Days of Coach and Roses

Ever since right around 7th grade (2004, eleven years old) when some of my friends were lucky enough to be given Coach wallets and small purses, I have had a penchant for the brand. All the Coach bags I can remember back then were canvas with colored Cs on them, much like this wallet: Back then, a wallet like that or a small purse went for around $100, if memory serves. Every year for Chanukah, my dad’s parents used to send me $60 in a card, which was a huge amount of money to me back then. That combined withContinue reading

Footwear for Kings

I need a new pair of slippers. My fuzzy pair (my only pair) is dying. 🙁 Or rather, has died. The fuzzy lining has been rubbed completely off the heel and toes, and the sole has separated so much from the bottom of the right slipper that I actually trip over it quite often. I know some people like to spend a hundred dollars on slippers and get a nice Ugg pair. I think they’re supposed to be really warm and comfortable, yes? But like, mine were too until they died, and I only paid $10 for mine. Also, mineContinue reading

If I Were a Rock Star

It turns out my brother was saying “last”, not “blast”, although he did say “bollocks” today before asking me what it meant, so all hope and amusement is not lost. “What a dumb pussy of bollocks,” he said. Then he found out what bollocks actually means (testicles, yo) and thought it was beyond hilarious. Oh, Josh. :’) I’ve been reading Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica by Mick Wall, and last night I read the chapter called “Wild Chicks, Fast Cars and Lots of Drugs”. It talked a lot about the guys in Metallica starting to live “in excess”, likeContinue reading

A Poor Man’s Christmas

I think it’s really interesting how my attitudes about Christmas and the holiday season in general change from year to year. I’m Jewish, so it’s not really a big thing for me. And by not really, I mean not at all. I’m more of the innocent bystander type. I went searching in my old blog posts to see if I blogged on Christmas each year and if I made an occasion of it. I managed to account for Christmas 2008, 2009, and 2010 through old database backups and the lucky fact that I took a screenshot for a past layoutsContinue reading

Dirty Work

Tonight, I stayed up revamping this, my fanlisting for Molly from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Georgina and I are doing a fanlisting revamp marathon this week, and I’m already a day behind, so I really wanted to knock that one out. It’s too bad it took so long, because now it’s almost 3am and I’m still awake. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t have work in the morning. This summer, I’m working full-time for my university, which means, yes, I’ve got that dreaded nine-to-five. A girl’s gotta eat, though, so it’s a necessary evil. It’s kindContinue reading