can be really unreliable… You’d think they’d get into trouble for being late like you would in any job, but I guess they can always blame it on the traffic. Which is annoying.

  9. Sorry accidentally clicked submit. The cheaper housing sounds like a good idea. If the journey doesn’ t bother you then it should be good. I’m at uni but I still live at home for moneys’ sake, it does take me almost two hours to get to uni though.

  10. I don’t like the public buses in New York. They took nearly 2 hours to get from 80th street down to times square. -_- They literally stop every three meters! I much prefer taking trains – they’re a lot more reliable with their times, and a lot faster since they don’t have to worry about traffic etc.

    Ahh, rent for Uni. I have to start figuring this out for myself. This is my second year, and I’ll be staying at Uni in the dorms again. I’m planning on trying to find a place close to campus, since it’s downtown.. The only problem is that places are either really small, or super expensive! I guess that’s the general problem with any apartment that you might look for! haha

    You could always try and find someone who lives in the next town and goes to the other university to move in with you if you decide to move – it’ll be a great way to meet a new set of people 🙂

    1. I lived in the dorms my first and second years of uni, too. I’m going into my third year and living in a dorm again (did I mention that already? haha idk) because I had that same problem you mentioned. I decided to look for a place walking distance from campus, but living in Ann Arbor is already pretty expensive, let alone living by yourself, and all my friends already had roommates for the next year. I found one place that was expensive but would have been covered by my financial aid, and I really liked the location, but it was TINY. As in there was only enough room for the furniture, no walking. And this place was $700 a month! Haha, no thanks.

      Madhuri (this year’s summer roommate) and I had virtually no problems living together this summer, so we might get a place together our fourth year. If we do that, though, it’ll have to be in Ann Arbor and not the next town over. There’s still time to figure it all out!

  11. Because I haven’t passed my driving test yet (and because I won’t have a car even when I pass) I rely on public transport. And I hate how it takes at least double the time to get from A to B than it would take in a car.

    I know what you mean about the cost of accommodation. I’m going to be living in a city when I start university so my accommodation is going to be like £98 a week. But if I went to the university 20 minutes away in a village, the accommodation is half the price.

  12. Wow, apple butter exists? >.w< They're pretty good about being on time, but it was so friggin crowded!! It was hard to breathe every time I got on, and it especially sucked in the summer since some of the buses don't have AC or even fans. 🙁
    30 minutes for just five miles though??? Wow… that really is a super long ride o_o

    1. Hey, sorry for double posting but some of my comment got cut off… this always happens to me for some reason :'( Anyway, I meant to say that I live in a really small town, so I don’t really have any public transportation at all, but I used to live in China for 7 years and the buses were always so crowded! I hated it! >w<

      1. It got cut off because WordPress thought your little brackety faces were HTML. D: The only safe way to use those symbols is to use their HTML codes, so for > you’d type &gt; and for < it’s &lt;. Does that make sense?

        1. Oh I see!!! I never knew it was because of that! Thanks sooo much for the info! I will no longer be frustrated with WP trying to delete my comments anymore haha 😛

  13. Unfortunately, I live in the suburbs and for far too long, so commuting with buses is not something I really know about. :T

    But honestly, I’d rather commute with buses/BART (it’s the Bay Area’s version of the subway in NY) any day because I am not really fond of driving, especially to far destinations and areas with lack of parking. I hope to transfer to San Francisco State Uni. by 2013 and I know what it’s like having to drive there because two of my sisters went & graduated from there. One of my sisters told me she would have to park in a residential and power walk to class. She had taken the bus her freshmen year, but hated it because that bus was often filled with rowdy high school students.

    My only issue is having to learn which bus to get on/off on, but I think it’s a no brainer. Although, my family would probably have issues with me wanting to take the bus rather than using my own car. 😛 But hey, San Francisco is one of those eco-friendly cities than encourages people to take public transportation over driving anyway.

    Finding a place to live is tough, especially when you’re in college and still trying to work stuff out. :T Thankfully, my sister lives in San Francisco and she isn’t planning to move out any time soon. She plans to kick out one of my siblings who currently rents a room in her condo for me so I have a place to stay. xD I’ll just need to find a job so I can pay rent on time. Ah, the life of a college student!

  14. I always make lists of blogging ideas, which seem good, but always fail when I come to writing them up. And then other times I just can’t be bothered, which means I’m absent from my website for absolutely ages, which is why I’ve hardly blogged at all in the past couple of years. Ah well. Hopefully you find something to blog about soon!!


  15. I haven’t blogged in over year! But its def great to be back. Our buses at college work the same way. But I hate riding the bus. I have my bike, but I am gonna die when it gets cold outside and I have to take the bus.

  16. It’s so good for you that you get completely free transport services, since you are a student!
    It’s not so good for me… though we get student discounts, we get them either for bus services or for railway services… and since i live almost an hour away from my college I need to take the train. I’m learning to drive but i don’t think a car or a bike can solve this problem of travelling by train for me and I can understand why u hate your city buses. The population of Mumbai is so extensively large and the number of people commuting to work and college to Mumbai is so huge, that it is horribly stressful to travel by train, especially to get into and out of it!
    I have just blogged today after about 2 months…so your 2 weeks is completely ok!
    do check it out when you get time!

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