I Let the Bed Bugs Bite

“Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” was the bedtime mantra in my family for many years. Of course, it wasn’t to be taken seriously. I mean, who has bed bugs in this day and age?

Guys, my apartment has bed bugs.

My apartment.

Has bed bugs.

It’s been at least a couple weeks. I should have known when I noticed weird dots on my arm, but my skin can be pretty sensitive and often acts up for seemingly no reason at all, so I didn’t think anything of it. When I saw a bug sitting on top of my quilt up near my arm in the middle of the day, I squashed it and thought nothing of it. The window was open after all and it is springtime. Besides, aren’t bed bugs nocturnal and don’t they like to hide? When I found a couple blood spots on my sheets that I didn’t remember, I thought nothing of it. Maybe I leaked a long time ago and it slipped my mind; maybe my toe bled through its bandages when my toenail got ripped off and I didn’t notice.

A few days ago I noticed what I thought was a rash on the tops of both my feet. It looked similar to the rash I often get from walking through grass in sandals, but I hadn’t done that recently enough–the rash shows up right away. Plus, that rash itches and this did not. I don’t know why that was the tipping point because I didn’t know anything about bed bugs so it really shouldn’t have been any indication to me, but I headed on over to trusty Google and did a search for the buggers.

Oh crap that looks like the bug I found on my bed. Oh crap I sleep on someone else’s mattress and didn’t check it when I moved in. Oh crap oh crap oh crap.

Of course, I was at my mom’s apartment so I couldn’t check my own. My mom looked at what I was reading and she convinced me that I was probably getting bitten up by a spider instead because my bites didn’t itch. I returned to my own apartment last night with a bad headache and went to sleep without checking the bed. I slept a nice long nine hours and woke up about a half hour before my alarm. I was laying in bed considering getting up, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a bug scurry under my quilt. I got up SO FAST. I knew I had to wash all my bedding, but I was scared to take off the quilt and sheets for fear of touching something, eugh. Nevertheless, I knew I had to remove them, check for the bugs, and get them in as hot a wash as possible.

I found one bug and a bunch of bed bug feces on my mattress pad. I killed it, flushed it, okay. Moved my bedding to a laundry basket to take downstairs and found another amongst the sheets. Squished it in a paper towel, had a look, and OH LOOK IT’S MY BLOOD THAT IT STOLE. Found another in my sheets when I was putting them in the wash.

Now I just don’t know what to do. I put in a work order for extermination and the guy at the desk told me to spray anywhere bed bugs could hide in the meantime (in seams and little crevices everywhere, not just in beds!). I haven’t had time to do that yet as I had to go to work. I’m so paranoid there will be bed bugs on everything now. I had left my dirty clothes sitting on my bed over the weekend. I’m going to wash them tonight, but I put them back in my hamper in the closet last night. What if there are bed bugs in my closet now? What if they’re on my clean clothes? In my shoes? In my bags? And of course using the backpack I stuck under the bed last night is out of the question. Where can I even sleep until they exterminate? Certainly no one expects me to put sheets on my bed and sleep in it again.

I keep thinking there are bugs crawling on me. I took so long getting dressed today because I insisted on checking every single seam and pocket in the clothes I was putting on. And God I hope I didn’t bring bed bugs back to my mom’s apartment with me.

Help help help help help. D:

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17 thoughts on “I Let the Bed Bugs Bite

  1. you have your own apartment… you live all alone?

    I remember this bed bugs thing had happened with me too, like 4-5 yrs back… I didn’t have a bed in my room… so I had to put a mattress on the floor and I used to keep that mattress rolled up in a cupboard… well one day I had this icthy feeling on my foresrms and I saw a big wound like bit and it was looking horrible…. that night I saw a bed bug crawling on my mattress… I couldn’t wash it as it was made of cotton and all… but a did put a lot of naphthalene balls and as there were very less bugs luckily I got rid of them pretty soon but not before I had two more wounds on my arms… even now I shudder when I think of them…. ew! xP

  2. I wish that I could offer you some advice but I have no idea what advice to give you since my family and I have never had to deal with this situation. I was going to recommend an exterminator but it looks like you already hired one. 😛 I do remember when there was a bed bug “epidemic” a few years ago, the number one advice was to put any clothing straight into the dryer if you see a bed bug on it – it kills them and their eggs.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. Bed bugs are often small here. Blood also attracts them. 🙁 So when I was having lung problems and coughing up blood, I had bed bugs. Ugh. -_-

    Do you know of anywhere that has huge plastic bags? SUFFOCATE THEM. That’s what we had to do. We put a plastic bag over my huge mattress, sealed it, and then we set off a bug bomb. Yep, yep. The plastic bag has to stay there for a while, though… To, like, suffocate them all, because they lay eggs like crazy.

  4. I’m not completely shocked that this could happen, but that’s so terrible!

    I thought there was an outbreak of some sorts, it has nothing to do with this day and age. I heard some clothing stores here have bed bugs, and last summer my mom slept in a hotel bed that had bed bugs and came home with a bunch of weird dots. So, I’ve always been careful to check, and an unknown mattress that I would sleep in is a prime inspection target.

    I’m sorry I can’t really offer good suggestions, but what my mom did when she came home is put all of her stuff outside in the sun. However if the bugs have taken over your entire apartment then you’d probably best go with what the extermination can do. But I think Liza’s plastic bag suggestion sounds reasonable. You can maybe put that over your bed so you can still sleep in it. Though if the root of the problem is from the bed, I would just get away from there as soon as possible. Could you stay at your mom’s apartment for a while?

  5. My school had a bed bug outbreak last year, because one person lived next to an outbreak in New York and brought them all to California. I believe that the housing department came in with a bed-bug sniffing dob and a giant vacuum cleaner (I’m not sure what it actually was, but it looked like a giant vacuum cleaner). What I do know is that the drier gets hot enough kill most, if not all bed bugs, so if you wash all your sheets, that should probably kill most of them. Just don’t be like the guy at my school who put dry sheets into the drier and started a fire.

    Hopefully, the bed bugs will die soon! They are annoying little buggers. Why can’t they just eat mosquitoes instead?

  6. I don’t really had experience with bed bugs–just rats and cockroaches. Eugh. Anyway, the exterminator will come over and spray them right? I mean, it looks like the severe case of bed bugs and they should come over and let them do their job.

    Bed bugs aren’t anything of my knowledge but to kill them, I think a hot wash of your clothes and all sheets is fine while the waiting for the exterminator.

    Just hope that the bugs will get away when time comes. In the meanwhile, just wash wash wash. Hope that helps. 🙂

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  7. Omg…poor you… I have nothing to offer except for my sympathy. 🙁
    I’m so sorry! 🙁
    I hope the exterminator comes quick to kill all those buggers. If I had bed bug problems I would personally do the following in this order after reading everyone’s advice: Exterminate, hot wash ALL items that are washable, place them in clean plastic bag, clean everything and place in plastic bag, wipe of everything with disinfectant, carpet clean, and vacuum place myself for good measure and all the corners. And then you can reopen plastic bag of stuff.

    Here is a funny story, you reminded me of it when you said you smashed and saw the blood it stole. In the Summer, before I go to sleep, I make sure to see if there are any mosquitos in the room. And I keep my door closed a few hours before sleep. One time, I remember seeing a mosquito in my room, and I told myself I’d kill it later. Will, later comes and I completely forgot about it. The mosquito hid somewhere and I woke up in the middle of the night with it buzzing in my ear and I had about 4-5 bites. I got so mad that I didn’t sleep until I killed it. To this day I still have what I call a victory blood smear on the corner of my wall. A ton of my blood squirted out! And I felt so flippin proud that I killed that @#$%#$!!! I’m allergic to mosquito bites and have horrible inflammation reaction from mosquito….one bite makes the whole area very big, angry red, and swollen to the point it is stiff and painful…And it leaves a big discolored scar and it lasts the whole summer! Last year, I discovered ibuprofen for other than headaches…it was a godsend! But yea, victory smear! And victory hot wash kill all those bed bugs! >3.<

  8. No no no no no no oh my god. I hear you’re staying with your dad. YOU ARE SAFE. I can’t believe you got bed bugs though. I hope they hurry up and get rid of those damn pests, and fast. Though if I were in your place I’d have nightmares even sleeping in the same OK apartment even after it was cleaned out.

    I would be absolutely mortified. 🙁 *HUUUUUUG* I hope your apartment is good as new when it’s done. It had better be. Or you come here and live with me where bed bugs don’t exist!

  9. That sucks! I would be very grossed out to find bugs anywhere in my house, let alone my bed. I’ve known people with bedbugs before. My best friend had to throw out her sons bed in order to get rid of them. My boyfriend’s friend decided to just live with them because they weren’t bothering him. I’m sure the exterminator should be able to get rid of them for you. Good luck!

  10. That’s horrible! D: And sounds super scary. Eeeek.

    I don’t think I ever had to deal with bed bugs, but I did have to deal with lice when I was younger. Ugh, it was horrible. I don’t even know how I got it, but my head itched nonstop and my parents had to do the long, tiring task of going through my hair and picking out all the lice, which ate into my scalp (which causes the itch)! It finally disappeared, but it was awful. I haven’t gotten in since, though.

    Just make sure to wash your sheets and pillowcases every few weeks. That’s how you keep your bed clean and yourself clean & safe. Hopefully you can get rid of those nasty bugs once and for all!

  11. My gosh, I wish I could help you – but I honestly think if I was going through the same thing I’d have the same thought process as you do right now. Dealing with ticks is the only thing I really have to deal with since we have pets in the house and they all spend a great deal of time outside. I’m always checking my sheets before I go to bed – especially if one of the cats or dogs was at on my bed at any point.

  12. OMFG. I always assumed bed bugs were miniscule and you couldn’t see them!! I had no idea they were that big, oh my god. 🙁 I’m so sorry, I’d honestly die. Again, YOU ARE BRAVER THAN ME! Be gone, bed suckers! >:(


    Hope you get rid of that soon.

    My friend had it happen to her once – (giving me chills as I type) – her body and face was all red and rashy. Hope it doesn’t happen to you that badly.

  14. Aah! I would be so paranoid if I found bed bugs in my bed! I’m sorry to hear that it happened to you D= I’ve never had to deal with bed bugs before, so I think I would have gone through the same thought process and not realized there were actually bed bugs. (I don’t think I even know what they look like.) I hope the exterminator gets rid of all of them!

  15. I really wish I had something helpful to say, but I don’t! I would have been a lot less calm than you are though and probably would have torched my apartment because I am that unstable! I do hope that you’re able to get the exterminator in there quickly and have this problem resolved. There’s nothing worse than having to be inconvenienced like this, but at least you are able to stay elsewhere when they work on it. Hope everything’s back to normal soon!

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