I don’t even…

I don’t really know what’s going on right now. It’s 7am, I’ve been up all night, and words are difficult. But NEW LAYOUT OMG YAY!!!1!11ONE! It’s only been six months, come on guys. Give me a break, cut me some slack. Did you know “slack” means “mean” in Australian slang? They still have the phrase “cut me some slack”, though.

But yes, layout. This one has been in the works for quite a while. I made the header image probably about a month ago, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how the rest of the thing should look. Today when I was coding another layout I was quite excited about, that one went down the drain and I ended up with inspiration to GET THIS ONE DONE. I wasted incredible amounts of time in the process (three hours on that other layout, about two hours trying to do something with the comments that I ended up trashing anyway…), BUT HELLO ORANGE LAYOUT OF LOVELINESS.

I kind of like it. :sus:

This layout features lyrics from a song I wrote over the summer. I’m just kind of a narcissist like that.

I’m totally crashing as soon as I get this post to a reasonable length, but I’m so so so excited to get to work on more things this holiday. I’m on holiday now! It’s wonderful because I CAN DO THINGS NOW. Big plans for like, website content and things. Shh, it’s a surprise.

Man, I barely even know what I’m saying right now. All-nighters and me do not get along well. Soon I can sleep for like five hours. SOON. The screen keeps going out of focus. Did I mention I forgot my glasses in my dorm room at school? That means I have to have my contacts in whenever I want to see anything. I have to put them in right when I wake up, which is kind of a pain. Only like ten more days of this. 😛

I think I’m delusional. I should sleep. I just had the thought, “What if I publish this post and forget to activate the new theme? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” I’m not even funny when I’m awake. This is just… I should sleep. Refresh the page if you’re seeing funky things with the layout, tell me what you think of it, and enjoy your lovely days of amazing and cool and awesome and I’M GOING OKAY BYE I LOVE YOU ALL.

Best blog post I’ve ever written, I swear. Hello. 😀

10 thoughts on “I don’t even…

  1. You “kind of” like it? FUFUFUFUFUUFUFU NO. NO. YOU LOVE IT TO BITS, you SLACK… slacks. You know slacks means those trousers yeah? You can be slack slacks. And you know slack rope means like tight right? So you can also be tight trousers as well as mean trousers. O yeah.

    I’m proud of you for finishing this though! At the time I was really going to be disappointed that you would have given up on this but you pushed on and did it. I think it looks great and just like with your other yellow-y layout, you really pulled it off. Yellow is really hard to work with, as you can see with my ugly Bumblebee premade.

    You do need sleep.

    Lovely days of cool and awesome? Only when I’m around… no, I’m not funny when I’m excited. Bolor it up, though.


  2. OMG that is so much yellow and happy! It looks like sunshine! OMG Sunshine in December! All right, I’ll stop that now. I like summer happiness. It is filled with tasty fruit and sunshine.

    You should sleep more! Can’t wait to see the stuff that you put on over break!

  3. HAPPINNESS HIT HER LIKE A BULLET IN THE HEAADDDD (sorry am in Florence + The Machine mode lOL!)

    It’s so yellow here and congratulations on the yellowy awesome outcome! And Happy Holidays to you!!! 🙂 Hope for many good things to come in your blog over the break!

  4. This layout looks awesome!! 😀 You’re probably the only person in the blogging world with a good-looking orange layout! I’m a really fast layout-coder. I always copy the folder with my old theme in it and then just make a bunch of edits to the old theme until it becomes a new theme. I can’t even remember the last time I coded a theme completely from scratch. 😛 Most of my themes use the same colors and fonts, too. I like plain, simple, gray/black/white themes.

    Ugh, I hate wearing contacts. Once I broke my glasses and had to wear my contacts for over a week until they were fixed. D: It’s not that I don’t like the feel of them, I just think they make me look weird.

    Anyways, the story about the psychiatric emergency unit– something I said at my psychiatrist appointment got misinterpreted as something really bad, so I got sent there in an ambulance on a stretcher. It was pretty scary. Once my evaluator came in the room at the hospital to determine whether I had to stay or not, I said I had no idea why I was there (lie) and that I’m sad because I’m shy (lie) and that my psychiatrist has no idea what’s going on (huge lie, she knows exactly what she’s talking about). I guess I was convincing enough because they said I was fine! My evaluator was so clueless though and she said I was fine because I want to take ballet lessons…… what. Makes no sense.

    Sorry for the long story! 😛

  5. Hahaha, wow, good for you for pulling an all nighter. I would have fallen asleep at the key board 😀 The layout is definitely orange, yellow and BRIGHT! Awesomely unique 😀

  6. This must be the first good looking orange layout I have EVER seen. It really looks so great! I love it 🙂
    I know how you feel…. I’m always doing all-nighters… like, now it is nearly 1am. I always catch up on blog comments at this time 🙂
    I wish i was able to sleep more 🙁

    Have a lovely week

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