Cheating on Knitting: Down the Rabbit Hole

I need a break from Israel posts and have been wanting to write about my current crafting life, so yes.

Let me start by saying that I knit.  A lot.  I knit on the bus commuting to and from work, I knit during breaks at work, when I am reading documentation, when I need to think about how to solve a coding problem, while I eat my meals, while watching TV, and of course at weekly knit night.  I’m knitting right now as I think about what to write.  I especially love to knit socks.  I just finished up a pair last night and am in the midst of two others.  I am also working on a sweater for myself.  Right now, the socks are my portable projects and the sweater is my “relax at home with knitting” project.

Needless to say, knitting is my biggest crafting love, although not my first.  It is perhaps the one I have been the most obsessed with over the years.  Lately, I have become more interested in sewing, as lots of knitters have.  It must be that whole “making your own wearables” vibe.  Sewing always scared me because of the potential to mess things up permanently, whereas knitting is a lot more flexible in terms of fixing mistakes.  I finally bit the bullet and borrowed a sewing machine so I could try out a project and see how I liked it.  With my mom’s help, I chose a skirt pattern to try as my very first project.  I also bought enough fabric to make three of them in different fabrics.

my first sewing pattern
My first sewing pattern

I have since gone over to a friend’s house a few evenings and she has helped me learn what to do.  Even though this is a “learn to sew” pattern, it has been very helpful to have someone there who can explain the terminology to me and translate the instructions by actually showing me what they mean.

basted zipper
I basted a zipper! JJ helped.


front half of skirt
Here I am modeling the front half of my skirt

I now only need to sew down the waistband and hem the bottom!  The skirt is not without its flaws, namely some crooked seams around the zipper, but I’m so excited to finish it and to wear it!  So excited, in fact, that I’ve been looking into sewing machines to buy one of my very own.  Or, if I can just be a little patient, my mom is willing to ship me hers from Texas.

Last night, I found a free tutorial for a drawstring project bag and I want to make it immediately.  Of course, I’m moving apartments on Monday, I still have my pink skirt to finish (though, multiple WIPs never stopped me before), and I don’t have an ironing board for pressing seams.  I also need to buy a table and some chairs for my new place so I actually have somewhere to sit and sew.  And, you know, eat.  But I can eat on the couch.  Or the floor.  Can’t sew there.

Then of course I fell down the rabbit hole looking at fabric online and dreaming up combinations for said project bag.  I found this adorable elephant-patterned quilting cotton that I’m about ready to order.  But THEN, I got it in my head that I would like to do a small cross stitch project, inspired by the adorable little cross stitch Kristen showed on her Yarngasm podcast.  And then I thought that I should probably finish my ongoing needlepoint project, first.  So, I woke up this morning wanting to work on my needlepoint, but now I want to go shopping for an ironing board and try to finish up my skirt tonight, and it is knit night tonight… and I still want to work on my needlepoint.  So many crafts, so little time.

I might just browse some cross stitch patterns now.


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