Comical conical hat

I’m not feeling too well right now, so I just ate some crackers with peanut butter in an attempt to feel better. I’m not sure what my logic is there, but hey. I heard once, like yesterday, that Saltines are supposed to be good to calm the stomach. I can’t say I’m nauseous, but I can’t say I’m not nauseous either. I can’t really put my finger on it. It might just be fatigue… I only got about four hours of sleep last night and have been up 12 hours now. I’ll make an effort to go to bed early tonight, promise.

I went to bed so late last night because I was working on crocheting a beret. I got really into it and didn’t want to stop. That is totally what she said.

Aaaanyway, I hadn’t knitted or crocheted anything in about two years, and I’ve been wanting to knit a scarf, but I decided to do a small little project to start things off. A hat can’t be too hard…

WELL, look how it came out. xD

I think it’s because I used a 5-mm crochet hook instead of the recommended 6-mm one. Plus, I didn’t check my gauge (where you crochet a square and see whether the amount of stitches necessary to get to a certain measurement matches what the pattern says). But I mean, you would think that would just lead to a smaller hat. Not a CONICAL hat. I’m not really sure how the pattern I used could have possibly yielded a beret-shaped hat.

This is how it was supposed to have come out:

I still have about three inches left to stitch up where the little ribbed band connects to the rest of the hat. I might get around to it sometime before next Wednesday and bring it home for my mom. She likes to keep my little screw-ups. She must think it’s cute or something. I’d gladly just throw it away… sad about the waste of time and yarn though. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Comical conical hat

  1. Dude, I’d keep it. It’s hilarious. But I mean, you might want to compare your progress later on at least! You could use it as a spare toilet paper roll cover for now…

    I want to try crocheting or knitting a scarf. I saw Anthony Padilla’s girlfriend Kalel do a tutorial and it really made me want to try because it didn’t look that hard. 😀 I’ll save that for the autumn (since it’ll probably take me ages to make). Good luck with your next piece though!

    Also, now I know why you were up so late. XD

  2. The hat is indeed comical. Personally, I’d try to turn it into something that’s not a hat, or see if someone wants to use it as part of a costume sometime.

    I guess that this is what happens when we try to pick up our hobbies after abandoning them for academics? Ah, well. The next project will be better.

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