Everything in the Universe

I am taking an introductory creative writing class at university this semester. The other day, we did an in-class writing assignment and I liked my result, so I wanted to share.

This was the prompt:

Write for twelve minutes continuously about everything you can think of in the universe.

Red shoes. Cats. Hats. Mice and men. Boots. Alarm clocks. Purple bracelets and pink berets. Short skirts and up-dos, curls and flat irons, hair. Harry Potter. Stars, moons, constellations, the sky, class. Astronomy, art, literature, work, and life. Music and the whole wide world. Braces and toothpicks and bicycles galore. Purple binders and blue pens with black ink and confusion. Sore arms and race cars and railroad tracks and running tracks and asphalt and the sweet pain of running mile after mile alone in the woods and racing. Trying and trying and failing and winning and cheers and support and the purpose of life—42! Questions and answers and what is the question? Douglas Adams might know. Trails and wood chips and rivers and running shoes and the desire to achieve and to grow and to distance oneself. Writing and reading and dreaming—competition is coming and am I ready? Medals and trophies and I want to run! Exclamation marks, whoa. What stories to tell. All the stories. Everyone’s story. Mine and yours and his and hers and somehow this comes back to my father. Two minutes on the clock. A quarter mile. Better be faster than that. Second hand ticking by and the glide of the pen on the page and an alarm and a stop sign and it’s red and so are apples, but not my everyday bracelet, which is purple.

7 thoughts on “Everything in the Universe

  1. I love the last sentence, the rush and the climax before it stops. It’s beautiful what mild thought trains can do. I love that you started with red shoes and ended with red – almost. It’s almost like your wrote a poem with your thoughts.

    I remember doing a similar exercise in high school, but mine ended up like a story form. I had to read it to the class, which was mildly embarrassing, but as soon as I said “I walked to school and as I crossed the path I walked under birds sitting on a wire”, my teacher told me to stop right there, and said that in my thoughts I had thought about a wonderful topic for a story. He said this kind of exercise was supposed to open up the imagination. I hope it does.

    So deep, too, what you wrote, and how sometimes I may or may not know why those things passed through your head, sometimes I may or may not understand, such as the mention of your father. It’s a bit like time – really quite fleeting, and it just goes to show how much can be in our heads all the time, but how extravagant of a picture it paints.

  2. Firstly I apologize for the really late reply xD. I am originally from Mumbai, India. I came to the US to study but decided to stick around πŸ˜€ Hope you are having fun with Skyrim. These days I am playing Borderlands 2!

    Hmm seems like an interesting class…that is an interesting mix of things you thought of xD I wonder what I’ll come up with if I tried this exercise ^_^;

  3. I think that is really interesting and seems like such a fun idea. I sometimes think about how I got to what I am thinking about (like the train of thought). You ended and started on two completely different ideas. Maybe I’ll try this one day because it really does seem really cool. I hope you enjoy your creative writing class, I would love to take a writing class one day.

  4. I really love stream of consciousness exercises. For me, it’s really hard for me to let loose because I just worry that my thoughts will be boring. LOL. I know you only mentioned purple twice but – I would guess your favorite color is purple?! Haha, well it’s MY favorite color at least πŸ˜€

  5. The prompt is interesting. Ahaha. πŸ™‚

    Since I got bored, I started doing the prompt and the outcome’s really weird. Ahaha. πŸ™‚

    I’m not good with comments, sorry. πŸ™‚

    *Just dropped by. My blog’s new. Will visit regularly.

  6. I know. I’m really getting the iTunes version but I’m really hoping my mum would let me buy the copy from the CD stores as well. Who knows? Maybe she will! πŸ™‚

  7. This is a really interesting writing exercise and a unique writing prompt! I wouldn’t have known right away what to write about, but I agree with Georgina about the deepness. :]

    Also, I like your writing style. :3

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