Don’t rain on my parade

Let’s pretend for a moment that making a new layout for was the best use of my time today. It’s not like I have a Japanese test tomorrow, or anything. Oh, wait.

I just couldn’t take that orange monstrosity anymore, alright? I was proud of it at the time, but I think I was more proud of the fact that I finally got it done after having the header image sitting around for two weeks than I was proud of how it actually looked. I became disillusioned with it rather quickly. That, about a month, was the shortest time I’ve had a layout up in a long time, actually. Probably since at least a couple years ago.

Anyway, please let me know what you think of this one. You might need to execute a hard refresh if things don’t seem to be showing up correctly for you.

I think it’s getting to the point where I should make a “past layouts” page. I’ll get on that.

On Friday night, there were some guys playing with a ball in the hall at a right-angle to mine. I was in the bathroom in that hall when suddenly I heard the deafening roar of water rushing through the pipes. The ball had hit and broken a sprinkler head, so all three of the sprinklers at the far end of the hall were spraying, putting out some imaginary fire. It was pretty intense:

The bathroom on the right is the one I had been in–look how close the water is getting! Thankfully my hallway was untouched… the people living in the flooded hallway were not allowed back in their rooms until this evening (Sunday). I doubt the people responsible will come forward, but I hope they have at least learned their lesson and won’t play ball in the hallway again. The resident advisors DID warn us that something like this could happen.

Maybe the sprinklers were putting out the fires of their egos, eh? Apparently one of the guys ran back into the hall to get his ball, but left before he could be identified. I get that he was probably scared of being caught, but it’s annoying. I feel so bad for the people who were affected.

9 thoughts on “Don’t rain on my parade

  1. Hahaha I wouldn’t feel bad for them. Their loss really. I can’t believe one of them went back to get his damn ball though. In all honesty, something like this is mildly funny and I like to see the funny side of it rather than think about how terrible the flood will get.

    Also, I doubt they’d own up unless they were suspected. They’d probably admit it if someone confronted them but they wouldn’t walk up and own up.

    I really love this layout! I am sooooo proud of you for getting it done and using your whole day today (and skipping the gym hahhaaa) and coming up with something totally awesome. I am in love with the body font.

    I kind of got over social networking icons a while back, but hey, you know, they can be pretty cool too. 😉

    Very pretty layout. Totally awesome. :B

    Good luck in your test. 😛 You totally rock woo.

  2. He went back to get his ball? I am not sure why that sentence made me smile but it did … I am thinking, oh which ball, what kind of ball, his balls? 😉

    I like the layout. Really gorgeous on the eye. Makes you feel warm and welcoming … Great job 🙂

  3. Doh! If you’re going to be breaking rules, you’re supposed to be breaking the stupid rules that don’t really accomplish anything and not the ones that have a good reason for existing! I think that those guys learned their lesson.

    This layout is much more akin to your others. It’s soothing, simple, and very plain. I like it very much!

  4. Hello, just came across your blog, so, hi! 🙂

    Your layout is gorgeous. I love the clean and rounded edges.

    I’ve been meaning to sit down and self-learn some Japanese. I’ve got the kana down, but that’s pretty much it. Is studying it at uni fun / hard? From what little exposure I’ve had to it so far, it really doesn’t seem as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Okay, kinda diverting from the main topic haha.

  5. I had this same problem with stupid/ignorant childish people in my dorms when I went to school! Always ignoring RA/Staff and doing ridiculous things. It’s always irritating isnt it?

  6. I didn’t think your previous orange layout was a monstrosity! I really liked it! I’m pretty much all for clean design, so this new layout of yours appeals to me as well. I really need to do what you did and just take a day and spend it on making a new layout. I’ve been trying to motivate myself for months now to do my own layout; but after designing for work, I’m not really keen on designing for myself. Like all of my creative juices have somehow been sucked from work. Does that make sense? O_o

    Anyway, those boys are incredibly stupid for playing in the hallway. Too bad there are no CCTVs to catch them in the act. I’m sure the maintenance staff wasn’t so thrilled at having to clean this whole thing up. Ugh, why do stupid people have to ruin everything? x_x

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