Gamer Girls?

As I think anyone who plays video games knows, there is a stereotype out there that girls are not supposed to play video games. I’ve seen guys on the Internet try to bring girls down by telling them they’re not supposed to like gaming. There are also people who think it’s totally sexy for a girl to be into games.

This stereotype has led to the “gamer girl” label, and it’s a label that really bugs me. Girls are regular people, just like guys. Why then do we not call them “gamer guys”? Oh right, because chicks don’t play games. Because it’s weird for me to be a female dragon slayer.

I guess I can understand why someone might be endeared to a girl who plays video games, just as a girl might be attracted to a guy because of his love for games. So it’s not the apparent appeal that’s a problem for me, I guess. It’s the idea that things are somehow unequal. Guys can be attracted to girls who rock at no-scope head-shots and girls can be attracted to guys who jump on Goombas’ heads, but the girl is a gamer girl, while the guy is just a gamer.

I just wish we could lose the need to distinguish between someone who plays video games and someone who plays video games and is a girl. Why can’t we all just play games?

On a related note, I joined Raptr the other day, a site that tracks game-play time and achievements, with the username rachmira. You can go ahead and add/follow me if you so choose. 🙂

I had to restart Skyrim because I had put in like 16 hours on my brother’s Xbox, but it was on his profile and I couldn’t transfer the save to my own. 🙁

12 thoughts on “Gamer Girls?

  1. Haha I know the “gamer girl” label….actually I used to consider one of the guys until I grew older xD. I know I fall into more of a casual gamer category than some other people who play a lot. I tend to do that too but it has more to do with my recently acquired obsession with acheivements and stuff ^_^;

    Lol yeah…there is no “gamer boy/guy” label in existence. I think the need to distinguish arises from the fact that there are less number of girls who enjoy games than boys…people who are not used to knowing females who play games get all excited when they meet a female gamer XD.

    Yeah too bad you couldn’t move your save over 🙁 next time you have to play on your brother’s xbox you can try downloading your profile so the achievements at least go onto your profile and you could copy the save with a usb(mind you the xbox will reformat it completely so has to be dedicated to saves only x_x)

    Unfortunately I end up using the term gamer girl as well to distinguish between my fewer female gamer friends…because if I say gamer people will assume its a guy xD. Anywho happy gaming!

  2. Yeah that’s a pretty annoying stereotype. Girls can play video games if they want to… grrr… and a lot of times they kick my ass at it. Haha. There are such bigger issues in the world… why must people worry about such stupid things? I can relate to this post because I’m a “gamer gay.” Although I doubt anyone actually calls it that, I feel like society thinks its weird that I play video games (which is supposed to be a manly thing). Sigh. Anyway, nice post.

  3. I agree with you, I hate when girls who are gamers get labeled or when boys don’t take them seriously when they say they game. When I tell people I like to play different games they just look at me like -sure-you-do- (like by game I mean dress up the characters or something…) or they try to make a joke out of it. I find it kind of annoying to always be questioned. Even when I ask them about different games they start to explain it as simple as possible, as if I wouldn’t understand a word if they used words that are actually related to gaming.
    I am of course no hard core gamer (though growing up and hanging with boys kind of involves a lot of video games and gaming), but I still find all of this annoying. Anyone should be able to do what they want to, and in this case gender shouldn’t be able to prevent that.

  4. I have never met someone who thought girls aren’t supposed to play video games! You know, there area lot of cliques and labels etc that I’ve heard of but never seen in existence. But actually, I think this kind of thing is more targeted towards girls who enjoy and are good at sports.

    I have been video-gamed trained since before I was born. My mom is a bigger gamer than I am. She’ll take risks while I get nervous and mess up. Yesterday, I died four times in the first dungeon of Ocarina of Time. If you don’t know what that is, it’s okay, because it’s still obvious enough that I suck.

    I still love games. But I am not a gamer girl because that sounds stupid.

    1. I know what Ocarina of Time is! I don’t really like Zelda games, to be honest. I’m probably the only one, haha. Recently I started Twilight Princess and I got to the second dungeon, but then I had to go back to my dorm (I was playing it at my mom’s place on our Wii) and I haven’t felt like playing it since.

      The extent of my mom’s gaming is like, Wii Sports and Wii Fit. 😛

  5. I don’t really understand why girls who game can’t just be called gamers. Maybe the guys just get mad because things they do girls are starting to pretty much get to sort of “take over” as well and it’s ticking them off? 😛 Haha, I don’t know. I like to game, but my ex-boyfriends (currently single; don’t really mind it much) didn’t really like that. They thought it was “too weird” and that I needed to “be more of a girl”.

    I wouldn’t label myself as a ‘gamer girl’. That just sounds… Ew.

    1. They said you needed to be more of a girl?! Wow, I’m really glad they’re your exes and you’re not still dating any of them.

      One of my ex-boyfriends used to say, “I don’t know why you bought an Xbox. You like never play it.” Another variation was, “You only play one game.” It’s like ummm, I’m fuckin’ sorry school comes before playing video games, you ass. I really hate him, if you can’t tell.

  6. I think that our society is stuck in a funny place where rigid gender roles and stereotypes are dying down. I guess that at one point, it was actually socially unacceptable for girls to play video games, so a lot of girls just didn’t do it. Liz is from Texas, which comes off as a socially conservative place, and I’m sad to hear that one of her ex-es was so abhorred by the fact that she was willing to touch video games. Over at my school, nobody distinguishes between gamer girls and gamer guys (at least not openly), and I think that most people recognize that there is no need: gamers are gamers! So I think that someday, people will stop making the distinction. It might be a while, though.

  7. Fortunately, I haven’t had any bad experiences with guys when they find out I’m a gamer, but I agree that the stereotype is annoying, especially if they assume we aren’t good at games. I think part of it is that… there’s so few of us in comparison? I’m even surprised sometimes when I meet another female gamer, haha. The appeal of being a gamer doesn’t bother me either. It’s like any other hobby to me. It makes sense to date someone else who shares the same interests.

    What actually bothers me are the girls who totally want attention for being a “girl gamer”. When I played MMOs, people didn’t know my gender unless we went into a voice chat. Unless they asked, I didn’t see the need to tell anyone that I was female. But then, I see some girls announce it to the world, as if they should be treated special for it -_-

    1. That reminds me of this girl I used to follow on Tumblr. She would post pictures of herself playing CoD and tag it “girl gamer”. It was pretty irritating because she obviously wanted attention.

  8. It’s quite annoying that there’s this stereotype! However, I don’t see ‘Gamer Girls’ as girls who play video games, I see them as hardcore video gamers. I occasionally play Mario Kart on the Wii, Halo in the Xbox and MW3 on the PS3, but I wouldn’t call myself a gamer girl. I’m not skilled, I just enjoy the game play. But I also think there is a stereotype for guys, as they’re not called ‘gamers’ they’re call nerds most times. It’s not fair to anyone!

  9. I noticed your Raptr tweets. :3 I wish I played enough games (now) to feel like an account would be useful. T_T

    I don’t like the label “gamer girl”. It’s a bit condescending. Just because a girl plays games doesn’t mean she has to be referred to as a “gamer girl”. She is a gamer just like anyone else. :/ I have a friend online who is also really into games and has long hated the stereotype. I wonder when it was actually initiated though. When I was in primary school I always played games, and the term most definitely wasn’t used then.

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