Commuting by Foot

Today marked one week of walking to and from work every day.  My old apartment was two miles from my work, so I walked one way occasionally, but my normal commute was by bus.  I moved last Monday to a new apartment only one mile from my work, so my commute is now 100% on foot (unless I choose to bike some days, which I haven’t yet as my bike is still at my old place).  It would be a five-minute drive to work, but I don’t fancy paying $80 per month for a parking permit when a 20-minute walk is perfectly reasonable.  “What will you do in the winter?” you might ask.  Well, I would much rather trudge through the snow than drive through it!

Naturally, I have been much hungrier than I am used to.  It didn’t really catch up to me until yesterday.  I was going along eating my usual amounts just fine, then suddenly my bag lunches weren’t filling me up anymore.  Not even close.  I’m also slowly ramping up my running mileage and dreading how much food I am going to have to buy and cook.  I really hate cooking, but I really love eating and I really hate spending money to eat out more than once or twice a week.

I usually will buy a couple different meats, cook them all, and eat the leftovers for a week.  I would like to find some actual recipes I can make in bulk, though, because when I say cook the meat, I mean I bake or pan-fry it with some seasoning and eat it with vegetables.  There is only so much lemon pepper chicken breast and Italian seasoned pork chop a girl can eat.  I know it is the end of summer and hot outside, but air conditioning is a thing I have now and some hearty chili sounds amazing after Gina talked about it at knitting group last week.  Maybe that can be Easy Recipe #1.  I only need like four more.  (Do you have any easy recipe suggestions that will yield lots of leftovers when made for one person?)

Overall, I enjoy my foot commute.  The only thing I miss is my bus knitting time.  The fact that it is all uphill on the way home is daunting, but really not so bad.  I like that I can get from my door to work in 20 minutes.  When riding the bus, if I got to work in 20 minutes, it was a miracle.  I almost never timed it that well, considering the buses I rode didn’t have any discernible schedule and just came roughly every ten minutes.  Walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and walking down the street to work usually totaled at least thirty minutes.  My new commute might not actually be much shorter in the time it takes, but it feels much shorter because I don’t have to wait on anything but my own two legs.

2 thoughts on “Commuting by Foot

  1. Chili in the summer is the best! This is the time to make it, when the vegetables are fresh. Then you can freeze it! Have you tried walking while knitting yet?? Not sure if it would work, but I have a lot of walking during my commute as well…maybe I’ll give it a try, ha!

    1. Hah, I actually thought about knitting while walking today, but I didn’t try it. I know it has been done! If you try it, you’ll have to let me know how it goes. 😛

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