Girly Gym Problems

Thursday is my long day; I have class from 11am to 4pm and then again from 7 to 10pm. I usually try to go to the gym Thursday mornings before class, but seeing as I would have had to wake up at 7:30 in order to do that and I stayed up until 3am finishing The Fault in Our Stars, I decided to go during my three-hour break before my evening class, instead. I usually try to avoid the gym around 5pm all the way until about 6:30, because that seems to be when EVERYONE goes. I don’t even understand. (I would say maybe people are coming after work, but these are students!) Thankfully, I got out of class at 3:30 today and was on a treadmill by 4:10.

I had a bit of an… issue when I was running today. Sometimes, when I go a while between runs, my bladder gets very… painful and unhappy and needs to be dealt with basically right away. It had only been a week since I last ran, and before last week it had been a month and a half, so I don’t really understand why THIS time it sucked but last week it was fine. Anyway, after what I don’t think was even a mile and a half, I had to try not to keel over from discomfort as I walked up the (way too many) stairs and collapsed onto a toilet in the girls locker room. After that I ran another mile and felt far better, if not a little (a lot!) out of shape from not having exercised regularly in about two months. I’m making an effort to get back into it, I swear. I start class at noon tomorrow and I will be at the gym before then. 🙂

Working out before class is great because I can just get up, eat breakfast, throw on some clothes, and head out. Then, when I come back all sweaty, I have to get in the shower anyway to get ready for class, so it’s not even a hassle. Working out after class or after work is cool because when I come home and want to wash the sweat off my face, it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing makeup and have to wash that off as well because chances are good that I won’t be going out again. Working out between classes, though…

Today was my first time working out between classes, and also my first time in a while working out in makeup. First of all, I need to get some waterproof concealer. The rest of my eye makeup stayed in place extremely well, but since the skin on my face got sweaty, my under-eye concealer did some kind of melty, streaky thing. I use mineral foundation, which is inherently waterproof, but in dabbing my face in an effort to remove some of the sweat and oil without actually washing my face (who wants to apply a whole face of makeup twice in one day??), some of that came off, as well.

I mean, not to bore you with the details of my makeup or anything, but it really sucks to work out between classes when I’m wearing makeup. Can’t wash my face, DEFINITELY can’t shower, and it’s really just very annoying. I think I’ll stick to my morning schedule, from now on. I’ll try not to let good books get in the way too much of waking up early.

At least I’m just going to a dimly-lit auditorium for class tonight where we will be hearing a guest speaker and watching a movie. Hopefully the movie will be interesting enough that I will forget all about how I want nothing more than to stay home and read.

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  1. Running is such an inconvenient time to need to use the bathroom. I always have to pee like three times before I go out on a run so that I don’t have to go during… especially if it’s a race! I’m not actually competitive or anything, so I shouldn’t be nervous about a recreational/charity race, but it’s always worse then. Refusing to use porta potties on race courses, I literally ran 13 miles before my body decided to toughen up and stop giving me that gotta-go feeling during my marathon a few months ago. Ah! Anyway… this was kind of a TMI blog post and now comment…

    Lucky that nobody stole your treadmill after your brief departure.

    I agree that morning workouts before class are best. It’s a great way to start your day, perk up, get in a better mood, and then you’d have to shower anyway! I have gone on runs between classes, and it’s such a hassle. You go to your next class all sweaty and gross, and if you planned badly like I did, you don’t have enough time to stretch afterward, so your muscles get all stiff when you sit down for your 80 minute lecture.

    I’ve actually already mapped out a running schedule for the semester, and I have planned to do some in between classes, but I have a large enough time gap that I’ll be able to shower at the gym.

    And, since you wondered about people going to the gym between 5 and 6:30, here’s a thought: perhaps it’s a pre-dinner workout? Working up an appetite for food, maybe. I don’t actually know. I’m not a gym person. I’m a run-outside-and-workout-at-home kind of person.

  2. Having problems like that sure are annoying D: But I agree with you that workout before class are the best xD but at the end of the day it can also be refreshing, it’s also a good way to end xD

  3. In Singapore we call it Physical Education (P.E.). And oh yes, I totally understand that feeling when your bladder needs to be emptied when you’re running. It has happened to me a LOT of times and it seriously sucks (alliteration of the sibilant sounds to emphasize on how annoying this is hahahah sorry too much literature for me). For students in the formal education system in my country, make up is NOT allowed so i guess that’s a good thing for us because we never have to worry about smearing our make up etc etc during P.E. class.

    1. Oh, sorry, I thought everyone knew I was in uni–I meant going to THE gym independently, not for class. That’s why I said things like “before class” and “between classes”, because it’s not a class.

          1. I can’t believe I misread. >< Really sorry!
            And this reminds me of the times i tried to exercise after doing a few hours of revision but i failed to do so because i'm just so lazy. For four mornings now I've tried to wake up at 630 to run but i just go back to sleep. i need more willpower.
            okay sorry for rambling bye take care!

  4. I haven’t even started reading The Fault in Our Stars yet. 😛 I bought it the day it came out, but I have library books I need to read first.

    You’re definitely in a lot better shape than I am; I don’t think I could run a mile and a half. I can just barely do a mile, and then I feel like fainting. I’m really, really not that athletic. At all. It’s great that you try to exercise regularly, though! I go to the gym and run on the treadmill or bike whenever my mom has time to bring me there…. which is pretty much never. Whenever I go to the gym with my mom, we usually go really early in the morning so we can shower after we get home. I can’t imagine going in the middle of the day or between classes. :/ I think exercising in the morning is the best because it helps you feel motivated and energized to start your day!

  5. Ooh, I just bought The Fault in Our Stars and I got it in the mail yesterday. Then to my own surprise, I had bought a signed copy! So a bit of an extra bonus there! 🙂 I haven’t started reading it yet because I plan on reading it for my Contemporary Fiction class. I’m growing a bit impatient to do so, though, since all of my friends have already read and finished it!

    I can’t imagine trying to run between classes. Whenever I run, I get really sweaty and really red and my hair goes absolutely crazy. I’m just trying to imagine not showering after exercising and I’m just shuddering, haha. I’m one of those people that just get so gross while exercising. xP

    For some reason, I always really like to run at night. Which of course is probably one of the most inconvenient (that’s not really the correct word, but I can’t think of the proper one at the moment) times to do it. My treadmill at our house is pretty loud, so if some of my family is in bed, I can’t do it. Then, after I’m done, I’m wide awake and I can’t sleep. The plus side though is that I’m not going anywhere afterwards. I’ve tried getting up in the morning to run, but I just don’t have the willpower to get up and do it. Soo lazy. 😛

  6. I find it annoying to have even moisturiser on my face when working out/exercising. I got really used to putting sunscreen on when I went for runs around the block and that was gross enough. I’d feel absolutely disgusting with makeup on my face. ;_; I’d be so tempted to just throw the contents of my water bottle all over myself.

    As for bladder problems, apparently running or exercising encourages your bowels and bladder to relax or something, so I’m not surprised you seem to need to visit the bathroom. I’m sure it’s nothing serious!

    BUT I am very proud of you for going to the gym so much lately. :3

  7. There is waterproof makeup? I’ll keep that in mind if I ever have to work out and wear makeup on the same day, then I’ll know what to do.

    I think that a lot of universities allow people who live nearby to work out there as well, plus gyms (at least my school’s gyms) are open to professors, staff, postdocs, and grad students, so lots of people right after 5pm still makes sense.

    I hope that the running and continued exercise goes well for you!

  8. I have to give you kudos on actually going to the gym to workout! That’s the first step.

    Maybe the students are there to kill time so they don’t have to drive through rush hour? I often did that. Rush hour traffic around my school is usually from 3-7 pm, so most students tend to hang about instead of sitting in traffic.

    I can’t imagine going to class in between classes either, though one semester I had a large 4-hour gap between classes. That would’ve been enough time for me to use the gym and shower afterwards. However, I usually spent it doing homework or napping. Hahaha.

    OT, but I read in your “about me” section that you really liked “The Book Thief.” I’ve been in the process of reading that book for more than a year now. I can’t seem to finish it, even though I want to! Was it a slow read for you as well? Or am I just a terrible reader? LOL.

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