Days of Coach and Roses

Ever since right around 7th grade (2004, eleven years old) when some of my friends were lucky enough to be given Coach wallets and small purses, I have had a penchant for the brand. All the Coach bags I can remember back then were canvas with colored Cs on them, much like this wallet:

Back then, a wallet like that or a small purse went for around $100, if memory serves. Every year for Chanukah, my dad’s parents used to send me $60 in a card, which was a huge amount of money to me back then. That combined with the $20 I would get from each set of grandparents for my birthday the following month was going to be my ticket to a Coach purse the year I first developed the interest. I had a serious look at the display at one of the mall’s more upscale department stores, but for whatever reason, I decided not to make the purchase. Maybe I realized $100 on a purse was ludicrous for an eleven-year-old who did not regularly carry a purse. At any rate, it’s been nine years and I have never owned a Coach bag.

This past May when I was at the mall with a friend, we decided to stop into the Coach store, just for fun. I was worried we would be looked down upon for being young and as such unlikely to have the money for a purchase, but the saleslady who spoke to us was really quite nice.

“Are you girls shopping for yourselves, or someone else?”

“Ourselves, but we’re only dreaming,” I told her. She was a good sport about it and said she had been there. Come to think of it, I don’t know why a saleslady, even if she IS a Coach saleslady, would earn enough to buy designer purses. I’m a firm believe in the fact that we can never really know a person’s story, though, and maybe she has a husband who also works, maybe she owns this particular store, or maybe she has inherited a sum from a dead relative. The list goes on.

Anyway, while we were in the store, I saw this beautiful bag:

The picture does not remotely do the gorgeous rose pattern justice, and I cannot even begin to tell you how soft and exquisite the material feels.

See, I have the money, but want to save. The price of the bag is not only $298, it’s $298 plus waiting longer to head over to Australia after I finish university. And really, what’s waiting a few more years when I’ve already waited eight?

That being said, I found a matching wallet for $38. That was a bit harder to resist, and by “a bit”, I mean “a lot”.

Nevertheless, I resisted and am no longer considering the purchase. Someday, however, perhaps in the next three years, I will finally indulge myself. With a fully-fledged bag, not a wallet-sized appetizer. Hopefully the Coach designers will come up with something even more spectacular, something that will blow the allure of those roses right out of the water. I don’t want to regret my decision not to buy into the pattern that has rekindled my love for the brand.

What do you think of Coach and/or this pattern? Is there anything you’re trying to resist buying?

11 thoughts on “Days of Coach and Roses

  1. I love the pattern but it’s not really my thing, I don’t think I like it as much as you do. When I last (…or was it the second last time…?) went to Indonesia I fell in love with these two Coach bags. They were gorgeous, they were not too big and not too small, and they had these cute charms… the pattern was a number of different casual colours that all just went together; like blue/brown/white. Even considering the exchange rate it would cost some $200AUD, and that was just ridiculous for a bag. 🙁 I was young and didn’t even use bags much because I was in school and I didn’t go out much.

    Cal can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a bag. I can’t either, to be honest. Right now I’m really loving some of the stuff from Fossil, but it’s all so pricey. Now I think $200 is okay for a bag, but I still would rather get a good bag for a cheaper price. I guess I’ll stick with cheap but non-designer bags for now. I am in love with my Typo bag after all, and it only cost $5!

    Although my mum works for YSL, she considers the prices of a lot of the products to be ridiculous. She wouldn’t spend $60 on just a mascara. I can understand where she’s coming from. She is surprised by a lot of customers spending up to $500 in one go on a bunch of products. I guess just because you work for someone doesn’t mean you can afford what they sell/their service. xD I guess that mostly applies to sales though. ;D

    I can’t say I’ve lusted over any other brands as of yet, but as I said, Fossil is where I’m peeking right now. :3

  2. That’s a pretty bag! I think the color is beautiful. There are some Coach designs I really like, but I just can’t get myself to spend a lot on bags. I think I like looking at purses more than owning them xD

    The ones I have to resist are Lesportsac bags, which I have a few of. They’re not as expensive, but they always come out with cute patterns I want. I know it’d eventually add up if I kept buying them!

  3. The only reason I own a few Coach bags is because my grandmother has this issue when buying items — she always buys in threes. So, she’ll buy a Coach bag, but she’ll also buy two more. And maybe the matching wallets, because why not? I don’t carry purses very often, and even when I do they’re just a place to put my phone, wallet, and miscellaneous items. When I’m at school I’m usually carrying a larger bag; more like a book bag. Juicy Couture purses are expensive on an alarming scale — $300 for a bag? Absolutely not. The most expensive item in my closet is a pair of True Religion jeans which were $398, retail price, but I got them on sale for $100. I do my best to buy thrifty, and not spend more money than I need to. I’m cheap, I’ll admit.

    I definitely agree on waiting for the Coach purse. You might find that the one you see in three or four years is much nicer. Coach continues to improve their products, so waiting is probably a great idea. It’s a beautiful bag, though. You could always try eBay? I’m sure someone’s selling it for a tad bit less. 🙂

  4. I heard of Coach for the first time but then I’ve never been so much into purses and even if I do need one I don’t go for designer ones… anything is fine with me as long as it’s in my budget. But Rachel, I absolutely loved that cute little wallet. I usually don’t go for too much of pink and I don’t have a single pink coloured clothing in my wardrobe but I really liked that wallet 😀 😀
    I usually end up buying things from road side stalls (common feature of markets in Mumbai) and I have got some pretty nice purses now, hehe!

    So how was your week?

  5. I love coach, better than louis vuitton…is that how you spell it? Lol.
    My favorite style is the classic C’s with light beige background with some kind of white strip leather. Like the wallet image you posted. I have a clutch, a wallet, and a purse. All with classic c’s… I wanted to fire the person who started designing coach with a modern C. It doesn’t look classy at all. 🙁 It looks really ugly. D:

    But that bag you liked is also very pretty. Love the colors too.
    It sounded like you could use the money for something better and I applaud you for resisting the temptation of buying the purse. You are being smart in saving your money! ^^

    Just an fyi, Coach may not sell that type of purse in 3 years, they never keep the same style. The style of bags I drooled over, when I made up my mind to purchase one, it was already out of the market and replaced by new styles. I think they try to make the bags exclusive by season or years? I don’t know. Maybe they might keep the same time of “fabric” and make it into a new style.

  6. I’m probably right there with your 11 yr old self in that I don’t really carry a purse, and whoa… that’s a lot for something I don’t really use! I think the patter would be nice on a dress, though. But three hundred on a dress or a purse? Still not liking the idea. I’m just not a big-spender, I guess. The one thing I might occasionally splurge on would be books because I’m a bookworm nerdy-pants like that B)

  7. Rach! I don’t know if you have outlets nearby, but Coach outlets are always giving out 30% off coupons. They’re not like all high end accessory brands in that they hold sales and provide coupons.

    I remember my 10th grade marketing teacher told us a story about her and her husband going into a really expensive clothing store and were mistreated. They were wearing their Saturday lazy clothes, so they were treated poorly and ignored. The salespeople had no idea that her husband owned his own Allstate insurance branch and owned multiple properties all over the region.

    You’re right–you never really know people and their stories, unless they share it with you.

  8. Absolutely hate having to resist buying things, I’m looking for a job right now so I actually have cash to spend money but it’s not working very well for me. I only get £40 a month and by the time I’ve bought train tickets and food it’s basically all gone, also doesn’t help when I have music festivals and other things I need to save money for 🙁 So gutting when I see something pretty in a shop which I can afford but can’t buy because that would be all my money gone!

  9. I actually saw this entry a couple days ago and the first thing I saw was that your friends had Coach merchandise at age eleven. That’s really crazy! I was given my first small coach purse at age nineteen, and my mom and aunt bought their first purses the same time I got mine.

    I think the bag you have your eyes on is quite alright. One of the reasons I dislike Coach is that they display their logo all over everything they have. And it’s not even subtle like the products of for example Cle de Peau Beaute. Maybe you’ll be able to get it on Black Friday sale? I got my $60 purse then for 50% off.

    A few months ago I saw this $99 dress in White House Black Market and was able to resist myself from even trying it. Skills, aha.

  10. I am happy to see a designer that uses their logo creatively instead of blatantly! I never quite understood how a purse could cost over $100 dollars, but if the demand for their products is that high, I guess that economics can drive up the price.

    I usually have no issues resisting buying an item. Actually, I’ve been pretty frugal for most of the early parts of my life, so it’s easier for me to be frugal rather than not frugal. But I think that if you can take care of your stuff, and save your money, it’s definitely okay to have a few nice things! I also read once that people who save their money for vacations and experiences are generally happier than the people who save their money for material goods, so by that standard, you should be very happy with yourself!

    Perhaps the Coach saleslady gets an employee discount. It’d be silly if the saleslady didn’t own and love at least one of the bags herself, right?

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