Footwear for Kings

I need a new pair of slippers.

My fuzzy pair (my only pair) is dying. 🙁 Or rather, has died. The fuzzy lining has been rubbed completely off the heel and toes, and the sole has separated so much from the bottom of the right slipper that I actually trip over it quite often.

I know some people like to spend a hundred dollars on slippers and get a nice Ugg pair. I think they’re supposed to be really warm and comfortable, yes? But like, mine were too until they died, and I only paid $10 for mine. Also, mine lasted over a year. So unless a pair of Ugg slippers is going to last ten years without wearing down, I don’t see the point. It’s not like anyone is going to judge me on my fashion sense based on the slippers I only wear inside my own home. I guess those Ugg slippers are indoor-outdoor, but so are mine and I have worn them outside briefly on occasion. I might feel kind of undressed if I wore them OUT out, though.

Like, admittedly, these are pretty cute as far as slippers go. And they even come in purple–badass!

Ugg slippers

But what’s the difference, really, between those and these, on sale for $13.98 from Target?

Ugg slippers

My current slippers from Target, these in grey, match seemingly exactly these from Ugg. Someone said on that pair of Ugg slippers, “Since I wear these often, the fur lining is wearing down and I need to get a new pair soon.” So there’s no difference in that regard, which is the most important aspect to me in a pair of slippers because once the inside wears down, they’re not NEARLY as comfy. At $10 a pair, I could buy TEN pairs of my Target slippers for the price of one pair of the same Ugg slippers, alternate which pair I wear so no one pair gets worn down too quickly, and have happy feet for a really long time.

I get it, sometimes more expensive items are better-made. I definitely believe my MacBook Pro was worth the extra thousand dollars. But slippers? I don’t know, man. That purple color is really quite tempting, but there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS I could buy with that money. Like the ukulele I got it in my head to buy yesterday. (Which is stupid because I don’t even usually like how they sound.)

I used to have a pair of blue slippers. They weren’t fluffy on the inside, but they were really warm and comfortable. I wore them for quite a while, and my mom actually wore them for quite a while before that. Now THOSE are slippers built to last, and I’m sure they were cheap. Maybe I should get over the whole furry inside thing.

Yeah, right.

Secretly I want a pair of slip-on clog slippers like the ones I have now AND a pair of moccasin slippers that would look less conspicuous to wear down to the cafeteria. Both fuzzy, please.

I’ll have a look at Target next time I’m near one. They always come through for me. :love:

16 thoughts on “Footwear for Kings

  1. I have a pair of big, purple, fuzzy slippers from Wal-Mart which have lasted me about six years. They’re not as comfortable as they used to be, and the fuzz is incredibly worn down, but they haven’t fallen apart and they do their job well enough.
    I know Ugg makes their footwear products from real fur and sheepskin. The ones you linked from Target are faux-fur. That must be where the extra cost comes in, the fact that it’s made from animal by-products, which makes sense, I suppose.
    But I do agree with you. There are some things worth spending the extra money, and some which are not. I believe it’s totally okay to spend extra money (like 50$ or something) on an umbrella, but I won’t pay more than 12$ for a graphic t-shirt. I guess it depends where you put your priorities.

  2. I have a pair that look almost identical to the ones from Target, except they’re a light tan color and have a dark brown string (and I got them from Kohls). I wear them all the time, as in inside, outside, whenever I go to school, etc. I don’t really think of them as slippers, more as moccasins. So, *shrug*. But I would definitely not pay the money for the UGG ones. Like you said, they’re not worth the money. They wear down just as quickly and all your buying is the brand name. I’ll spend the money I save on books or… new flip flops. Summer’s coming soonish!

  3. Ah I never really get the whole buying really expensive clothes thing. I don’t mind not having branded clothing, I’d much rather have double amount for a smaller price. I usually buy slippers from independent shoe shops that are pretty cheap – I have ugg like ones and I’m sure they only cost about ÂŁ8!

    Either that or I wear slipper socks inside – they’re always a good investment I find. 🙂
    Mind you, I have a bit of a habit of going out in my socks anyway, heh!

  4. Those look really comfy, just go for the cheaper one. Price doesn’t always equal worth. I have a pair of cheap grey-pink slippers from Asda.

  5. Except for the color, I can’t visibly see any other difference between the two slippers. I wouldn’t criticize you for your fashion choice at all! I’m pretty sure that Ugg boots became popular not because they looked good, but because they were warm and comfortable – and then people got used to them and thought that they looked good. At least that’s my theory, because I think that Uggs are ugly.

    Speaking of ukuleles, have you ever heard of Jake Shimabukuro, a musician from Hawaii? He’s awesome and has arranged a lot of songs that have been played on guitar for the ukulele.

  6. I don’t know why anyone would spend more than $20 on footwear for home. I know I had those brown fuzzy and seemingly expensive-looking boots, but my mum bought them on sale. Slippers are really only meant to be worn at home and on sleepovers, and like I personally am with most of my home clothes, I don’t care how they look.

    You really could buy so many pairs of slippers from Target – heck, you could buy three and they’d last you quite a few years. That’s what you call good value for money. The purple slippers are cute, but it’s just the colour. The ones from Target look exactly the same.

    I actually kind of like when my slippers are worn in a little. They are a lot more comfortable. Also, sometimes I just buy slip-on sock slippers for under $10 and they keep my feet warm and have non-slip soles. 😛

  7. Those are really nice slippers! I have something similar, but without the fuzzy lining (because it is just too damn hot to wear anything like that here). I agree with you, I don’t see why anyone would pay large sum of money for something that indoor footwear. I do understand that sometimes people are looking for ones that will last 10 years or more and are willing to pay a lot for them. But then there are also slippers that are relatively cheaper but with the same quality and comfort, more or less.

    I would rather spend the money on something I know will benefit me more. Like books. 🙂

    I never paid attention to perfumes until my boyfriend bought me a couple of perfume samples. I always think that it doesn’t matter whether you own a full bottle of fragrance or just simply a body mist, if that’s what you’re happy and comfortable with, then you should stick with it. Although there’s no harm in trying other options if one so wish. 😀

  8. Aww, fuzzy slippers that look like shoes! That is too cute. 😉

    Funny how when you see a pair of shoes like that, you wouldn’t really notice, but because they’re not shoes but rather they’re slippers, they instantly become attractive. 😀

    I laughed when you mentioned thinking about buying a ukelele. You really do, huh? 😉

    I agree with you there are a lot of things you could do with a hundred dollars. If I had a hundred dollars spot on, I would have just stormed out and got myself that iPod I’ve been spending ages saving up for (two YEARS and I’m not even done!)

  9. wow! i guess I need that, it looks so comfy <3 But I guess it's not that durable. Haven't tried to shop online for a pair of shoes, or slipper for that matter. 😀

  10. I haven’t worn slippers since I was 10. I guess I never felt compelled to wear something on my feet…I’m always barefoot in the house.

    The only time I ever look at expensive products, expecting them to be of really high quality, is when I’m getting a musical instrument or a computer. Other than that, I don’t expect to see a relationship between prices and quality.

  11. Those are some cool fuzzy slippers you got there! I had one of those pairs of slippers in my freshmen year except I don’t know where they are now :(. Bummer..

    People buy Uggs for the price and social status. The girls at my school only wear Uggs to show others for popualrity. That’s just us in LA. If there’s that right outfit worn with Uggs as a perfect match, it still works :D. If you have worn out shoes, it can still work out with your outfit. I’ve seen people rocking some torn up slippers :O.

    14 bucks for the slippers is an awesome deal! I mean, it’s more of a thing where you just have to decide how you want your fashion to be. If they’re expensive- where are they made from? It better not be made from China or anything! For sure, I believe the MacBook Pro is worth it’s value. No blue screens to deal with!

    Never underestimate the deals in Target!

    I play several instruments, or at least have the ability to. It wasn’t my choice :I- that other band is an all brass band, after all! XD. These days, I’m focusing more on volume quality. I’m killing my mouth with no regards to dynamics which isn’t necessary.

    We do keep our cap and gown! But I don’t know when else will I wear it. For sure, I’m having 2 tassels.. I don’t know why, but that’s what they give us in the package!

    Graduation is around the corner on May 30!

    Take care ;D

  12. I love Target! I went there recently and they had such pretty dresses and shoes! xD I was going to buy these Espadrille-type shoes and shoes similar to the one you posted minus the fur, but I thought how I have similar shoes like them in my closet already, so I (sadly) put them back, haha.

    I totally get you though, concerning shoes that you can find elsewhere for a cheaper price! Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Uggs. It annoyed me to no end seeing practically the whole female population in high school wearing them with everything from sweats to shorts. That is… until I received a pair of their boots for Christmas. I couldn’t just be, “EW! I don’t want them!” So, I’ve learned to love my Uggs. xD

    But yeah. There’s a lot of similar shoes out on the market sold for cheaper prices. It’s always good to see which ones would make your money worth it.

  13. Hmmm woah… well to be honest, that is the longest time i have EVER spent thinking/reading about slippers. Ever! I don’t give slippers much thought. I like to think that they should remain indoors for keeping my feet warm and cosy in winter, and that’s all xD

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