Power in My Step

Non-disclaimer: This starts to sound like an advertisement for Powersteps, but it is not–I am just sharing my excitement to have found something that works for me. ┬áI was not compensated in any way, but I wouldn’t say no to a Powersteps sponsorship… ­čśë My life continues to be busy. ┬áThere’s nothing exciting going on that I can share regarding that. ┬áHowever, I do want to give an update on the state of my feet. ┬áThey are… getting there. ┬áImproving slowly. ┬áOf course, never as fast as I would like. My physical therapist and I made the decision today notContinue reading

Life Update – Busy Weeks, Fun Weekends

I have been silent on my blog since my last post about not running almost a month ago. ┬áI have been very busy with my final semester and searching for a job for after graduation. ┬áIt’s true what they say about the job search being a full-time job in itself. ┬áI have been attending career fairs and career mixers, sending out my resume to every opportunity, networking, studying for interviews… oh and midterms are coming up this week and next for that school thing! I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely even noticed the time pass in terms of howContinue reading

Why I’ve Been MIA and Shutting Down

I am working on a blog-related project and I had intended not to blog until the project was ready for release. ┬áI made that decision when it was almost done, but then classes started and I haven’t been working on it because I am suddenly a lot more busy. ┬áEvery time I have wanted to blog over the last couple weeks, I have decided that I can’t because my project isn’t ready yet. ┬áI think it’s been three weeks now and I don’t want to rush completion, so I’m just going to return to blogging until it is done. ­čÖé

This is going to have to not be a running blog for a while because I am not running for a while. ┬áI have a piriformus injury that is almost gone, but I also have persistent tendinitis in the arches of both feet. ┬áI have had the latter on and off for almost a year at this point. ┬áRunning with tendon pain is just not worth it to me anymore. ┬áI am restarting physical therapy on the 26th for my hip, and I have been much more diligent about doing prescribed at-home exercises and icing my feet. ┬áI have been wearing inserts in my shoes, and if my physical therapist suggests custom orthotics as she has in the past, instead of saying “no thanks,” I am going to ask, “How much and when can we make them?” Continue reading

Quick-Fire Week

I made a really good choice this afternoon when I decided to buy a coffee at work. ┬áI was falling asleep, but now I’m not, and I’m also feeling very optimistic. ┬áI may also be a little hyper, which is making me want to blog, but not put too much effort into writing a┬áwell-articulated post. So, a quick-fire approach to recapping my recent life: I went to a yoga class on Thursday with my friend Katie. ┬áIt was a lot of fun and felt really good. ┬áIt was my first time ever doing yoga in a studio. ┬áI want toContinue reading

My First(ish) Sports Massage

I haven’t had a sports massage, deep tissue massage, or any kind of massage where a professional massage therapist works on a specific problem area since I was ten or twelve years old. ┬áI had been wanting to get one for quite a while, remembering how painful yet effective they had been for me in the past. ┬áHowever, I had this mental block about how I only wanted to go to my old massage therapist, who is 45 minutes away and works in an ice rink. After I developed some intense muscle┬átightness in my hip last week, I decided itContinue reading