Days of Coach and Roses

Ever since right around 7th grade (2004, eleven years old) when some of my friends were lucky enough to be given Coach wallets and small purses, I have had a penchant for the brand. All the Coach bags I can remember back then were canvas with colored Cs on them, much like this wallet: Back then, a wallet like that or a small purse went for around $100, if memory serves. Every year for Chanukah, my dad’s parents used to send me $60 in a card, which was a huge amount of money to me back then. That combined withContinue reading


I needed to pick up some crochet supplies over the weekend to get started on the baby blanket I’m making for my boss for when she has her baby next month and I saw there was a knitting shop downtown in the Main Street area, so I decided to make Saturday a Going Downtown kinda day. I made up a list of a couple places I wanted to check out while I was there, and off I went around noon. Can I just say–I take back everything bad I ever said about this town. There’s a place in upstate NewContinue reading

Footwear for Kings

I need a new pair of slippers. My fuzzy pair (my only pair) is dying. 🙁 Or rather, has died. The fuzzy lining has been rubbed completely off the heel and toes, and the sole has separated so much from the bottom of the right slipper that I actually trip over it quite often. I know some people like to spend a hundred dollars on slippers and get a nice Ugg pair. I think they’re supposed to be really warm and comfortable, yes? But like, mine were too until they died, and I only paid $10 for mine. Also, mineContinue reading


Whenever I get something new, I’m always really enthusiastic to use it… right away. New book? Can I read it now, please? New shirt? Let’s put it on. I do hate those “wash before wearing” instructions. The shirt my mom got me for my birthday finally came in the mail on Sunday, and since it was grey instead of some dark, heavily dyed color like red or black, I figured it would be okay to wear it without washing it first, especially since it didn’t say I had to. The point of washing a new piece of clothing before wearingContinue reading

And couldn’t get up in the morning

It’s about 2pm right now, and I just woke up. I may have gone to bed at six in the morning–I started watching a two-hour movie at four with my boyfriend, hah. It drives me crazy having such a weird sleep schedule and I’ve definitely been all over the place all week. I keep falling asleep in the evening and not being tired later as a result! Or I just wake up really late and then go to sleep really late that night. I need to get back on a normal sleep schedule… by tomorrow, basically. My voice lesson, usuallyContinue reading