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My toe has been doing great from when its nail got ripped off, thank you. There’s finally a scab after five days, and it’s swollen but less painful now. I’m optimistic I will be able to put shoes on by Monday or Tuesday and have a nice walk home from work. 🙂 Maybe no running for a bit longer, but all in good time. I went back through some old-but-recent posts yesterday for maintenance reasons, and seeing the ones where I talked about running made me sad. I want to get back out there!

I visited my local library for the first time on Friday. Well, the first time since this being my local library, anyway. I used to go to the library quite often until I moved to uni, then my childhood library card expired and I was all stuck-up about not wanting to go to my current city’s library. Something about not liking this town.

Anyway, I got a library card at the downtown branch. They have five branches, can you believe it? I can’t speak for the others, but the downtown branch was surprisingly nice. Two stories plus a basement… Dewey Decimal System numbers labeled by topic (I couldn’t believe that)… the only thing I couldn’t seem to find was a “new books” section, which I do sorely miss. It’s cool, they have “staff picks”, which I’m sure will be just as lucrative a source of new and exciting reads.

All the non-fiction books, periodicals, encyclopedias, etc. hang out on the second floor. They had a nice little display of books about music and I picked up a memoir called Life on Planet Rock about the editor of a music magazine prominent in the ’80s and early ’90s. I’m a big fan of music memoirs, as you may know, so this should be an interesting read.

I also grabbed a book interpreting some Old Testament bible stories (The Woman Who Laughed at God) and another called Buddhism for Beginners. The religion section of good ol’ Dewey’s system called to me, shh. I’m still that same old nerdy girl who likes to read and learn, even if I don’t have much time for it anymore. At least this library lets me keep books for a whole month, unlike the three weeks I am used to. Just gotta finish Lolita, and then I can DELVE.

I guess this would be a good place to plug my Shelfari, eh? It’s not like I use it much, but it’s a cool place to keep track of what I read, and if you used it too and wanted to follow me, I’d be totally cool with that. 😉

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  1. Oh my, last week I had my sewing table dropped on my bare foot – one side of it moves and the person helping me didn’t know it and I let go…which led to me not being able to walk for a day and my foot being black and blue – and wearing flip flops instead of shoes. So I know about foot pain right now. Hopefully you will be able to put a shoe on by Monday or Tuesday.

    I live close to our county library – which getting a card there will let you go to any of the libraries in the county. And if one of the others have a book you can request it be brought to whichever library you use the most! The county library is kind of small. The basement is where the children’s books are and the upstairs is where basically every other book is, computer lab for adults & DVDs. They don’t do a “staff picks” section but they have two areas where they put the “new” books.

    I can take you straight to the cookbook section & religion section in the library – ask me where anything else is…I’m not that sure. Ha ha.

  2. Lol!! at your “put some crap in your comment.”
    But anyways, good to hear that your toenail is getting better! I just read another post about toenails too, weird, haha. ^D^

    If I had a two story branch library nearby with a nice environment, I would spend my whole day there. But the nice library is in a university located 40+ minutes from my house. Not really worth it. D:
    But it sounds like your enjoying the library! This reminds me of Matilda. I love that movie. 🙂

    Are you into Buddhism? Or just curious about it?
    I like the practice of Buddhism as I am not into any religion that deals with praying and worshiping a God. I believe that living good and doing good will do you good in the end. ^_^

  3. Oh that sounds nice. I’m just sticking to torrenting books for my kindle which I need to do more of. I guess one day I will search for books on Amazon and torrent the ones that sound nice. 😛 Kelsey taught me how to do it and all it costs is the cost of the kindle itself. 😛

    Oh, I should get a shelfari or something that I can post on IBE. To show the current book(s) I’m reading. I currently have a GoodReads account (or something like that) which I guess I could put on IBE or something. IDK yet. XD
    I most definitely will. I need to start taking pictures of her before she gets too big. She is still small but I can tell she is getting bigger. (I’m not much of a picture taker…idky)

    1. Did you know you can actually borrow Kindle books? Kindle has a thing where other Kindle users can loan you books (and you them) for a week or two at a time. I don’t know if your library does it (I haven’t checked if mine does, either), but my mom borrows Kindle books from her library all the time. You should look into it!

  4. Good to hear about your toe…. toe problems are absolutely NO joke xP I’ve had my fair share in problems myself, surgeries, hangnails, etc. The slightest touch of a blanket on an infected or hurt toe can cause the most excruciating pain EVER 🙁

    I like your poo smilies, by the way, haha B) ;D

  5. Glad to hear that your toe is doing better! Hopefully, you’ll be able to start running again soon!

    Your library has five branches? I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised because cities are big, and the small town I grew up in sustained one library without any issues. But do all five branches carry the same books, or do they just carry different sections of the Dewey Decimal system? I used to work in the library as a high school student, and found that the Dewey Decimal system may or may not need a bit of updating. And personally, I think that my school doesn’t really follow the Dewey Decimal system at all…

    One thing that my old library did do though, was put a big yellow “NEW” sticker on all the new books for six months and put the new books in a special location. I didn’t know that there were people who appreciated the new stickers at all! ^.^

    1. My old town was probably about the same size as my current one and it only had two branches, but of course I’m only guessing on the size and perhaps my college town is a lot bigger or more spread out than I thought. I think the branches have different materials (other books, DVDs, etc.) because the librarian who set up my card told me I could request materials from any of the branches and pick them up at any of the branches.

      I love the “new” section because it’s smaller and gives me focus, haha. If I go to the library to browse, knowing I want to get a book but not knowing what I want, it’s easier to look through the twenty or so books on the new shelf than to look through rows upon rows of fiction. And then what if I want fiction but I overlook some spectacular new memoir because it’s on a whole other story, you know? In short, I definitely appreciate those yellow “new” tags. 😀

  6. As a child, I loved Dill Pickles. The full-sized ones. My great grandmother always had them in her refrigerator, and she always told me to “be careful” and that it was “too heavy”, so “don’t lift it”. Pft. I was way too stubborn, and I’d drop it on my toes every time. I’d always be barefoot, too, so she’d sigh and pick me up and take care of me (she had THE most patience) before going to clean it up. That’s all I remember, really. I was so stubborn back then. …And the favorite with those grandparents. Reading your toe story made me cringe and remember it, though. hjdkjgfkjfdl

    I don’t really understand the Dewey Decimal System. Never have, and I doubt I ever will. I changed schools so much that I ended up missing out on various lessons in the state required curriculum, since every district has their own curriculum stages. …If that makes sense. Personally, I believe everything in a library should be like in a bookstore: genres first, ABC order second.

    I use Goodreads. 😀

  7. Oh, you’re right, it is a bird feeder! 😛 thanks for correcting me. Yes, bird feeders are supposed to give of a quite vibrant vibe, which makes me even sadder to see that abandoned bird feeder all lonely and rusted 🙁
    Glad to hear that your toe is healing fast! 🙂

    Your library sounds so awesome! I recently moved to a new town and this library is so small and shabby. It hardly has ANYTHING books at all. -_- The DVD/CD stock at my new library is quite nice, though, but I don’t watch movies that often so it’s useless to me. Seeing how pathetic my new library is makes me really miss the one from where I used to live! 🙁 I really should’ve visited that amazing library more often while I had the chance…

    Ohh shelfari.. that’s so cool! It’s the first time I’ve heard about that site. 😛 Most people use goodreads… :O

  8. I don’t know the full story with your toenail accident but I think Georgina mentioned on her blog how your shower door fell on your foot? That’s pretty scary. Did you have to get like a mini surgery? Ok, I’m just getting all paranoid here. But. That’s a huge relief that your toe is slowly getting better.

    I never get the thing with dewey numbers. My librarian keeps insisting how they make our lives soooooooooo much better and easier to find books. I guess it’s true, if only I know which one represents which genre.
    I love finding new books on the non-fiction genre as well. Especially science stuff and autobiography. It just makes me feel extra… knowledgeable. Haha.

    And girrl why aren’t you on Goodreads yet??

    Yeah, I’m planning on going to uni, definitely. But there’s so much that’s expected of me. My mum sorta wants me to do something in a different direction (why did One Direction just popped in my head?) than what I’ve in mind. I dunno really. I guess we shall see. 🙂

    1. I blogged about it here if you want to see the full story, but yeah, that’s basically the gist. I guess you could call it mini-surgery since the doctor did have to use a blade to cut some skin that was holding on, but I don’t really consider it surgery.

      MAN IDK. I’m looking at Goodreads right now and it seems nice, but I don’t really want to bother transferring stuff from Shelfari (everyone used to use Shelfari, damn it), and I care more about keeping track of what I’ve read than about the community aspect, anyway. Shelfari doesn’t really do recommendations, though, and I see that Goodreads does. I might check it out, but I make no guarantees. xD

  9. Pissing myself at the comment above the smilies. ;D

    I remember being able to remember some parts of the Dewey Decimal system, but now I can’t remember them off the top of my head anymore. The sections that called to me were unfortunately not religion, but more on science and geology and music.

    I’ve been making an effort to run to the bus stop each day, even though it is only a ten minute walk… if I go to the other one, it’s a bit longer maybe, fifteen minutes, but jogging or running warms me up. I talked to James today about possibly going to work super early each day so I can walk around the harbour each morning. That would be pretty rad. I miss running as well. 🙁

    Our area that is governed by the local council consists of about ten towns, and the library has three branches. The cool thing is that you can return books at any of them and borrow from any of them with the same card, you don’t have to return books to the same one. It’s pretty neat. 🙂

  10. You like to read? Wow your local library has FIVE branches! In my city, it feels as if the people have eradicated the libraries or something!!! I just can’t find a decent library with readable books. I mean there is one good library but has mostly good Marathi (my mother tongue) books and I’m a slow marathi reader! You are so lucky! I did try to read my ebooks and all… but I prefer the good old paperbacks.
    Do you like Religious books? You read Lolita? how did you find it? Can you tell me about it?

    Btw, how did your toenail break?? while running?

    1. I blogged about what happened to my toenail here. 🙂

      Lolita was good! There’s nothing much I can think to tell you, but the prose style was very interesting and I thought it was difficult to get through due to vocabulary and pace, but a rewarding read.

  11. I’d actually stopped by your blog a few days ago, and read about your toe incident. EEP! Toe injuries are some of the worst – it’s such a small part of your body, and when you slam it into a wall or something, your entire world stops. I can only imagine how much pain you must have been when your nail ripped off! at least it’s almost healed 🙂

    Ahh. Books! I find that I haven’t really read anything in my last two years of high school, and most of my first year at uni. The summer before my first year at Uni, I managed to start reading again, and boy do I miss it! I’m currently working on the last book in the Millenium Trilogy – the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is the 1st book, and I’m on “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest”. They’re absolutely amazing, and the author knows exactly how to hook you into the book.

    I don’t have a shelf account, but may get one soon to try get me into reading 🙂 I’m usually more into the action/adventure type books, and am leaning towards thriller/drama/mystery.. basically Fiction. It’s not that I don’t like non-ficiton, more that I’ve never really read any and have the horrible image that I’d find them boring in my mind… I doubt they are, I just always imagined that an autobiography on someone would just be boring.. haha.

  12. When I read the first sentence, I pictured someone’s toe and seeing red flesh where the toe nail is s’posed to be… Bleh. I’m glad you’re doing better! I have not had something such as that happen to me before (although, I’ve come close to it several times), but it must have been super painful.

    The library where I live is all across the city. You’d have to take the freeway or back roads just to get there and the fact that it’s near a middle school AND high school just sucks because the parking lot is small and rowdy students are always in there. So a few years back, they built this express library closer to people who live on my side of the city. I used to use it a lot last year, but ever since I bought an e-reader, I stopped going.

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